3 Categories Of Shaking Coming To The World – Prophetic Word – Marvin Craion

Marvin Craion
June 19 ·

“A Shaking Is Coming To The Earth”
Word received June 18, 2019

As I was about to turn in for the night the Lord said,
“A Shaking is coming to the earth”

Usually, the Lord gives me a Word that pertains strictly for the United States but, last night He said, “A Shaking is coming to the “earth”

This Shaking is divided into 3 categories:

*Financial- Something will trigger a global effect on the economy.

*Natural– Major, Major earthquakes in the United States and around the world, even as I’m typing Japan and other Asians countries keep ringing in my spirit. We must pray for Japan for there will be an earthquake followed by a tsunami.

* Political \ Clergy– A shaking coming to both those in the political and cleric sectors. The removal in both sectors.(Some by God and some by law enforcement) *The enemy is trying to bring a well-known TV evangelist into a scandal

Continue to pray for safety concerning Tornadoes, May was just phase one.

***The tornadoes have a significant spiritual meaning, they represent the ” Confusion and Uprising we are about to witness in this nation…

****We must continue to pray for the state of Kentucky, a few months ago the Lord said, that much national and general news would come out of that state. We have witnessed this where it even affected the Kentucky Derby, there was also an abortion ban (“heartbeat” bill) etc. ****when you see much confusion, controversy, and resistance happening in a state it is from demonic opposition your prayers can change the outcome.

Father, we thank you for our daily bread for our bread is Jesus! Where the Hebrews were filled with Manna we are filled with your Spirit!!! I marvel at the fact that you always give us your very best!!! As the Governor declared at the wedding in Cana, “You saved the best for last!

In Jesus name, Amen!