3 Prophetic Voices See War With North Korea – Augusto Perez, Byron Searle, Michael Griffith

Augusto Perez


Seen at theappearance.com

During the last several days, I have been under a great burden from the LORD. The burden became so intense at times that I was in anguish over what I was feeling in my spirit. Whenever I went to pray, travailing prayer would begin to flow. This would go on for a while until I felt a sense of release and Shalom. This has happened before whenever there was imminent danger of massive loss of life. In the past whenever I would pray and intercede the feeling would lift and be replaced by Shalom and a sense of release. It would not come back. However, this time it kept coming back again and again not matter how much I prayed and travailed in the spirit. Eventually I told the Holy Spirit: “What is going on Holy Spirit, why am I feeling like this? Please show me!”

Well, on Friday June 30 I was alone at home and spent the whole evening in the spirit. I have not felt like this often. I had a feeling that something big was about to take place and the LORD was going to be revealing something to me of great importance. I finally went to bed that night and prayed before going into bed. I had a very unusual experience. I could call it a dream, a vision but I don’t know if those words would describe what I experienced. This has happened to me in the past several years, however I feel that this is much more important, thus the great burden that I have been feeling for the last several days. Here is what happened:

“In the middle of the night where I found myself in a room (could have been the White House or Pentagon) filled with high ranking military personnel. The discussion they were having centered around the situation in North Korea and several options that they had available to them in dealing with the present situation. After much discussion, I heard one of the men who seemed to be in charge of the meeting issue a command to the others as to what to do regarding North Korea and Kim Jong-un.” (it could have been McMasters or Mattis). That is all I am able to share about what I heard next. (Due to the extremely sensitive nature of this information, I am not able to share anything further at this time).


I was taken to a secret meeting being held on this night where high ranking U.S. military officers were present discussing various strategies that they were considering in dealing with North Korea and Kim Jong-un. A final decision was made on this night as to what to do. (Due to the extremely time-sensitive nature of this information, I am not able to share anything further at this time). Please keep the situation in North Korea in prayer. This is extremely urgent and I encourage everyone to keep this as a top priority prayer target at this time. We are living in perilous times. Draw close to the LORD Jesus Christ, and make sure that you are saved as we draw near to His return. Shalom.

Daniel 2:28 “But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets…”

1 Corinthians 14:25 “And thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest; and so falling down on his face he will worship God, and report that God is in you of a truth.”

“The conflict with North Korea will start and be over quickly. However, this will lead into a much larger conflict in which America will lose and be taken captive.”

Approximately Oct 30, 2017 Seen On z3news.com

Byron Searle

My son, the Mighty Wind I told you about several months ago is here. Much damage will come from this wind. My spirit will come across this nation just as this wind blows. My judgments will happen, but at the same time, a mighty move of My spirit will sweep across this nation. My son, this nation will fall and great will the fall be, but greater will be the move of My spirit in America. War is coming soon, continue to prepare.

Earthquakes are coming next. This nation still refuses to repent. It has gotten worse and so will the quakes. New York will be reduced to a city half its population now. Many will never know what hit them for it will come at early morning. Long Island will not be an island, but ocean. Boston will be no more as water will cover everything. Washington DC will be underwater. Norfolk, Charlotte, Savannah, and Florida will all be affected by the tidal wave. Many millions will perish.

Those that hear My spirit have moved to safe areas in the mountains. My son, this wave will be caused by two factors. The first will be an asteroid that will strike down by Florida, off the coast. The other factor will be the collapse of the mountain in the Canary Islands. I tell you this now because this event, even though it is the third judgment, is very near.

My body must be told, and those with ears to hear will prepare. Those that laugh and mock this will perish.

The conflict with North Korea will start and be over quickly. However, this will lead into a much larger conflict in which America will lose and be taken captive.

The winds are blowing – be prepared for the Outpouring. Amen.

Michael Griffith

End Time Dreams

This is a dream I had in January 2014 about North Korea starting a Nuclear War.

See this video post here

” Thank you for taking the time to watch this video. My name is Michael Griffith. In light of all the drama that has been happening between North Korea and America it actually jogged my memory and I did have a dream about North Korea in 2014.

I went through my dreams and visions books journals that have been keeping. I’ve been writing down and I did have a dream about North Korea and 2014 at the end of January.

I’m just going to read exactly what I’ve written down here. I dreamt of a tear line of Metallica combat men like they would dress in modern night armor and narration told me about North Korea starting a nuclear war soon.  The Knights had read on them but we’re mostly silver. It felt like these men were robots and I remember seeing these line of knights amenities meet all type of helmets on and red capes are in that part of the dream very clearly”