6 Reasons Why I Don’t Celebrate Easter

Why I don't celebrate EasterIt’s true… I don’t celebrate Easter.

And, yep – I still love and serve my Creator…

Oh… And I still believe in the death, burial and resurrection of the Messiah.

It has nothing to do with an aversion to celebrations, worship, food, fellowship…or even chocolate…but it has everything to do with Who I worship and what He desires. Here are some of the reasons why I no longer celebrate Easter.

– Reason #1: The origins of Easter

Often, talking about the origins of anything can be a very touchy subject …but it is one that should not be so easily avoided, ignored, rationalized or even spiritualized…particularly, when it pertains to worshiping and having a relationship with The One True God.

Once upon a time, Easter was adamantly NOT observed by Believers. In fact, Easter was observed looooong before Messiah even came to Earth…and it wasn’t by Believers.

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Some comments:

(The meaning behind her article, is “Passover” is the true holiday in which Jesus died on. In fact, He died on the exact times the lambs were sacrificed. Earlier, he was “inspected” by the high officials at the exact times the lambs were looked over to see if there were any blemishes. These high holidays in the old testament actually were prophecies within themselves, of events that were to happen in the future. Passover was a play-by-play of the actual sacrifice of Yeshua Jesus.

Likewise, the Feast of Tabernackles also holds a prophetic meaning. Believers gathered in Jerusalem, and celebrated in tents if you will for thousands of years. Some day in one year, Jesus was born about 5 miles out of town, in Bethlehem, in a humble shelter. Feast of First Fruits was the day Yeshua resurrected.  So in essence, these feasts are to be a rehearsal for things to happen in the future. Feast of trumpets will be the final trumpet before He returns.

Once believers start understanding these feasts, they come to realize the holidays like “Easter” and “Christmas” don’t have a lot of meaning behind them when you dig into their history. 

When it says in the word to not learn the ways of the heathen, we are to not to learn their traditions… Before the believers entered into their land, this was commanded to them, because our Father Yahweh, wants His celebrations to be pure. He doesn’t or WILL NOT mix pagan traditions with his own. There is a reason why they were not able to sacrifice on cut stone, but on uncut stone. Yahweh is HOLY.

We have additional links in this article explaining the different feasts with the meanings.

We don’t judge those Christians who keep Easter, as we both have something in common, we love our Messiah.  HOWEVER, one is celebration is genuine, and one celebration is artificial.  One is sooooooo much better than another.   Choose the authentic one. )

Jesus In The Grave

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