7 Warning Signs For America – A Prophetic Word Given To Lester Sumrall In The 1980’s


lester-sumrallLester Sumrall

LeSEA Publishing, A Publishing Company Lester Founded

Lester Sumrall  went home to be with the Lord in 1996, but his legacy continues through his prophetic words which are alive.

Dr. Lester Sumrall was a servant of God who traveled to 119 countries over a 66 year ministry sharing God’s love through missions, media and relief work.

In 1987 video capture,  Lester shares 7 prophetic warnings that would come to America.

This video was transcribed by me (Meranda Devan), and you would have to watch it in areas to understand what Lester Sumrall was saying. Below I see 9 events coming to America from his words, although in the interview, he says God gave him seven.  The underlined headings were mine to break up the content, and give boldness to the events that would take place.


America is in worse condition than this nation. I said God I don’t understand this at all.  He said You’re going to see it and here is 7 things to watch.

And God gave me 7 things that I must observe.

1) America Will Depart From Her Historic Faith

The number one was America will depart from its historic faith

Now at that time the Supreme Court didn’t do any of those strange things such as permission to kill unborn babies and given such rights to homosexuals.  You see none of that had happened.   God said there will be an amazing departure from the faith and he says in 1st Timothy 4:1 -(now the spirit speaks tirelessly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith) God says this is that time, for a departure from the faith

I was overwhelmed

God says go help save America.  America is the bastion of freedom on planet Earth.  America falls the whole western culture goes down with it.  God bless America and help save America

I have spent most of my adult life as a missionary

Until the time I was 20 years old until that time in a hundred nations of the world I said “Lord I am your servant I would do whatever”

2) America Embraces Pagan Religions

He said further I would like to tell you that America would endorse Pagan religions

I said what do you mean, … He said America will endorse all the Pagan religions Hinduism, Buddhism, Muhammad-ism

Oh I said not for sure I have been to India where there is Hinduism, He doesn’t do anything for those people I walk through the atom cities thousands of times, He hasn’t done anything for their poverty.  I ‘ve seen Buddhism all through China and Japan He hasn’t done nothing for them.

He hasn’t lifted them up and made them prosperous.  He said America will endorse Pagan religions just like Israel did

In the Old Testament I blessed,…after I helped them,  they turned from me to other religions

I saw in my office the most bewildered person you’ve ever seen writing it all down

3)  Hinduism Will Grow In America

God said you will see it, you will certainly see it I want you to know that Hinduism in many forms is growing in this country today the (hyrachrinas???)

Most of them led by Young Americans are showing that Hinduism can grow in this climate of unbelief in materialism in our country today.

And they come saying we’re full of love they told me that so many times and I said well I wish you can get full of God

Because He loved and then you would know what you’re talking about

4) America Will Embrace Doctrines Of Devils

And the Lord spoke to me and said not only will they turn from those religions but they will also endorse doctrines of devils.  1st Timothy 4: 1 that man will depart from the faith giving himself to seducing spirits.  And the Devil gives birth to doctrine such as reincarnation.  The Bible says it’s appointed unto man once to die and then after that judgement.  (on reincarnation)…  the heathen cooked that up from the devil.

And many people in our country are believing it today

You say what in the world are the devil’s doctrines?

-Don’t believe that Jesus Christ is the savior for the whole world that he is just a tribal God for the Americans the English the British and the Germans

– don’t believe Jesus’s blood can cleanse us from sin

-Don’t believe that you can get better better better better working your way up the ladder

-don’t believe that Jesus Christ is ever coming back to this earth to receive his own unto himself

These are doctrines devils

5) Outright Satanic Worship Will Take Place In America

They don’t want you to believe the truth.  The Lord spoke to me further and said I’d like to confirm this further with you there will be Satan worship not just Heathen religion but there will be Satan worship where people will worship Beelzebub

Where they will worship Lucifer where they will have rituals of human sacrifice and they will be a rising of Satan worship in that country.

Sitting in downtown Manila??, in the heart of that country I just couldn’t believe it and God said this is why I want to send you back home.  You know all these places you have been there you know what their religion did for them in their native spot.

It can’t do more in another spot and if the people would not know and they will believe a lie and they will be damned so you must go help save America

He said I wanted to tell you something I’m going to give you 1 million Souls on television alone you’re going to win them to me on television

So I told my wife you know honey we’ve got to go to America to live she didn’t want to she’s a missionary.

I first met her in Argentina when she was already a missionary and we have been missionaries together for all these years

God said wait I have more for you…

6) A Spirit Of Rebellion Will Overtake America

He said in America there will become a spirit of rebellion you will see it in labor unions for no cause at all.  They will have a strike,  men are festive for power, prestige, their face on the news and in the newspapers.

There will be Anarchy among the youth running through the streets throwing bottles sticks and Canes all kinds of things rebellion.

Rebellion on the campus where you can’t have school anymore.  Not only the University’s,  high school,  not only the high school, the junior high schools.

But He said there will be rebellion in the home.  Women will not want to live with their husbands.  They want to live a gay life out there without responsibility.  Husbands the same, won’t want to live with their families

Go off and do that which is unseemly for a man.  Who is a husband and who is a father……now I cannot tell you what went on inside of me because this was several years ago.  So there would be a spirit of rebellion it would be in the whole of the social structure of our country.  That it would not be just in one part of it but in the total social structure there would be rebellion

God said the greatest place of rebellion would be in the home.  A place that used to be a place of tenderness, love, comfort but it would become a place of war.  They would stop laughing, they would stop playing with one another and they would start fighting each other.

Homes would be destroyed, people would get married 1 times 2 times 3 times 4 times.  Little little children drug from place to place not knowing who to love who to hate.

I said God could it be?  See I was brought up in a loving home with a loving mother and I lived around people whose homes were secured and strong and great and I couldn’t accept it.

God said you will see it you will see it with your own eyes. He said coast to coast your lands would be like a tornado ripping through tearing structures to pieces, businesses would go to pieces because of divorce.  Homes would go to pieces, lives would go to pieces, people would become so confused and would have to go into special hospitals because they have broken down the very fabric that creates a society.

And that is the spirit of rebellion

Screaming at each other hating each other then it will boil like a tornado twisting home twisting people twisting families into pieces.

I sit there in my office in Manila and I was weeping I said Lord I’m so sorry to hear I don’t know what to do.  What can I do?  You can go and warn them tell them that I told you before it came to pass, and then they will know it for sure that these are part of the last days when we predict 2000AD

And that we must not be part of that Rebellion

Many students leave school today because they have been there enough years to leave.  They don’t know very much when they leave there they will be in total Rebellion against teachers against the police against their family and rolls of the highways and the streets of our great cities full of rebellion and hate against society

It can become a revolution it can become a terrible thing maybe that’s the reason crime has risen so high it’s because of a spirit of rebellion in our country and that you and I should do something about it.

I sat there and I was writing between the tears I said God my country I haven’t seen this type of thing in my country yet I said how can it be?  

I wish to tell you more …..and I said yes

7) America’s Morals Will Tremendously Change For The Worse

As He spoke gently to me, He said America will have a tremendous change

In its morals, an amazing change. I never could have believed that officials principals and teachers in schools would hand condoms to a young man (and say) don’t make the girl pregnant. If you told me that, I would think you are crazy.

But God told me,  so far in America homosexualism has been practiced behind closed doors there is a spirit that comes upon a man to cause him to lust for the body of another man.

Romans 1:24 it said that God said that a man would give themselves to uncleanness

(Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. )

Verse 25 says these words who knowing the judgement of God.

I think the people of this world understand and know the Judgment of God…. for they which commit such things are worthy of death.

Not just jail, … they are worthy of death and only only that, the same would have pleasure in them that do them

There are millions of homosexuals (and) they stand up and they say let them do it,… they have a right to do anything they want to do but when they get AIDS they want everybody to come to their protection and come to their help.

Very few lay people have any idea the magnitude of aids.  I  never heard one official or mass media anchorman saying well, lets stop homosexualism…  let a man find a girl, rather than an abnormal situation of taking a man to be a lover. 

Why don’t we just change our ways?….nobody says that.

They say lets take billions of dollars of taxpayers money and try to stop AIDS.

If you did, … another disease would break out just as deadly. They don’t know how to heal most major diseases they can’t handle cancer, and have spent hundreds of millions trying to.

They don’t know what to do with it

A young man until he can get to God, (until ) he gets to know God , until he loves and serves God then of course, he cannot do the things of God

Homosexual ism is absolutely abnormal,… it’s absolutely abnormal.  You have to be possessed of a spirit of lust to carry it on and Jesus loves you.  He can set you free but God told me before you came out of the closet begin to march in front of the cameras down on Main Streets and He told me it would happen.

I have come home to this nation to bless America

God has given me television stations in order to bless America.  He has showed me that if we walk in His ways,  the good ways, the right ways, the correct ways, the Happy ways, if you walk in His ways.

8) Bestiality Will Show Itself In The Last Days Of America

As I was writing at my desk in the Manila,  Philippines God said I’d like to also tell you that bestiality will come similar to homosexualism and you will see on your television screen. You will see.

I have a Life magazine in my office right now where a woman naked in the upper parts of her body is lying the full length of a (with??) German police dog and they are sucking each other’s tongues in the picture in full color.

There will be a time when women will say in order to get my dog to be comfortable and to get his nerves down we will have to do this.

Now it’s wrong for a human to have intercourse with an animal.  In Leviticus chapter 20 verse 15 it says

if a man lie with a beast he she’ll surely be put to death and you shall slay the beast they shall be both be put to death and if a woman approach on to any beast and lie down there too thou shalt kill the woman and the Beast and they shall surely be put to death their blood shall be upon them

…..that’s in the Book of Leviticus chapter 20 verses 15 and 16

And God told me these things before they came to pass today.  They’re coming to pass.

We need a Revival in America and that’s what God told me.  He only told me 7 things and the seventh one was like Daniel in Babylon I began to weep before God not for Manila anymore but for my country.

God told me and He said like it was in Acts chapter two

I shall pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophesy your young men see visions and your old men shall dream dreams and on my servants and on my handmaidens I shall pour out out my spirit in those days and they shall prophesy

9)  A Great Outpouring Will Happen Where The Light Gets Brighter At The Same Time The Darkness Gets Even More Evil

These are the days of the greatest outpouring of the spirit of God the world has ever known

There might be Darkness but there’s also a light.  There might be degradation, but yet there is elevation.

God wants to bless and not curse.  But you have to understand the fabric that that put this universe together— if the sun didn’t want to come up tomorrow, and wouldn’t come up ……if the moon says I’m tired of messing around I’m going to do something else you would have a mess up in your Cosmic worlds.

The same is true and your moral worlds.  You mess it up and it’s messed up.

Same is true in your spiritual world,  you messed it up and it’s not right

It doesn’t matter how you defend yourself and say you have rights you don’t really have any rights, you have responsibilities

Until we know that America needs Revival,  we are in the beginning of the greatest Revival ever known among men

There will be those that commit the things that we talked about,…. in deep sin and they are going to be multitude that say this doesn’t satisfy and I am not interested in it. I want God and the outpouring of the spirit of God and the gifts of the Spirit and the miracles of heaven will take place that will save Nation after Nation upon the face of this Earth and I believe that this will take place.


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