8 Necessary Changes to Prepare for the Harvest- Steve Grable


steven-grable“Eight Necessary Changes to Prepare for the Harvest”

Steve Grable

1. For many of us, our theologies must change!

(It is not what we think, or feel or want to believe but rather what do the Scriptures say? We need to know what we believe & know why we believe it!

2. Our perception of future events must change!

The Holy Spirit does not want us to be ignorant of the times.

The Bible is 1/4 to 1/3 prophetic, the Bible is the only book that has hundreds of fulfilled prophecies. This alone sets the Bible apart from all other books!

We are to know the signs,…so much more as you see the day approaching.

3. Our Prejudices must be removed!

God is willing to offend our minds to reveal our hearts!

4. Our “traditional” ideas about the Church will be changed!

Our current way of doing church is quietly dying. Because of persecution, small home churches are coming! The Church as we know it is in the process of being dying.

The “Days of Anninias and Sophia”, who died when they lied to the Holy Spirit. Great Fear and Reverence of the Lord, will once again fall upon the Church.

5. Our heart, mind and mouth must be aligned!

What is the Motivation of our heart?

What are we willing to suffer & lose?

How much are you willing to sacrifice in order that others might be saved and what is the motivation of our heart?

6. Our positioning will be corrected!

The surfer who positions himself does not just have skill to ride his board. He watches the wave action and observes the contour of the wave as it approaches the shore and locates himself in the RIGHT POSITION! This is our obligation, to be in the right position so that we can be apart of and used to fulfill the Holy Spirits purposes and fulfill our destiny.

7. Our total dependence on Him will dramatically increase!

Disobedience will cause great loss & great disaster. In the military it is essential that ground commanders and their troops follow directions very carefully or the battle can be lost.
Our only protection and our only provision will be the Holy Spirit!

8. Finally Our Faith’s expectations will rise!

For too long, the Church has been without true unselfish love and power to bring the masses to repentance, healings, deliverances and impartation of gifts from the Holy Spirit.

Signs and wonders will follow them that believe!

We will do all that Jesus did and greater things will we do.

Once again the giftings of the Holy Spirit will come upon believers who are wholly sold out to the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit will enable them to do all that He did and more to bring in the End Time Harvest!

Steve Grable