80+ Videos That Contain Amazing Evidence For The Bible

60 Videos That Support The Bible

    1. Probability of Simple Cell Spontaneously Forming – Rittenhouse here
    2. The Digital Code of DNA and the Unimagined Complexity of a ‘Simple’ Bacteria – Rabbi Moshe Averick –here
    3. Genetic Entropy – Dr. John Sanford – Evolution vs. Reality –here
    4. The Absurdity of Inflation, String Theory & The Multiverse – Dr. Bruce Gordon-here
    5. General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Entropy, and The Shroud Of Turin-here
    6. DNA – Replication, Wrapping & Mitosis –here
    7. The Mind Is Not The Brain – Scientific Evidence – Rupert Sheldrake –here
    8. The Mathematical Impossibility of Darwinian Evolution – William Dembski-here
    9. Stephen Meyer – The Scientific Basis Of Intelligent Design-here
    10. Epistemology – Why Should The Human Mind Even Comprehend Reality? – Stephen Meyer- here
    11. Privileged Planet Principle – Scot Pollok-here
    12. The Mathematics Of Higher Dimensionality – Gauss and Riemann here
    13. Alvin Plantinga – Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism here
    14. God = ? NYU Questions World-class Philosopher Alvin Plantinga on Science & Religion here
    15. Mathematics and Physics – A Happy Coincidence? here
    16. Kurt Gödel – Incompleteness Theorem here
    17. Second, third, fourth… genetic codes – Edward N. Trifonov-here
    18. Near Death Experience – The Tunnel – Barbara Springer-here
    19. Kirk Durston – God and Science: Is There A Conflict? here
    20. Shroud Of Turin In 3-D Hologram – Face and Body – Both Front And Back-here
    21. Origin Of Life? – Probability Of Protein And The Information Of DNA – Dean Kenyon – here
    22. Programming of Life – Probability of a Cell Evolving – here
    23. Probability Of A Protein and First Living Cell – Chris Ashcraft – here
    24. The Origin of Life – Lecture On Probability – John Walton – Professor Of Chemistry – here
    25. Protein Molecules and “Simple” Cells – here
    26. Quantum Entangled Consciousness – Life After Death – Stuart Hameroff –here
    27. Genetic Entropy – Dr. John Sanford – Evolution vs. Reality –here
    28. Evolution Vs. Thermodynamics – Open System Refutation – Thomas Kindell –here
    29. DNA Degeneration: Top Population Geneticists agree neo-Darwinism is not supported by the data – here
    30. Mutations: Enemies of Evolution with Geneticist Dr John Sanford – here
    31. Human evolution or extinction – here
    32. Stephen Meyer – Proteins by Design – Doing The Math – here
    33. Centre for Intelligent Design Lecture 2011 by Stephen Meyer on ‘Signature in the Cell’ – here
    34. The Origin Of Life Requires Intelligence – Kirk Durston PhD here
    35. Evolution Vs Genetic Entropy – Andy McIntosh – here
    36. William Lane Craig – Hilbert’s Hotel – The Absurdity Of An Infinite Regress Of “Things” – here
    37. William Lane Craig – If Human Evolution Did Occur It Was A Miracle here
    38. Mutations Prove Creation with Dr. Jerry Bergman Part 1 – here
    39. Mutations Prove Creation with Dr. Jerry Bergman Part 2 –here
    40. Human Evolution or Human Genetic Entropy? – Dr. John Sanford – here
    41. William Lane Craig – The Absurdity Of An Infinite Regress Of “Things” here
    42. Does God Exist? The End Of Christianity – here
    43. Human evolution or extinction (with Dr. John Sanford) – here
    44. Genetic Entropy vs. Evolution – The Stark Reality – here
    45. Programming of Life – Probability – Defining Probable, Possible, Feasible –here
    46. Is Antibiotic Resistance evidence for evolution? – ‘The Fitness Test’ – here
    47. Dr. David Berlinski: Random Mutations – here
    48. Argument From The Origin Of Nature – Kirk Durston – here
    49. Don Patton – Entropy, Information, and The ‘Deteriorating’ Fossil Record – here
    50. Random Mutations Destroy Information – Perry Marshall – here
    51. All Well Studied Mutations Reduce Genetic Information – Dr. Georgia Purdom – here
    52. No Beneficial Mutations – Not By Chance – Evolution: Theory In Crisis – Lee Spetner – Michael Denton – here
    53. Evolution Cartoon – Waiting For That Beneficial Mutation – here
    54. Thermodynamic Argument Against Evolution – Thomas Kindell – video
    55. Does Quantum Biology Support A Quantum Soul? – Stuart Hameroff –here
    56. (Logos) Creating The Universe – 2008 – here
    57. The Known Universe – Dec. 2009 – here
    58. Finding a Good God in an Evil World – here
    59. Darwinism Not Proved Impossible Therefore Its True – Plantinga- here
    60. Modern Synthesis Of Neo-Darwinism Is False – Denis Nobel here
    61. Refuting Darwinian Evolution – Jon Rittenhouse here
    62. Doug Axe PhD. on the Rarity and ‘non-Evolvability’ of Proteins here
    63. What Is The Genome? It’s Not Junk! – Dr. Robert Carter here
    64. Programming of Life – Biological Computers here
    65. Restoration Of Israel and Jerusalem In Prophecy – Chuck Missler here
    66. Conservation Of Transcendent Information – 2007 – video- see it here
    67. Mathematically Defining Functional Information In Molecular Biology – Kirk Durston – see it here
    68. Whale Evolution Vs. Population Genetics – Richard Sternberg PhD. in Evolutionary Biology – see it here
    69. Hugh Ross – The Anthropic Principle and The Anthropic Inequality here
    70. Anthropic Principle – God Created The Universe – Michael Strauss PhD. here
    71. Fine Tuning Of Dark Energy and Mass of the Universe – Hugh Ross here
    72. Evidence For Intelligent Design Is Everywhere here
    73. Why Should The Human Mind Even Be Able To Comprehend Reality? – Stephen Meyer here
    74. General Relativity – 4-Dimensional Space-Time here
    75. Darwinian Evolution Vs. Consciousness (Soul) here
    76. Noah’s Ark- Evidence Of The Supernatural Here
    77. Dr. David Berlinski Refutes Evolution in Under 5 Minutes here
    78. Archaeology confirms Bible- 3,000 year old Hebrew text discovery here
    79. Dr. Frank Turek: Why Atheism Fails here
    80. Mathematically Impossible Universe here
    81. Atheist Professor Destroys Evolution-here
    82. The Science of Speaking in Tongues here
    83. Red Sea- Proof Of The Supernatural-here, Part 2, here
    84. Dr. Greg Bahnsen- Atheism is Logically Impossible here
    85. Science Proves The Bible here
    86. Evolution Proves God here
    87. Sodom and Gomorrah –here
    88. God’s Fingerprint here, and here

Great Articles Worth Reading

– Rate, molecular spectrum, and consequences of human mutation – Michael Lynch- here

– Poly-Functional Complexity equals Poly-Constrained Complexity- here

– Michael Behe: Challenging Darwin, One Peer-Reviewed Paper at a Time – Dec 2010
Seen on intelligentdesign

– What Evidence Is Found For The First Life On Earth? – Let There Be Light

– Falsification Of Neo-Darwinism by Quantum Entanglement/Information- docs.google.com

– Intelligent Design – The Anthropic Hypothesis lettherebelight-77.blogspot.com

– The Cosmological Model Of Eternal Inflation And The Transition From Chance To Biological Evolution – Eugene V Koonin – 2007 -” In an infinite universe (multiverse), emergence of highly complex systems by chance is inevitable” .ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
– Pssst! Don’t Tell The Creationists, But Scientists Don’t Have A Clue How Life Began – John Horgan – February 28, 2011- blogs.scientificamerican.com
– Life Is Robotic Software – July 15, 2012  “All living cells that we know of on this planet are ‘DNA software’-driven biological machines comprised of hundreds of thousands of protein robots, coded for by the DNA, that carry out precise functions,” said (Craig) Venter. crev.info
– Evolution: Possible or Impossible? Examples From Math) -Dr. James F. Coppedge here