A 1996 Vision Of The Return Of Yeshua – Jonah ben Noah

(This remarkable vision of Jonah ben Noah is one of the most descriptive I have read on Yeshua’s return.  I suspect if someone did witness the return of God in a vision, we would expect it to be incredibly beautiful, yet terrifying, in which no words could describe.  Jonah ben Noah was impressed with the fear of God and a urgency to get right with God.   A person who saw the return of God would be left with great feelings of repentance and sorrow.  Read the account below )

On the First day of January of 1996 at approximately 12:15 a.m as I was gathered with my wife, and two of my sons, Adam Elijah and Joshua Ben, and with the Doll family, Tim and Sandy and their children, Krystall, Stephen, and the baby, Michael, we had been gather together since 7:00 p.m. to fellowhship, and share, and testify. The Lord God had allowed me to share some Words of Knowledge and prophecy, others had testified and spoken of the things of God, and we had been listening to songs of praise and gospel music to celebrate the coming of a new year of what we hoped would be opportunities to served our Lord.

As it drew nearer to the beginning of the new year, I said I wanted to be in prayer as the new year began. We then put forward request for prayer, and then began to pray. I prayed fervently for those things that had been requested, and for those things the spirit brought to my attention. After praying 30-40 minutes with the understanding, I, and the other began to pray with the spirit, and felt His presence strongly. I was praying with my eyes closed, and suddenly saw a vision of two things. The Lord spoke to me and told me as I saw the first part, not to tell them this that I saw, so it is sealed up as He commanded.

The Second Part which the Lord said I could show, I now give to whosoever will see and perceive, and hear, and understand. As I was watching after the first part, which was sealed, I saw a blackness, as of space, or the heavens at night . Suddenly so fast it was as though out of nowhere, it was as though there was a great opening in the darkness of the heavens , and there was a brightness of shining coming through that was a brighness much purer than white; so bright was it, yet it did not blind me. Suddenly in the midst of this brightness was a white shape followed by other shapes tha seemed distant, but then, faster than instantly, it was seen as a large white horse with a rider whose facial area shone with a brightness, and who moved so swiftly with an uncountable number of white horses right behind Him, so as to be wherever He was. The speed and swiftness was almost unbelievable, they were distant, then seen plainly, then He, and they following past by me, all before I could speak or blink an eye, as though it all happened in the same instant. I remember that when I first saw him, the instant thought was that I was seeing the coming of the Lord, and began to laugh for joy as they passed me, so fast, it was hard to believe or comprehend. Then I saw as suddenly the Earth at His coming: there was suddenly, and so swiftly, such great destruction, the Earth was dark without light of the sun or the moon, and the land glowing with fires of melting heat in a darkened Earth of such swift and fiery destruction that my joy and laughter had died in the great fear and horror that came on me as I beheld the fiery destruction so swiftly wrought on the Earth, and those who dwelt there. I began to weep and cry out, “O God, O God(help us in Jesus’s name.) as I next saw a horizon and land of flaming fir, and saw the outline what appeared as bodies with the outline of their skeletons showing through, and their mouths opened in what appeared to be torment and agony, and I heard as it were a voice say, “The elements melt with a heat so fervent.”

I saw all this happening so fast, that I was shocked as I saw how horrible and terrible Wrath of God would be. A great part of the great fear and horror I felt was because of the speed of it’s happening. It was so fast you couldn’t believe the speed of it’s happening by hearing or reading; you have to see it. I couldn’t bear to watch anymore and opened my eyes crying and crying out to God to help us to understand, and to have mercy upon us, even as I am weeping as I write this . I was in shock and felt such great fear for all who would have to see this. Those with me in the room looked on me wondering what was wrong. I walked about in much anxiety for what I had seen, and told them, “I saw the coming of the Lord.” Sandy said, “Praise the Lord.” Then I said, “No, you (don’t see or understand), it was horrible, it was horrible to see!” I then sat down and told them, my legs shaking, and my bowels quaking and in an uproar, of the fear and horror of what I had seen. I wept bitterly, crying out to God, for what I had seen. Well is it written that the day of the Lord is not a day of delight, or to delight in, but a day of destruction!

I walked to Tim, hugged him and said, “Pray for me, Brother.” and walked into the kitchen and said, “How can I write this? None can understand or believe it unless they see it. It was horrible to behold. The swiftest destruction. They had no chance or instant to speak, or repent; only to be destroyed with the swiftness of his coming! He came to make war, but they had no chance even to fight or lift a weapon. All their training and preparation had been for nothing. It is the most fearsome, and terrible thing I ever beheld.”

I said, “Now I know what it means when it says, It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the LIVING GOD!” I told them, as I tell you who read or hear, with great weeping and crying out to God for fear of those things I saw were to come on the Earth. I know now what that fear was that moved Noah to prepare the Ark of safety, and what Peter meant about the elements melthing with a fervant heat, and why we, in knowing these things should live godly and holy lives in that hope of a new Heaven and Earth.

I asked Tim, “How can I write this? They won’t understand. It’s just words!”, but for the sake of every living soul, and in the belief that God gave it to me to give to all, and in the hope that he will open their hearts, and their minds to see and understand, I must try. Let every soul that reads or hears this, know this; you may think you know or understand what is written about the swiftness, and terribleness of this, but until you see it, you can only imagine it, and I testify to you, your imagination is not good enough, or fast enough, or even able to comprehend the fullness of God’s Wrath. It written, “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of those things God has prepared for them who love him. I say to you the same is true of those things God has prepared for those that hate him and sin against him.

Let this warning be enough, if you who read or hear this want to escape such wrath, then you better pray, as He said, that you will be counted worthy to escape those things, and be counted worthy to stand before Him, the Lord and Saviour of all who believe unto righteousness. He is going to destroy the wicked, the hypocrite, the half-way doers, the sinners, and all workers and makers of abominations, from the Earth. It is not a pleasent religious game of churchianity, and religiosity! It is a life and death battle to save your soul. You can, each one of you, choose to be saved, or unsaved, just or unjust, righteous, or unrighteous, and be that way still when he comes in the brightness and swiftness of His coming, as I saw! I tell you truly, you can’t believe how fast he came and smote the Earths wicked and unrighteous unsaved with the wrath of God. If you are not saved, I adjure you in the name of Jesus to confess your sins and Repent. Accept Jesus Christ now as your Saviour and the atoning sacrifice for your sins. He took your punishment for you if you will accept it and believe, forsaking the way of sin. Be sanctified by the blood of Jesus and the washing of the water of the Word, receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost and Fire and walk in obedience to his Word and Spirit. Be and live holy and righteous; for I tell you all when He comes, you will not be able to say or do even one thing, so swift is He, and the Destruction He brings.

It is my prayer in Jesus’s name, that this testimony of the vision of the coming of the Lord, will cause some if not all who read or hear to finally realize what the Wrath of God really is and how horrible it will be. My son Adam came to me after this and the Spirit showed me he had heard something, so I asked, “What did you hear You heard something, didn’t you?” He told me, “I heard a voice saying, ‘The Speaker has been shot.’” So we all gathered and prayed for God to protect Speaker Newt Gingrich, and to save him from harm. I adjure all who hear or read this to do pray likewise and to pray for Godly leaders who fear the Lord, Amen. This fear I felt and still feel was not just for myself, but for all those who would suffer such swift destruction as I saw. This would be because of their failure to turn, or the church;s failure to live the life, and to reach them with what was written by God. There was no mercy in what I saw, only sudden, and swift destruction!

This the true testimony of I saw shown to me by God in the vision of the Lord’s coming and I so say in my own hand and voice.

Your Servant for Christ’s Sake,

Jonah ben Noah – one of the Lord’s Prophets –