A Call To Stand In Dark Days Ahead -An Uplifting Prophetic Word To Joanie Stahl


Joanie-StahlJoanie Stahl

January 2016

It is midnight now. I am now searching the earth with lanterns. I am making thorough searches. I will move suddenly. Everything you have learned from Me through these years was for the purpose of toughening you up for what will come upon the whole earth all at once.

Few will be able to stand up under it. Do not be fooled by those who seem to be strong in Me. Many will fall away. Some will return last minute. This will take everyone by surprise. I am speaking to all of you individually right now. Listen to Me. Each of you have relied too much on each other, and habits related to Christian living more than quickening your ear to Me.

The time that is upon all of you will require independent strength, but not independent from Me. Circumstances will require immediate strength to stand. I will give you that strength, you will not have it within you to derive it out of yourselves at your will, but Mine. As the day is so shall your strength be. Many of you will be made to go through some very difficult dark places that will test your minds, your will, and your emotions.

And do not try to figure out whether this will be during the the rise of the “man of sin” or the time that will arise later. The time is now. Look up and keep yourselves ready.

Many are fast asleep. They equate readiness with a soft, familiarized thought. They tell themselves they are ready by their own viewpoint standards. But those that do will not be able to stand, not immediately anyway. Later many will.

The pressures, fearful sights and more will eventually push them into the name of My strong tower. Everyone of you who have lost everything and yet still walk with Me will be those easiest for me to command. For during this time, they will know the time of My coming, that it is nearer now than ever before. And because they know it, will have a superior strength of power, superior to everything else everyone is terrified by.

I have not left any of you alone, not ever. The times you felt that I did were only to reinforce you to stand like a mountain in the midst of severe storms. I have been warning many of you for a long time. I can only warn for so long. Then comes the day, the moment, the hour in which I will begin to unseat Satan and root out his kingdom, force his ruthless kingdom forever out of my earth.

His claims of what he has the power to give are false. If anyone receives anything, it is only because I have allowed it. His forces of evil, his wickedness is near the end and he is very aware of that nearness. He has a wrath coming that he has been saving up all these millennia. Understanding is key right now.

Do your lives seem common? I hear many people groaning under every weight of concern and hopelessness. The very cries I am hearing in my ears today echo the same as the Hebrew slaves during their long oppression. Night and day, night and day until it mounted up to my throne on the sides of the north right into My ears, until I couldn’t take it anymore, until it came into its fullest measure.

I am at that same place. Do you wonder why I said that I would roar out of Zion? Once I do rise up, I will devour at once.

Begin to prepare yourselves in Me and only Me without mixture. Do not lean too much on others, other than what is necessary. Dig in and sharpen your swords, bathe them in heaven. Be in charge of your own weapons you have been entrusted with. You are my weapons of righteousness. And do not be afraid of anything, or anyone, or any threats. I know what I am doing. Your obedience to Me will determine critical safety measures at every turn. Home is coming for you. The harpers are harping. My gates are opening wide, and my hosts are preparing for all of you to come in all at once. If you could only see the loving fervor among the Saints of the ages! The happiness, thrill and great joy is the sentiment of heaven.

Now a word to those who are young in the faith and tender. I have assigned certain things for you to do. You will also, even in your youth and degrees of faith, need to make choices. I will bring those around you who are mighty and have fought brave and courageous battles and fierce storms in My name. They, in a sense will be your guardians, but they will always teach you to ultimately look to Me and Me only. That is how you will know they are from Me.

And to all of you I say, remember to always show love to one another. Do not allow Satan to tempt your hearts away to hate one another. I say this because everyone will be affected by hunger and money issues, which naturally bring out the very worst in everyone. Satan’s greatest weapons are yourselves against each other. Do no allow anger or hate to grip your mind in whatever circumstance or place you find yourselves in. Once you give way to it, he will ruthlessly use you as his weapon of destruction against others, then ultimately will destroy you. You will become his weapon rather than Mine.

I also want you to know there are great numbers of My angelic host of angels all around you. Your understanding of these things will determine My best outcome for you. I am calling you to a walk in the darkest period of human history with My light and My light only to guide you. Let what I have told you today sink down deeply into your ears.

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