A Demon Reveals How Christians Can Overcome Their Torment In A Riveting Prophetic Dream

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Amy Klutinoty:

This is wild. So, I woke up this morning from a dream that I know I’ve had before. I keep track of some of my dreams in my notes app and when I went to go find that identical dream, the date at the top said, March 8, 2018. So in short, I JUST had the same dream I had one year ago today.

That’s God. I want to share this dream with you…

I dreamt there was an attack on the US. Although it was a nuclear attack by another country, I could see in the spiritual realm and there were demon-like creatures everywhere. I was trying to run to a home to hide and one specific creature saw me from off in the distance and began to run after me. I was trying to run into an abandoned car to hide, and as I got in and was hiding, that beast-like creature was looking for me and said out-loud to itself, “I don’t understand why these stupid Christians don’t use THE NAME to fight us. This is too easy!”

As soon as I heard that I became mad that I was hiding from this demonic creature. So I crawled out from my hiding spot and stood right before the demon. His face turned to rage and he lunged at me. Immediately, I lifted my finger to point directly at him and I said, “In the name of JESUS, you will not touch me! You will stand down! You are destroyed! JESUS…JESUS…JESUS…”

As I said this and began to repeat the name of Jesus, the demon leaped into the back of the car I was originally hiding in, and he coward and trembled with his head down, trying to cover himself. Every single time I said the name JESUS with boldness, it was physically tormenting the demon. Within seconds he disappeared completely into thin air. I then heard someone behind me say, “Leave no stone left unturned.” And I woke up.


This dream means a lot of different things, but I wanted to share this because I believe a lot of us, including myself, just need this very simple but crucial reminder: JESUS – IS – POWERFUL. Because of His sacrifice, He is highly exalted by the Father and has been given the Name which is above every name! His Name governs AUTHORITY because He is LORD. The devil knows it, the demons know it, and all of Heaven knows it. Yet sometimes in a moment of attack, we fear and WE forget it. Like in my dream, our first reaction is to run and hide. But I love the part when this thing mocked me for hiding and not using, “THE NAME”. Why? Because when that demon refused to say the name Jesus, wickedness revealed its weakness and once again proved Christ’s power.

// Believer, be BOLD in the days ahead! Declare the name of Jesus and appropriate His Word (Jesus IS the Word) in every battle! You are a carrier of His Spirit and living proof of His power. Never, ever forget that.

By Gabriela Escalante:
I had a dream , this is confirmation for me .. in my dream I was fighting demons , mocking them , in the spiritual realm I could see them , there was this plague of demons on the earth and I was pointing my finger at them , telling them they were already defeated at the Cross and they disappeared all but one ..I woke up .. then I remembered Jesus’ words … there are certain type of demons that won’t go away but with much prayer and fasting … brethren this is no joke ,, many of us if not all believers will have to fight demons , u should be aware of this truth ..it takes three things to defeat them …WORSHIP .. FASTING AND PRAYERS … and of course Faith !


Rebecca Oppie Ford Years ago, my family and I purchased a home, not knowing pagan rituals had occurred on the property before the home and neighborhood was ever constructed. I experienced much demonic activity. Reputable community people, confided my next door neighbor (Husband a political figure in area.), wife, was a known witch. I was in spiritual warfare!

One night, only my sleeping toddler and I were at home. I discerned a heavy demonic presence of fear. I saw, in the dark foyer, a demonic form with red eyes looking at me with hatred I have never felt in my life!

I retreated to the next room and asked the Holy Spirit what I was to do. The Holy Spirit instructed me to confront the spirit with the name of JESUS and JESUS’S BLOOD. Demonic spirits abhor the reminder of their defeat at Calvary, by the BLOOD of JESUS.

What did I do? I obeyed the Holy Spirit’s instructions and entered the dark foyer, face to face with the evil presence and spoke, “IN THE NAME OF JESUS AND THE BLOOD OF JESUS!!!” The evil presence…GONE and never returned! The Holy Spirit taught me spiritual warfare in many ways, including anointing the home and property. There is POWER in the Name above ALL names, JESUS!

Candace Ripper In real life I have had daemonic presence in my bedroom at night which was terrifying yet when I spoke the name of Jesus they left quickly!!

Kathy Hughes Senterfitt YES!!! The Name of JESUS IS VERY POWERFUL!!! Back about 3-4 years ago the Lord opened my spiritual eyes for about 3 months. Only at night before I went to sleep in my bedroom. Each night I was attacked. I went thru spiritual warfare school!! I learnt very quickly! I dreaded going to bed each night. Every demon looked different. But they either disappeared, stopped or slowed when I rebuked them in the Name of JESUS. During this time in my walk, I didn’t know how to bind and send to the abyss. I just rebuked in Jesus Name. But it WORKED!! There were a few that wouldn’t listen. That’s when I repeated JESUS JESUS JESUS JESUS over and over until I fell asleep!! God must have put me to sleep and sent a warrior angel to get rid of those that wouldn’t obey!! Because I even told them… you MUST obey the NAME OF JESUS!!! You must GO!!! And they laughed.
I was sooo thankful when those 3 months were OVER WITH!!! The spiritual world is REAL!!! And WHEN the 3 days of darkness comes… and the when the light returns — and the veil has been REMOVED… just as scripture says… man’s heart will fail for FEAR of what they SEE!!!! When the Holy Spirit will be removed from this earth at the rapture… it’s going to be a HORRIBLE PLACE!!!

Carolyn Musto Hoffman There were 2 times I encountered the force of evil over me at night in bed where I was frozen unable to move, but I was able to open my mouth and speak to this force and said I rebuke you in the name of Jesus and the evil force left immediately.