” A different – new disease will come ” – Prophetic Word – Fabyachuk

A friend contacted me on facebook to tell me about a guest speaker that attended his church.  The guest speaker talked about a second pandemic that was to hit.  It was transcribed, so you can read below.  We both do not know anything about this particular person, so you can read it and keep that in mind.

Translated By Yana Imissthestores

Fabyachuk is last (wasn’t able to get his first name) he was a visiting guest from Oregon on 8/15/2021.

Part 1

Thus says the Lord. Listen my people before you there is a special path so do not fear. I am God I will be with you. You hear with your ears and you worry. Thus says the Lord you should be calm. If I am God your Father I know what is happening on earth and how it will end. The word is coming to pass. And you instead of being under fear should be under Grace. Under my Mighty hand and my right arm will be over you. Do not fear when you go through hardship and much will be taken from you and much will be lost. And a question will come up where to go to hide where to go to escape? Do not rush and do not consider. I am the Lord your God, I will be your hedge of protection over your house, family and you. When dispair and unbelief comes My people reject it. And believe My word. I am your God your creator. I am King of kings. I hold power to give and take away. Life is in my hands.

September 20

Sep 20, 2021, 2:53 PM Yana Imissthestores

Part 2

Sayeth the Lord. The things that you fear and think about because you do not read My word, and you are not in My presence and there is no Holy Spirit power in you so you fear. Because you physical body thinks that way you live by physical body you build by physical body. There for your your spirit suffers. But My spirit brings joy. But the day of harvest/ relocation is coming to the whole world. When you live by the spirit you know what time you live in. You have relationship with Me then your soul is ready to go though hard times of testing, sorrows, sicknesses. But believe My hand will guide you. God did not promise prosperity or bread till fulness or health or consistency. God is warning. It will all change. A different/new disease will come. The devil is behind it. The disease (diseases) have no cure and doctors will not be able to. But I have my own servants who do My will and serve people. They will persecuted/chased away (rejected). And the unclean souls will come and they will bring death. And at that time God will tell you not to run to a person but run to God. I will tell you what to do and my hand will touch you and give you mercy for some to live and some to depart (go to heaven) Sayeth the Lord. The earth will be covered with many bodies and some of my servents will be amongst them. My children there will be judgment over the disobedient to Me. They will be amongst those bodies. Because of the great number of the bodies there will be hard to keep up with burials. Says the Lord. The goal of the enemy is to raise up demonic power against God’s church. Are you powerful enough to withstand it? I will give you power to resist/ trample it. Says the Lord. And many will go by a narrow path (prisons/jailed) pastors will be tested told to do this or that during communion do this and that. Told who will be able to attend and a lot of rules will be placed. Because My word is coming to pass. Cups are being poured out of the earth. And my chosen once that will not submit will be rejected by people but defended by God. They will go into hiding. But I will save and protect them with My Mighty hand. Says the Lord.

Sep 20, 2021, 3:11 PM
Yana Imissthestores

Part 3

This day is very very close, are you ready? Says the Holy Spirit. This revelation is for My people. Because of what God sees accept My word. And God says I will reveal secrets and there are many secrets ahead. I will reveal if My people stay awake. I will reveal instructions and how act to be protected by Me. 2-3 families will live in one house because of the great loss or jobs & houses. And a slice of bread only remain and even that will be shared (split up). I am God I will feed My people with a slice of bread and they will enjoy it and be thankful. There will be no complaining found in their hearts and mouths. They are My people they will have joy. My eye is on this spot and My arm of Grace is stretched our from My throne of grace. I will encourage you my people with power to withstand it so you do not fall on the way. (Against doubt & unbelief).

Yana Imissthestores
Part 4

Says the Lord be in prayer and fasting so every soul would be hedged and households awakened. Many are asleep. Prayer and fasting so angel of God can go through and wake them up.