A Dream With New Mexico Fire Balls Falling From The Sky

New Mexico Volcanoes

In this video a dream was given where fireballs were raining down on people. He kept hearing the word “Albuquerque”. Could it be a volcano that he was experiencing?

Albuquerque volcanic field is a monogenetic volcanic field located in the Albuquerque Basin in New Mexico, USA. The largest of the cones in the Albuquerque volcanic field is Vulcan. Black Volcano is an inactive volcano located near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Black Volcano is located directly north of JA volcano. Black Volcano is the second of five volcanoes (traveling south to north) within the western boundary of Petroglyph National Monument. North of Black Volcano are Vulcan, Bond and Butte volcanoes.

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Volcani vision 1

Susan describes an Island situation near a volcano. She looked up and saw a tarp over her, and this event occurred at night time. Huge melting fire was coming on top of the tarp. See her video here

Brittany On Youtube

A vision about an explosion in the Gulf of Mexico was also given to Brittany (last name unavailable) on July 30, 2010.

“All of a sudden I was above the West Coast of the US looking eastward. It was a quick vision. First my attention was drawn to a fiery cloud of smoke rising above the ocean over the Gulf of Mexico. My first thought was that it looked like volcanic ash, but I can’t be sure. Next my focus zoomed in close to the earth and I saw a man standing by the Mississippi river. He raised and spread his hands dramatically and said”, “This Earthquake! This Big Gigantic Earthquake!” Brittany includes a map of where the man was standing and also where she saw the explosion in the Gulf in her youtube video, My Vision, Warning of Gulf Explosion and Earthquake. http://www.youtube.com