A Frightening Prophetic Vision Of Foreign Asian Troops , The UN And The Mark Of The Beast – Dr. Bill Deagle

Concentration Camps Mark Of The BeastThis Vision by Dr. Bill Deagle, was received in September 1998.

While praying and reading the scriptures, I received the following vision of the times spoken of by Dimitru Duduman, when the revolution would start and America would have the places like Sodom and Gomorrah attacked.

In the spirit the angel Gabriel took me to the West Coast where I saw foreign and oriental looking troops with blue hats carrying machine guns. I saw helicopters with the signs of the United Nations, and many thousands of Americans in lines waiting to receive the Mark of the Beast.

He told me to watch as the Chinese navy, on the West Coast base we gave them, became a secondary staging ground for the invasion. The primary invasion was our own military bases.

The angel showed me how our New World Order US government officials gave these bases to the invaders.  I was horrified as I watched. Deep below many airports and military bases, I saw those with Red badges, who were to executed for the word of their testimony, and they did not shrink from the faith in Jesus. Others, marked by Blue badges, worked in factories and were periodically brought to reprogramming camps and rooms where unspeakable in humane acts were performed on them to have them repent of their belief in the Truth and the Word.

Elsewhere, those with the Green emblem smiled and went about life with peace on their well fed faces, and they feared not, for they had felt righteous in that they were saving the planet, or they knew falsely in their hearts that surely the Lord would not cast them out to outer darkness!

Surely, once saved, they thought, I have eternal security, and the Lord Jesus I once received will not reject those he has taken into his arms.  Then Gabriel cringed as if in pain seeing this, for he said that their beliefs would bring them to destruction for they knew Him not!  I asked, “What is the end of these things?” He said “Those that will hear the words of the witnesses of Jesus and the prophets of the END, would be stirred and throughout the kingdom of the Beast.”

These would be high level masons, murderers, bankers, military men, teachers, doctors, laborers, and all the corporations of the Beast who will turn over those who would receive the Mark of the Sovereign Lord on their right hand or forehead. Even those who had taken the Oath to the Evil One and those most detestable, were among their numbers!

As I watched, he said, “Behold see those who feel secure in their righteousness, are lost while these most terrible before men are now washed righteous in the Blood of the Lamb!” In the spirit I fell on, my face weeping for those that call themselves by the name of the Lord, and the fate that they will face in outer darkness.

Suddenly, I was back beside the angel Gabriel, and he said, “America is Babylon and the Nation of the Anointing of Israel to bring the gospel to the world. All these things must come to pass, so that all Mercy and Justice of a Righteous God will be served.”  I again asked what will happen to America? He said, “Revolution will start when the Evil One is revealed in the Tabernacle, and the Holy people are trampled underfoot with the attack on America and the nations that call themselves after the name of Jesus.”

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