A Guide To The Biblical Gospel Told In The Stars -Barry Setterfield

In Genesis 1:14, we are told the heavenly bodies are for signs, seasons, days and years.  Days and years we understand clearly.  The earth rotating in its axis produces a day,  and its revolving around the sun gives us a year.  What about the reference to seasons?  This would not be a reference to summer, winter, spring or fall at first, but simply the ‘areas of time’ as the year progressed.  In relation to the heavenly bodies, that would indicate the signs of the zodiac, which would later translate into months.

The word ‘zodiac’ is not a bad word in itself!  It comes from ‘zoad,’ meaning ‘path’ or ‘way.  It refers to the way the sun appears to pass through the various constellations during the year.  The diagram below shows the way the zodiac looks today, and it can be seen that it is a bit ‘off’ from what we associate as signs for the various months.  This is due to something called the ‘precession of the equinoxes.’

But the heavenly bodies are also for signs.  What is a sign?  When you see one that says “road closed ahead” or “San Francisco 300 miles” these signs are giving you information.  Psalm 19 says the skies pour fourth KNOWLEDGE night after night.  What is the information there the Bible is referring to?

The constellations have been known from antiquity and they have been basically unchanged.  Taurus and Ursa Major, for example, appear in cave art.  The names of the stars have retained their meaning in various languages.  For instance, the constellation “Virgo,” meaning “virgin” is referred to as “Bethulah” in Hebrew, “Parthenos” in Greek, “Kanya” in Hindi – all of which mean “virgin.”  This indicates a prior knowledge of the names of the stars and constellations prior to the language confusion at Babel.  This knowledge may well have come down from Noah and even from Adam.  The star and constellation names have been handed down from antiquity.  We can see stars being referred to on cave walls.

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