A Hard Look At Mark Taylor’s False Prophecy For America – John Shorey

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Prophetic Newsletter
By John Shorey 10-01-2017
Author of “The Window of the Lord’s Return”Other studies are posted at www.tribulationtruth.com

Last week I had someone send me the link below along with giving me “A Word of Caution” It is a 5 minute video from Mark Taylor. What he is saying is very dangerous. He is warning the church not to listen to preachers and prophets who are spreading a message of judgment and fear. Saying this is the message of the enemy. Mark Taylor frequently says, “God told me this”

If he is right than I have not been called of God, this is not the case. God has powerfully called me and confirmed my call over and over. God has helped me bring prophetic end times truths to the Body of Christ. Calling me to be a watchman to warn the church to get ready for the soon coming of the Lord. If I am bringing a message of fear that is from the enemy then so is Jim Bakker with his 31 things and David Wilkerson with his many books warning of coming judgement. Let’s not forget the warnings of judgment from Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, as well as Matthew, Mark and Luke. and John the Revelator, and of course Jesus himself. Mark Taylor goes on to say that this message is causing some to commit suicide and this blood will be on our heads.

I watched Mark Taylor on the Sid Roth show last week and Sid and his crowd were eating this message up. Cheering as though they was hearing a message from Mosses himself. This message of America returning to its greatest years ahead is dangerous. This message is telling the church that you don’t need to fear, why would you need to prepare? ( Why prepare if we are going to have eight years with Donald in the White House fixing America?) What does the book of Hebrews say about Noah? In holy fear Noah built an ark for the saving of his family.

Mark Taylor is not the oracle of God. I did a study on false prophets and Mark Taylor before the election last year. I am reprinting this message below called.

Whose Report Will You Believe?

When Mark Taylor had his first word about Donald Trump in 2011, it would have been a long shot for him to be right that Donald would be elected in 2012. He was wrong; I have a copy of his original Word from God. But in 2016 He changed the wording to fit a new candidate. Now he had a 50- 50 chance of being right. When you have to change the wording of a message from God to adapt it to a new set of circumstances, the message at that point is flawed.

This is not a personal attack on Mark Taylor. I am exposing a misguided message of false hope that is putting the church to sleep. I will not judge Mark Taylor but I must say that Mark Taylor will be held accountable for those who have been lulled to sleep by a message of false hope.

If for a second I was to think he is hearing from God I would quit doing what I know God has called me to do. I know I will be judged and criticized for putting out this Newsletter. I will let God be my judge and I will not be guilty before God be being silent.

“If you have warned the wicked and he does not turn from his wickedness or from his wicked way he shall die in his iniquity but you have delivered yourself.… Ezekiel 33:9
Below is Mark Taylors 5 minute video.


Below is the opening of my Newsletter dated 6-8-2016

Dear Prophetic Friends,

I recently finished what may be the most important study that I have delivered to date. Lying spirits are confusing the prophets and God’s people. Some prophets are saying great things for the future of America. Others have been warning of soon coming judgment and destruction to America and the world. Whose report do we believe? The book of Jeremiah relays the story when the King did not want to accept the words of the Prophet Jeremiah. God allowed lying spirits to give the King words of false hope, yet God’s true word prevailed.

It is happening again. The church is accepting the words of false hope. This is a must read study. God has already sent his true messengers to warn the church. Soon coming events will now happen suddenly without any further warning. If you listen to the wrong word you will be caught by surprise and it will be too late to prepare.

These are the days that we must pray for discernment and spiritual common sense, that we can know the truth.

God Bless John Shorey

Whose Report Will You Believe?

John Shorey 6-8-2016

A few weeks ago I heard a sermon on Peter arguing with Jesus about Jesus leaving the earth after his death. Jesus turned to him and said “Get behind me satan” Peter was in denial about Jesus going away. It is interesting what Jesus said about Peter, “Upon this rock I will build my church.” The thought struck me that Peter was symbolic of the future church and we that future church are almost in a sort of denial that Jesus is coming back soon. We know Jesus is coming back but most Christians are not interested in his coming this soon. It reminds me of a saying I tell people, “Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die to get there.”

During the past two years 2014, and 2015 we have seen many signs of Christs Return. The Bible says we would see signs in the sun, moon and the stars. We witnessed the Four Blood Moons. Many prophetic voices in the last few years have given strong warnings of Christs soon coming, with many warnings of great devastation coming to America and the world. I see the warnings from Jonathan Cahn, who I see as delivering the greatest prophetic warnings of our time. When you study the history of the Blood Moons, you will see the pattern of great events against Israel did not happen for one to two years after the Fourth Blood Moon. We are not even one year from the forth Blood Moon. If the Pattern holds, an event that will look like the coming destruction of Israel won’t happen until the end of 2017. When you look at world events concerning Israel, this time frame makes sense.
When it was perceived that great events did not happen, many Christians believed we missed it and their prepping stalled and their thinking shifted to the thought that Christ will not be coming for at least another seven or more years.

I believe we are in the shortening of days. Not a shortening of the Seven years that Daniel spoke about. But a shortening of the Birth Pains that will happen before the Tribulation starts. Jesus said in Matthew 24, “If those days would not be shorten no one would survive, but for the sake of the Elect, I will shorten those days. I believe we should be putting out a great effort to prepare and help others see what is about to happen.

Is this what is happening? No! Many prophetic voices are now saying that happy days are just around the corner. America will be great again; Judgement is not coming to America. How is it that some prophets are still warning that God’s judgment is just around the corner while other prophets are saying the opposite? WHOSE REPORT WILL YOU BELIEVE? BOTH CANNOT BE RIGHT.

The Bible teaches that we should test the spirits of the prophets to discern if their message is from God. You may ask, how do we do this? In a nutshell, discerning the truth is twofold, common sense and praying for spiritual discernment.

I recently heard a prophecy that many are buying into. It is called the “Trump Prophecy”. I heard it air on Tru-News. I will share a few points that were made in this prophecy and share why we can know that this is a false Prophecy. Please don’t judge my confidence in this statement until you hear me out. First I will list a number of points made in this Prophecy.

  • Donald Trump would get into the race for President and will come from behind to win the Presidency.
  • Obama would spend Billions to stay in office and all this money will be to no avail as he will lose.

(This second point from the original 2011 prophecy was changed to read for the 2016 election,) “The Spirit of God says in this next election they will spend billions to keep this president out. It will be like money down the toilet.” Don’t tell me God can’t get it right the first time.

  • Donald Trump will be Americas Netanyahu.
  • Judgment will not come on America.
  • America will return to greatness under Trumps leadership.
  • The dollar will rise to the most powerful world currency.

I could list more but this will be enough for me to make my point. To start off I will say that this prophecy was first penned in 2011, at this time Donald Trump was considering getting into the race and if he had it would have had to be like a race horse coming from behind as he would have had a late start. The author of this prophecy admitted that when Donald Trump did not get into the race, he thought he had missed it.

Now look at my second point, Obama spending billions to stay in office in 2016. This was true for the 2012 election, Obama did spend billions to stay in office and the money was not wasted because he won the election.

This point alone will show why I see this was a false prophecy in 2012 and is still a false prophecy in 2016.

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