A Man Wrestles With The Weight Of Life’s Burdens Until God Reveals To Him Heaven – Jose A Polanco’s Heavenly Translation Experience

jose-a-polancos heaven translation

A couple of weeks ago on my way home, and within my property line, God gave us a blessing. He allowed my daughter Phoebe, my wife Estrella, my good friend and sister in faith Glenda, and myself, to witness a rare event seen by merely a few in their lifetimes. To our amazement, we looked up to the heavens to see a radiant Iridescent Cloud. This is a cloud with rainbow colors. We watched in awe for nearly half an hour (photos and video were posted here in my profile a couple of weeks ago).

Although it was a beautiful experience and tremendous blessing, I would have never imagined what the Lord had saved up for me weeks later. This event was even more magnificent than the rarest of clouds, and it changed my life forever.

This is my story:

“…and shall wear out the saints of the most High…” Daniel 7:25

There are only a handful of Preachers that I love in these End Times. One of them happens to be Perry Stone. A few months before I moved to Cleveland, TN., I listened to one of his teachings on YouTube. He spoke of how one of the difficult things that we will confront in the End Times is the spirit of weariness.

At this point, for over a year I have been bombarded with many situations that have left me mentally and physically drained; feeling like a car with over 300K miles and a long overdue tune up.

“Some causes of my intense weariness included extreme spiritual warfare, financial burdens, the process of moving to another state, a change in my job, lack of funds to prepare as easily as I wanted to, and the pressures we men can feel to be main provider and head of household. All these circumstances continued to pile upon me, causing me to take upon some of the burden on my own rather than giving it all to the Lord.”

For months, I have been asking the Lord repeatedly to please renew my strength or please take me home before my time.

A New Day and a New Beginning:

Just a glare at the magnificent rainbow colors of heaven in the Fourth Watch was a reminder that my days in the land of the living were soon to be over. (So I thought)!

Today, September 8, 2016, during the early morning hour of around 4:15 a.m., I came back from what I can only describe as a micro part of the third heaven.

Please understand that my experience is related to my particular need with a purpose. It is NOT related to anything prophetic or any prophetic event, and there was no Word from the Lord for these End Times. I am sharing my experience for one purpose only – to encourage the Body of Christ to be firm, stay still, and wait on the Lord.

Here is my experience:

I saw myself as if I were going up in the clouds, and I immediately thought to myself, “Is this a dream”?

Suddenly, I knew that I was not in a dream and that the Lord had taken me away in the Spirit. (It has been awhile since I have been out of my body, so at first I felt this was a dream).

As I headed up in the clouds, I began to see the colors of the rainbow. IMMEDIATELY, I knew I was in a part of the third heaven; not where you can see the saints, angels, or even Jesus, but a particular place that I CANNOT describe.

In the past, every time I have been out of my body I was completely guided to where I was going. NOT this time. When I saw the magnificent colors, I felt like I was on my own, just revolving myself through them and excited that I was in heaven.

As I went up to heaven, I can only describe what I saw as the rainbow colors of the third heaven. The colors were as pure as refined gold – such intensity, such brightness, such peace. In this quiet and tranquil environment, such perfection could never be seen by the human naked eye; it could never be found here on earth. There was also a light in which I can only describe as being as bright as the sun; the pureness of it cannot be explained.

As I revolved around myself, though I was in the Spirit, it was if I was screaming at the top of my lungs out of desperation and weariness, “I want to stay here and do not want to go BACK again… PLEASE”! Again I SCREAMED a second time, “I want to stay here and do not want to go BACK LORD… Please”!!! However, as strange it may sound, I kept revolving around in these colors. As the rainbow colors and brightness of the heavens left me blind, (I did not care if I could not see) I just knew I wanted to stay there. Then a consuming FIRE came upon me. It renewed me, strengthened me, and made me WHOLE again.

Right after that, a third time I spoke. This time I understood that Jesus was there, standing from a distance and watching me. He knew my thoughts as I said,

“OK, I WILL GO BACK! You know that I will do whatever You need me to do. It is like He knew and completely understood my weariness and frustration within me. At the same time, He knew that there is NOTHING else that I want more in life than to be in His perfect will.

Immediately, I was brought back down. I opened my eyes feeling completely renewed, strengthened, and happy. This was the best heavenly experience that Father has allowed me to have in my entire life.

As I said, this has nothing to do in relation to prophetic events, but I am sure some of you out there may be lifted up thru this experience.