A New Rendition Of Ephesians 5:22- Submit, or Tenderly Devote?

I really enjoyed this episode of Sid Roth with Brian Simmons. He talks about open visions, and revivals in central America.

He tells of one supernatural account of a dead toddler who died in a ditch, and was brought back to life. The woman found her toddler in a drainage ditch, and walked all day, carrying her child to a revival which he was holding in hopes for a miracle. Brian saw an open vision of this woman carrying her child and called the woman he saw in the vision forth. Unknown to her, she was just entering the revival, and heard his call and came forward. The child which had been dead for hours was brought back to life, and jumped off the table. Out of that, the woman and her husband today lead a church of 1000 in one of the villages

Another really interesting aspect of this interview was his comments on the heavily debated scripture concerning wives and husbands In Ephesians 5:22…

Ephesians 5:22- ” wives submit to your husbands as unto the Lord”

In a vision he saw Yeshua and through the encounter had a download of information, or what we might understand as a revelation and understanding pouring into his spirit concerning the Hebrew and aramaic language and how they apply to the scriptures.

After investigating the aramaic language, he believes Ephesians 5:22 should be read like this:

“Wives, be tenderly devoted to your husbands, as the church is tenderly devoted to Christ”

He also talks about his encounter with Christ, and viewing the library in heaven, which Yeshua allowed him to take two books.

Brian translated 15 books of the bible into 8 volumes. Check it out on Sid Roth.org