A Powerful Call On True Believers Who Hear – ” God is gathering again NOW ” -Terry Bennett


Encounters Regarding True Pentecost

Terry’s Encounters Regarding True Pentecost, read as letters to ‘The Gathering’ in the series ‘The Significance of True Pentecost’. These letters are meant for the body of Christ as a whole, and to all that would yield to be a part of what He is doing.

The True Meaning of Pentecost

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What I Term the Major Significance of Pentecost is the testimony of Jesus.

This testimony was the proclamation and affirmation of a spiritual truth namely, the universal sovereignty and Lordship of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, established and vindicated by His resurrection from the dead. It is not however the historic fact of this that brings or bears its significance but instead the inward spiritual establishing of His Life.

God move us off the ground of just history and fact back onto the ground of the Life. Pentecost is only significant to me if I have the Life. It is this sin conquering death defeating, hell delivering, Satan humbling, God life that brought Christ forth and will us as well from the lowest depths the farthest separation and eternal darkness to being forever exalted far above the heavens. This Life of Christ was now implanted within human, believing, vessels on the day of Pentecost.

The testimony of Jesus alive, Jesus the Life, is that He lives forever enthroned in the heavens but equally enthroned in a now inwardly, spiritually alive people who have journeyed with him out from the shadow lands of death, self and sin to a single union of Life with Christ, Himself. This is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all with all of His Life. His true church is the pillar of the inward Life reality in testimony and image; those increasingly possessed of His risen, inward and eternal life are the light of Christ’s life now shining in this darkness.

The day of Pentecost brought forth the testimony of Jesus; His Life in increasing revelation not simply a religious mode or operation of life but instead a flowing infinite force of life of Life that sweeps away all death decay and falleness before it.

His true Life is indestructible, incorruptible, irresistible, and unstoppable. This more than conquering life transforms transfigures and creates a new creation from the God hating, God resisting, sin loving self-motivated, fallen humanity that presently gropes in the darkness for fulfillment and meaning. They arise in Christ’s Life from the ash heap of their own earthly existence to the eternal purpose hidden in the heart of God but now revealed through the apostles and prophets.

Christ life imparted is Pentecost.

It liberates the captive, sets the hopeless and helpless prisoners free from their bondages while demanding with heavenly, spiritual vengeance Let My People Go. The dark powers now tremble again that Christ’s Life buried, again in some measure, in the traditions, compliance, compromise, mixture of self in this present church age is about to experience the shaking of the stone and its rolling away and a tomb emptied and a declaration of “Why do you seek the Living One among the dead?

He has risen in a people of His pleasure. This is the great need of this hour and now God declares His purpose to recover that truth, to revitalize the Lord’s people inwardly then outwardly by the risen God life of Christ by the Holy Spirit baptism. He would invite us to stand and see and experience Pentecost again. Yes the removing of our lifeless traditions and systems, forms, modes, prejudices, personal interests, reputation, prestige, opinions, compromise, folly and accepted self practices so that we may now be filled with His incomparable life in an ever increasing measure of divine fullness.

The history of the church from Pentecost forward provides us with overwhelming truth that the basis of the fullest, richest, spiritually speaking and most effectual world testimony of Jesus has been wrought and proclaimed by a Holiness movement from heaven based on inward Life.

I mean life changing heart rending, the whole of one’s being captivated by the new internal life of Christ. This reality not by association, replication organization but by you being filled with the life of Jesus Christ in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit has seen Christ enthroned within a people that He calls His own.

These movings of the Holy Spirit resulted in holiness, inwardly and outward, humility, joy, God’s love and a great and fiery passion for the Son of God and for Him receiving the fruit of His travail.

Too often today Pentecost and the baptism of the Holy Spirit has become obscured by activities, sign and wonders waves of emotion, emotionalism, excitability, miracles, power demonstrations, and etc., while the deeper meaning has become lost in all the confusion or excitement.

The deeper meaning has become lost in all the confusion or excitement. The deeper meaning that of the enthronement of Jesus Christ as inward eternal life as absolute sovereign without reservation or rival in this Life with all its interests and activities.

Thus is the will of God, thus is why we pray, thus is why we stand, thus is why we will cooperate fully with the Holy Spirit until God receives the reward of His suffering.

Encounter #2

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I must gather you again into one accord and one place in My Spirit and I will suddenly come to those gathered by and unto Me. That is out of the Malachi 3 passage and the Suddenly word.

Malachi 3:1, “Behold, I send my messenger, and he will prepare the way before me. And the Lord whom you seek will suddenly come to His temple; and the messenger of the covenant in whom you delight, behold, He is coming, says the Lord of Hosts.”

Remember the transparent cup, I AM is revealing, unveiling His heart but this waiting will reveal our hearts. Will you gather to Me and to My heart to recover and there remain and abide with Me in that recovery? Will you allow Me to become your new beginning? That is the question is it not? Will you allow Me to become your new beginning and will you stay with Me all the way until I finish in you what only I can begin? This is not a time to hurry but to wait before me; I am testing you in this matter as to how well you can hear…your immediate and ongoing obedience and your willingness to fully align, embrace, and humble yourselves and stay in and with Me.

I am calling your firstly to a higher realm of oneness with my heart, mind, and will, an upper room detachment from lower dwelling places. I call you upward and out to dwell with me and in me in a higher measure of life…Mine not yours. Will you come away with Me now? Then I will release into you, baptizing you in a fullness of life you have never seen manifested in this earth. It is that measure of life that I wish to release within even until the ends of the earth and until the end of this time. I AM the Amen, the Let It Be So of God. I await your Amen.

Encounter #3

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All that is within the framework of eternal thought, purpose, and desire of which He should will to become life reality in His own inheritance will always and only come with resistance, conflict and suffering. His people will only become the testimony of Him in it as we battle and suffer for it.

Those detached from being possessed from Him in His intent will always misinterpret, misconstrue, or quickly criticize the Spirit’s work but woe be unto such as do since they have no inward life relationship to the divine work judgments will be passed, conclusions drawn, mocking released or ridicule expressed.

However, if you are with the Holy Spirit in the matter, being experientially being broken, wrecked and one with Him and if you have fought in the battles to take possession of this new spiritual territory, if you have suffered in this fight, if you have been crushed beneath God’s burden in this purpose, these spirits will never find place in your heart and mind.

Those who bear the costs for the reality and that for others as well, will never give into such fleshly soulish temptations but are too busy being consumed by Him personally and for the nations. They see beyond the failings, mistakes or faults that occur in those times, they see response to the divine will. Those who can only criticize, fault find, judge and ridicule are those who have not suffered for what the Holy Spirit’s work is.

Coupled with this are those who only know the language of what they see in others, they become familiar with the terms, teaching, phraseology of what they have heard from others. This may be a greater danger than the first until the burden of Christ is truly within; until they have personally entered into true travail for His birthing of life in this manner they are a none factor, a mere wind, a powerless echo parroting what they are not possessed of though claiming to know all about it and having been present through much of it so that they believe they have no need to be told anything by anyone only to be in personal deception.

That knowledge has never transformed one’s behavior and their true character will eventually manifest what is not within. God moves within, deeply within, with His burden unto His purpose to bring transformation never simply information.

He takes hold of us and brings us into the travail of His burden. He breaks our mindsets, wineskins, opinions, earthly concepts, restrictions, traditions, boundaries, limitations, reservations. He destroys our self-focus, self-interest, self-centeredness, self-righteousness, self-deceptions, and self-awareness. He purifies our hearts through battle, conflict and suffering for His will so that we will war with Him against the resistance in the heavenlies and within His own house.

His jealousy, (hear this clearly…it is important for some of us to keep this in mind), His jealousy over His work takes hold of us within by the Spirit to fight for His heart and will. We are not spectators but now a people possessed by His passion and purpose; we become captivated by His divine thought and heart until He achieves His intent. We are now joined to Him and linked to His movement and recovery.

Those then who have battled together, stood united and suffered are unbreakable in Christs own determination to finish what He has begun. This defining and refining inward work is critical for His people lest we are again passed over due to our strong minds, stiff-necks and hard hearts.

May God’s invitation find our hearts broken and ready to humble ourselves and move beyond what we know or have known; what we have been or have become lest we die in the wilderness of sin while others enter in.

So we lay our hearts bare before you Lord. You have not called to us or invited us so that we would miss it and not be a part but instead Lord, your invitation is upon us. We would give you back a resounding Yes! We would say back to you, “Be it done unto us according to Your Word.”

Encounter # 4

Read to the Gathering on 1-22-2017

God is now in this hour calling to us, revealing to us, unveiling to us, His great heart. It is meant to reveal, define, refine, and capture our hearts; aligning us inwardly to His divine will, thought, motivation and goal. This goal of God’s heart and intention is new to us but not new in revelation. He has made it known before but it has become lost in the life-substitutes of our time.

Pentecost should mean divine life representation in this earth now in a vessel gathered by Him, for Him, in Him that through the oneness of divine life within the vessel the world may see, believe and know that the Father sent the Son and that the Son of Resurrected, victorious, eternal life is alive in this earthen vessel.

Thus God gathers a people into His Son, unto His Son, unto sonship and full life representation of God in this earth now. He is gathering again unto His purpose, His goal, His divine thought and would devastate, decimate and remove all other reasons to gather. I want you to feel the weight of that.

The vast majority of what we call church has never been gathered by the Lord. I mean it is almost 99%. He has made that clearly known to me because we gather for reasons that are not Him. He would decimate those reasons. There is only one reason to gather and it is God and unless it is we have no reasons to gather. I am not saying that strong enough as pertains how He said it to me.

He is quite offended that we are not gathered unto Him.

Let me read it again: He is gathering again unto His purpose and may He gather His people from outside and inside the church across the nations.

I want to add my prayer to the will of God to get His people out of the nonsense called church, called Christianity and to gather them to His purpose, on His ground that we could be gathered otherwise we have no reason to gather.

It is a falsehood, and fake. He would devastate, decimate and remove all other reasons to gather. I do not care what they are and I don’t care who came up with them and who made them. Me or anyone else. Oh think about it for a moment my friends the reasons why we gather and the reason we are wrong. We have made a mockery out of how God gathers by doing what we do.

He would remove all reasons to gather and be gathered but His own reasons motivated by His Love He would now test our love unto Him. Can we journey beyond human reasons for gathering? Can we journey beyond religious reasons, beyond Christian reasons, beyond doctrinal reasons, beyond accepted reasons, and beyond social reasons? Are we still within the sound of the voice of God? Are we still breakable: still bendable, still teachable, still able to be challenged, still able to be awakened and willing to follow? Are we willing to follow when all else appears uncertain to us and dark?

The enemy is presently gathering on the same ground as the church and in the church; the same thoughts, the same way religiously, socially, mentally. His deception is far reaching.

This is a strong statement: now I say again let us be clear about this time, this moment and intent.

God is gathering again Now. It is a Now moment after so long a time when eyes are so blind, hearts so dull, ears so deaf and wills so hardened God is gathering again. Now, today as it is being declared…Gather to Me, Gather only to My Son for He alone and forever is My sole Gathering Place. Become my Gathered ones, My sanctuary, My house, My temple, My inheritance and dwelling place.

Can you hear Me?

Will you turn and see, will you believe in Me and the day that you are in?

It is my day to Gather you from where you have become scattered.

Listen my people…will you, can you, are you within the sound of My voice, come out to Me, turn quickly and come.

Encounter #5

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This body is called The Gathering but He is defining the name He gave us; calling us into the Life reality of His invitation and its meaning. I have been called of God, commissioned of God and used of God as a messenger to gather a people unto Him (never unto myself) but to Him. I recognize the messenger role even as it pertains to the nations and I submit to it. I did not seek it but I did say yes to His choosing and this functional role.

So I want to speak to all those who can hear even beyond this local place, even to the distant lands and nations. That He would move now to gather us unto Himself firstly but then corporately to His own eternal plan. We can never be random again. God help us in this. We must never be random again.

What we may have come to expect and desire in church gatherings must be brought so low and Himself raised so high that an entirely God gathering of the saints unto His purpose alone becomes our new reality. Our self-desires unto His house must be broken with the wineskin if He is to have His goal in our being gathered. I say this now concerning this local place but may it become true across the nations. We are only gathering unto Him who has gathered us to Himself firstly in Christ; His only gathering place.

I and others here and scattered throughout this earth are now gathering to the summonsing voice of

Christ. I tell you He is summonsing. We are all to be unto Him a dwelling place, a temple, a tabernacle, His house, His body, His testimony, His representation, His new creation, His land, His nation, His royal priesthood and the bride of the Lamb. We are determined that we gather first unto Him for His reasons, His revealed eternal reasons and all lesser matters remain lesser until He be magnified and glorified in His church again. Until that happens nothing is safe…He is not moving beyond to other matters until this matter, the most important matter is realized in a people.

Hear me! We may want to move on…He will never do so. For this reason firstly and foremost we gather; for the sake of the Lamb and His Father and the Spirit of Holiness we pledge our entire being for the love of our King, our Bridegroom, our High Priest and Savior to the only One and True Sovereign Lord and Creator, we say yes gather us unto Yourself in all wisdom and revelation of eternal thought, purpose and intent. Remove duty, remove habit, remove self-motivation, gather us to your heart, mind, will and truth that is in Your eternal Son.

Awaken people of God, awaken to Him. Arise from the dead that Christ may shine on and through us again…leave our drunken worldly states behind, turn our backs upon it to a sobriety, a soberness, to the light of life that Christ alone is. We return to pure clean love…Gods where self and evil are removed far from us. Come to the love of Christ’s Life that breaks us free from the darkness, confusion and compromise, return to Him as first love.

So we make a divine pronouncement over this body. We gather to Him or He will scatter us. So we allow ourselves to be gathered unto You and if we are to gather it can only be for the divine purpose. I tell you God is going and is initiating a worldwide, nation to nation, movement of calling His people out of the church and back unto Him and then He will gather them but they will be gathered unto Him and not unto man, not unto systems or under tradition and certainly not under this nonsense we presently have.

Do it Lord is our prayer. So be it Lord, Your will be done in this matter! Unto this do we pledge our hearts…to the King’s right to reign, and to have what He divinely deserves: a people of His own possession, a people of His own choosing, a people who are gathered to Him and only to Him forever. We give you permission Lord in our own hearts and we intercede for the sake of Your people and the sake of the lost across the nations for the blood right of the Lamb to be exercised and get a people completely and whole-heartedly out to You in this hour. We give our amen to You in it. So be it Lord! So be it in us and in the nations. So be it!

I want to say this before you leave: may The Gathering as we have known it end today. I am not kidding. Can you agree with me on that? May The Gathering as we have known it end today and may God have His gathering according to His divine thought in us as a people and across the nations. If we are to forerun then let us forerun and not ever shrink back to folly again. So be it Lord.