A Prophetic Dream Of Two Moons In A Pink Sky -( Niburu, Planet X, Planet7x ) Rachel Baxter

Rachel Baxter

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The existence of “Niburu” was not something that I had investigated much until after I had the first dream.  The night that I had the second dream, I had not thought about the topic for quite some time so I do believe the Lord was giving me both the first and second dreams prophetically.
Personally, I believe throughout human history that the Lord uses the planetary system that He created (which we as humans do not yet fully understand) to bring about events on this earth, from Biblical events like the Great Flood, to the earth standing still, to extended darkness or light… to present day changes in our earth such as increases in earthquakes, volcanoes, mass animal die offs, extreme weather, etc.
On January 26th, around 8:30pm my kids and I were returning home.  My 7 year old pointed out to me from the back seat how odd the moon looked.  It seemed abnormally low in the sky, appeared oversized, and was an orange color.  My first thought was that we were experiencing a change in our perspective of the sky due to the earth’s wobble (some also speak about this in conjunction with the changes in the north and South Pole locations).  It also made me think that perhaps it was an “unscheduled blood moon”.  I tried to take a picture of it but my cell camera didn’t do it justice.  It gave all of us an ominous feeling.  My kids told me to ask the Lord about it so I did.  I feel that that I heard that it is a warning sign for the U.S., perhaps specific to the Central states where I am located.  I am curious to hear if anyone else observed the moon to have an “odd” appearance that night.
Seeing this “potential” sign in the sky immediately brought to mind two recent dreams that I have had about planet Niburu or Planet7x.

The dream on 12.19.15

I was with visiting old friends in a house that wasn’t mine.  I was examining two baby beds that both had had the rails removed and safety glass installed.  While In the dream, I thought that was interesting.  I thought my girlfriend must have suggested to her mother or mother in law that she had needed to do that so her grand children could sleep at gramma’s house safely.
Then I was outside at the edge of a lawn which met up with a field at the edge of town.  Here were three people (men I think) facing away from me and facing towards the field.  They were looking at something.  The three men were not standing together but pretty far apart.  In other words, there was separation between them.  I looked out past the field and at the edge of the horizon I could see the sun on the left.  Then, to my surprise I saw what looked like a second sun to the right of the actual sun only it was smaller, perhaps a third of the size.  The sky had some clouds in it so that the sky looked pink.
I walked up to first man who was to the right and began trying to help him understand what he was seeing.  I told him this was the other planet so many had been warning about and now we can finally see it.  He seemed to be taking in what I was saying and accepting it for truth.  I was then warning him to get prepared for greater changes in our earth because of it.  I told him how it was that many times in the Bible, events occurred in relation to this planet’s effect on earth, just as God designed.
Then I went to the second man who was in the middle.  I remember that he had darker colored skin.  Perhaps he was of Asian decent.  He had features that reminded me of the Eskimo people.  I began trying to explain to him what the second “sun” in the sky was but he did not believe it.  He began to argue with me even to the point of denying what we were both so clearly seeing.  I became frustrated and gave up trying to convince him of the truth.
As I woke up from the dream, I cannot remember clearly what I spoke to the third man who was on the left facing the two “Suns”.   I feel like he was apathetic to it as if its existence wasn’t going to change anything that he did going forward.  When I woke up I was also trying to determine from the the clues in the dream if I was seeing this sight at sunrise or at dusk.  I feel like it was in the morning because I immediately thought of the old saying “pink sky at night, sailors delight.  Pink sky in morning, sailors take warning.”  I definitely felt a warning message from this dream.
Dream Interpretation:
I feel like the two baby beds with glass speak of unity and rest in the Lord, that He is our protection and shield.  He is our good Father who provides all that we need.  It may also speak of making preparations for what is coming as our earth becomes more and more unpredictable.
I feel as though the three men represent the three positions that will be taken when we really can see the “new planet” niburu, or Planet X or Planet7x.  Men will either take the warning and begin to understand the times we are living in, they will deny it completely, or they will remain apathetic so that the warning changes nothing.

The dream on 1.16.16

I was in a school bus sitting near the front of the bus with a group of people, mostly young people like those in their teens and 20s.  Friends of mine who are in youth ministry were also on the bus.  It’s night time and one of the youth is saying to my friend that he should have brought boots because it’s going to be really cold at night.  I think to myself that I don’t have boots either and am disappointed.  Our bus driver is also our leader.  I see out ahead that it looks like we are coming to the end of a road that ends at a field.  Off to the right in the sky is the moon, but then in front of us I am also seeing what looks like another moon.

The driver tells me to point out to the rest of the group that we are seeing Niburu, so I turn around and tell everyone that they should look out to see Niburu, also called Planet X or Planet 7x.  I tell them that I’m an engineer and have done research on this planet.  I say that I don’t know nearly what Gil Broussard does on the subject though.

Then it’s like the earth on the sides of the road is just gone, and in front of us at the end of the road it is also just gone, like we are just going to drive into empty space or fall off a cliff into dark space. The bus driver begins to turn the bus around and I begin to pray for Jesus to come right now to take us all.  The bus turns off the road and to my surprise we do not fall into nothingness but turn normally.

Then, in the dream, it was like we had arrived at our destination and I was in a hotel room.  I was unpacking things and looked out the window and could still see Niburu straight in front of me while off to the right I could also see the moon.  I remember thinking I should take a picture because it was so clear.  It was large and had a red tint to it.  The sun was starting to come up so I had to hurry.  I found my phone but couldnt seem to make it work to take the picture.  Then the sun came up and I could no longer see the planet.  End of dream.

Dream Interpretation:

The school bus speaks of being trained in ministry and being taken to a place of learning for future seasons or testing.  The reference to the boots speaks of taking a firm stance, standing on the Word, while being prepared to rest in the peace of The gospel of Christ.  There is bold advancement of the truth found in His Word that is coming forth.  I believe the earth falling away represents our need to trust fully in Jesus during the time ahead, perhaps when the Lord uses Planet 7x just as He did throughout the Bible as Broussard postulates.  I do think it is worth noting that Gil’s name was specifically used in the dream.  I can’t remember ever having another dream where I heard or spoke another person’s name, and a stranger who I do not know.  The hotel rooms speaks of a temporary time of transition where the window I looked through represents the knowledge being revealed or laid open so that the truth is made known.

I also think it is interesting to note that in one dream I saw Niburu at the same time that the sun was visible and in the other dream I saw it at the same time as the moon.  I don’t know for certain but it could be that there is coming a time when we will be able to see it both in daylight and at night.