A Prophetic Dream Reveals The Excessive Self Priority And Materialism Of The End Times People That Repulses God- Joanie Stahl

Joanie Stahl

I had this dream on 5/8/17.

In my dream it started out by me walking into a house. At first I recognized it as a home I had lived in over thirty years ago, though I was well aware that another family occupied it.

As I stepped into the large entry way I noticed every square inch was filled with gross excess. Though there was space to walk around, I looked in every direction at piles on top of piles of things.

There was everything a person could want, whatever they wanted. I say it like this because there was so many kind of things all mixed together piled high.

It wad not a dirty home like a hoarder’s home, no, it was clean but disgustingly filled up with materialism.

I ventured into the den that was ajoined to the kitchen. As I stepped in, again, I looked at nothing but gross excess piled high against all the walls, and all over the furniture.

I then stepped to my left into the kitchen where I saw the same scenario of excess piled high all over the counters.

I noticed a woman.

The woman was beautiful, tall, thin and statuesque. She had perfectly styled hair and her clothing was looked very expensive. Everything about her was obvious as I looked at her movements.

She was the epitome of self indulgence, self priority, self centeredness and in want of nothing. She could not, or did not see me, but clearly, I could see her.

Just then, as I stood in the entry of the kitchen, appeared a high chair with a fat, plump baby girl who looked to be toddler age. She was fair and beautiful with blonde wavy hair.

She had food on her tray as she grabbed handfuls of it into her mouth. As I looked at the baby, all of a sudden I saw a big gold name plate sitting on top of the edge of the tray that stretched forth from the left to the right of it, and saw big, black bold type letters that spelled out,


I immediately was shocked and said to myself, “Who names their baby BABYLON?”

I then thought, “When I tell people, no one will believe me.” Then I thought that if I snapped a picture of it with my cell phone, then not only could I prove it, but I would publish it as well.

I felt at that point that I had little time, so I took the name plate off of the High chair tray and laid it down flat to take a picture of it. Yet everytime I tried to take a picture of it, the letters would blur very badly, or become distorted, or somewhat disappear. I saw an apparition move over it that was clearly a spirit that did not want me to document it.

I then realized that no matter how much I tried that spirit would block every attempt. Also, I knew I was running out of time, so I placed the name plate back on the high chair tray.

I want to add that as all of this was going on, I was still aware of the woman, who never once even showed maternal care. She was too self involved. I noticed that as this was so, the fat, plump baby was not neglected, but in its self over indulged.

After I had replaced the name plate I took a couple of steps back and there was that man standing on my right, the same man that is mostly in all my dreams. Though I am always,withheld from seeing his face, I knee he was angry and completely repulsed at everything.

In fact, he was so angrily disgusted, he tapped me on my arm and said, “let’s go!”
Then we left the house.


I think this dream pretty much interprets itself. The key point is the fat baby named in big bold type, BABYLON is America, and/or the church.

The woman, being the mother was opulent, wealthy, careless, full of gross excess to the point of repulsiveness.

She is the Mother of Harlots spoken of in Revelation 17:4-5. The baby represents us. We are a harlot nation. Yet immature, fat, plump and fair.

The spirit that would not allow me to take a picture of the gold name plate, is the spirit of Babylon. A blinding spirit that has taken over this entire nation, and is an aggressive spirit bent on keeping everyone in total blindness.

The gross materialism that filled up the house represents the over abundance and disgusting excess in American lives.

The man who is always in my dream is what I carefully refer to as some sort of representative of heaven, who displayed total disgust, repulsiveness and anger.

His wanting to leave abruptly demonstrated the level of his having enough of it.

End of Interpretation