A Prophetic Vision Of Satan The Accuser Before The Throne Of God – Maurice Sklar 2015

Maurice Sklar

The Accuser

This afternoon I had a vision. I was allowed to stand in the Throne Room of the LORD. The worship before His Throne is awesome and ecstatic. I was caught up for some time in the Song of the LORD in Adoration.

Suddenly, everyone became silent.

Then, after some minutes(?), I watched as what looked like a perfect “man” came forward and stood in front of God. He looked like a prince. He was a very handsome man, but I knew that something was terribly wrong with him. He had a haughtiness about him, and was clothed in a majestic robe that kept changing colors, from black through the rainbow color spectrum and back to white and then, in reverse back to black again. This happened every minute or so. But each time it returned to white, it was more and more grayish.

He stood there with a mocking expression with his hands on his hips. As he smiled, it looked pure evil…such hate was in His eyes toward God. I was astonished that anyone could stand in this Holy Place like that. I thought to myself, “Why doesn’t the LORD do something and throw this impudent man out of here immediately?! I noticed that all the music and the worship was stopped. Just total silence. The Living Creatures were hovering above the Throne, but without making a sound…just everyone’s eyes were glued on this proud, hateful “man”.

There was just that deafening pregnant silence for some time. Finally, the Father spoke from the Throne in a booming Voice that shook the pillars and the whole floor. I trembled.
“SATAN, What have you come here for?!” He thundered.

“I am here to inform you that Your Plan has failed. Your church is divided, rife with sin, idolatry, uncleanness. Israel is surrounded by my warriors, who will destroy her. Even you”, he sneered, “can’t stop me now! This generation is MINE! They don’t love you. They don’t want You. They love me! Not You! Just look at them running after my every pleasure and sin! What do you say now, oh great lover of Adam’s hopeless race? Millions are perishing forever in my domain! And all you can do is look on in despair…they will NEVER come into your Kingdom NOW!”

I was astonished as I watched this “beautiful” man as he began to change in his appearance before everyone! He began to change into a hideous demonic form, with large horns and reptilian-like skin. Then his eyes began to glow red and he grew into a being that looked about 30 feet tall. Claws grew out where the man’s hands once were. He had giant wings but they looked like an old bat, like they had been eaten away by some awful disease. He was very muscular in this alternate form, but his flesh was dark gray and blackened in many places wiith what looked like soot. I was looking at Satan himself! What a hideous creature he is! Maybe he was once beautiful, but no more!

Yet, he did not stay in that form long. When he finished that accusation, he once again transformed back like the “man” who first entered, except, I could faintly see the outline of his once angelic wings now behind him.

“Satan, I have seen this day from before the Dawn of Time! I know ALL that are Mine. Not one of them shall perish! I died and shed My Blood for them all. I was condemned in their place! ”

When He had said, “My Blood”, Satan shuddered and fell on his face before God. It was obvious he could no longer speak to God. His accusations had been silenced this time once again.

God continued,

“The only souls that are lost are the ones YOU planted in the earth! Do not accuse ME or My People of unfaithfulness! All that are Mine are destined to come to Me and are written in My Book. Nothing YOU do can stop Me or them! Nothing takes Me by surprise. Even your fall, and your defeat at the Cross were foreknown before you were even created. Now, Your hours are numbered. You END is near!!Soon, you shall be silenced and no longer shall you hurt or destroy My People.

“No matter how hard you try, you shall never succeed in mixing the Seed of the Righteous with the seeds of wickedness and evil. Your time is almost over! Then you shall burn forever in the lake of fire prepared for you and all who follow you. Every soul that joins you there shall only add to your everlasting torments.”

Satan suddenly disappeared in a flash of smoke and fire, and the worship and glory of the LORD filled that Holy Place once again.

Then, the vision ended.

I don’t claim to fully understand this vision, but, by His Grace, I was faithful to record what I saw and heard.

May the LORD bless you and keep you, dearly Beloved ones!

Maurice Sklar
Wednesday, July 22, 2015