A Prophetic Warning Of An Enormous Meteor Or Planet Heads Towards Earth Resulting In A Worldwide Earthquake

Leonardo Ramos, a friend of mine, sent me this video of a prophetic message given to a man who has seen a meteor hitting the world.

In the video God showed Leopoldo that a enormous meteor, something like a big planet, would be heading toward Earth. He says that a missile will be sent to deviate or destroy it, but they will fail.

God showed him that it´s impact will provoke a powerful earthquake all over the world. God said him to alert His people about what is to happen. After the impact and death of dozens of millions of people, pestilences will come.

(You will not be able to watch these videos unless you can understand the language)

See this youtube video here

See this youtube video here


Is there something going on that we don’t know about?

90+ East Coast Visions and Dreams- Why God

First, at the beginning of June, there was so much internet buzz about a giant meteor going to strike our planet that NASA was forced to issue a statement saying that “no asteroid or comet currently on a collision course with Earth”, and that “no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years” Read more about that article here http://bit.ly/1Ircyb6

Then, in the middle of June, we hear about NASA teaming up with the National Nuclear Security Administration to figure out a way to use nuclear weapons against asteroids. Didn’t they just admit that nothing would strike the earth in several hundred years? The two agencies NASA and the National Nuclear Security Administration have surveyed cosmic debris and designed rocket interceptors and run supercomputer simulations to see if a nuclear blast could nudge a large asteroid off course.

Didn’t they just admit that nothing would strike the earth in several hundred years? Read more about that here , http://bit.ly/1Ircyb6

NOW, The European Space Agency had invited astronomers, physicists, nuclear engineers and mathematicians from some of the world’s top institutions to discuss the possibility of a space rock smashing into Earth. The scenario: an asteroid up to 1,300ft in diameter – big enough to cause epochal damage hurtling towards Earth. Policymakers are discussing whether to try to blow it up or move it, and whether deflecting it would make the rock more likely to land on them…

Read more of that article here , http://ind.pn/1NuEGJX

In March of this year, Efrain Rodriguez inspired us to research this a bit more. He had a open vision of an asteroid hitting at night hitting around Puerto Rico area causing a gigantic tsunami off the east coast of the United States. After looking into this further, we discovered MANY people have had similar dreams. They all had something in common. 1. The waves were hundreds of feet tall. Many described them as being as tall as a skyscraper in a big city, ….and 2. The tsunami was always near a coastal city on the east coast of the United States.

Read more about this article here http://bit.ly/1FvpFEY

Today, an article came out how NASA is monitoring the “close Earth” pass of the mountain-sized space rock – which measures 1.5-miles across – that will hurtle past the planet at 45,450mph, or 70 times the speed of a jumbo jet, on July 25.

Don’t you find it interesting that “Asteroid Day” is a global day to protect Earth from asteroids. held on June 30, 2015 Do you think this holiday this year is an excuse or cover up to not alarm people? Is this mountain size rock the one people are seeing in their dreams, or do you think there is another bigger one that we don’t know about?

See that article here, http://bit.ly/1FNdlg5

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(We want to clarify something: the date of Sep 23, or 24 of 2015 as a date for a possible asteroid impact does NOT come from us. Neither does the May 2016 date nor any other future date, we are just putting our finds on the internet, and letting the readers draw their own conclusion)

What do you think about all of this? Do you think God still speaks to people through dreams and visions?

Interesting End Times News Stories

Fog ‘tsunami’ forms off US east coast June 5, 2015 9news.com.au

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Interesting End Times News Stories‘Tsunami bomb’ tested off New Zealand coast, Telegraph

Interesting End Times News Stories

Britain is at risk from an asteroid tsunami which could kill hundreds of thousands of people living in coastal regions, scientists have warned.

Experts at the University of Southampton have developed software which predicts the impact ‘corridors’ of known asteroids and calculates the risk to communities if they struck.

Although the UK is not directly under an asteroid path, it is at risk from impacts in the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea which could trigger devastating tsunamis. For example there is a one in 10,000 chance that a space rock could hit just off the coast of Norfolk within the next 85 years.

PhD student Clemens Rumpf who developed the software – called Armor – is hoping it will help organisations like the United Nations decide whether to evacuate communities or send spacecraft to intercept deadly objects.


Interesting End Times News Stories

An interesting video on extracting water and resulting sinkholes. Youtube

LA Fault Line

The Hollywood Fault has gotten a lot of attention lately from opponents of developments in its vicinity, but we can’t forget that Hollywood’s not the only fault in town. Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have just discovered something super fascinating about one lower-profile (but very important) fault: the Newport-Inglewood Fault, which runs along the Westside through the LA basin and was responsible for the 6.4 Long Beach earthquake in 1933. The new findings suggest the fault might be way deeper than previously thought and that it may be the ancient collision site of the Pacific and North American tectonic plates, says the UC Santa Barbara Current, the university’s official news site.

The revelation comes from UCSB geologist Jim Boles, who took samples from 24 oil wells along a 30-mile section of the fault (it runs from Costa Mesa to Culver City, traveling through Inglewood, Gardena, Compton, Signal Hill, Long Beach, Seal Beach, and Huntington Beach, and is marked by a string of low hills). Over a third of the samples indicated high levels of “primordial” helium-3, a remnant of the Big Bang whose only source on Earth is in the mantle, which lies under the Earth’s crust. (Scientists also analyzed the carbon dioxide in the samples, and found it too was from the mantle.) If that leaked helium-3 is coming from the mantle, it suggests that the Newport-Inglewood Fault is a lot deeper than scientists thought and is in fact “directly or indirectly connected with the mantle.” That’s especially incredible because the fault “maintains a significant pathway through the crust,” as Boles puts it; that is, it appears to cut all the way from the mantle (or close to it) up to the surface of the Earth where we can see it in those hills.

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