A Running List Of Prophecies Compiled By Dick Ames


dick-amesThis is a list compiled by Dick Ames

Dreams and visions

 A.A. Allen
1. East coast tsunami and earth quake.
2. West coast earthquake and Tsunami.
3. Middle America earthquake
4. war

Adrienna 1000

  • She saw a natural disaster first.
  • She saw all banks were closed.
  • The banks were closed for about 3 days.
  • After the banks open the people could not reach their accounts.
  • She then saw martial law.

Raymond Aguilera

  • The ark of the covenant will be established.
  • The final temple will be constructed by man.
  • The destruction of the plane will occur when the antichrist accuse the chancellor of not obeying his law.
  • The heavenly host will appear when the commerce and finance are at its peak.
  • Heard the trumpet sounding off.
  • The earth’s axis will turn.
  • The temp of the earth rises and then the ice melts then earth shifts.
  • A nuclear blast goes off in paris. The Eiffel tower melts
  • Golden gate bridge nuked.
  • False prophet becomes the head of the church of Islam.
  • North Korea invades South Korea.
  • There will be a reorganization of Russia
  • The virus will start in the shape of a flower. Virus will go world wide
  • When Bill Gates fall that will be the beginning of the end.

Vincent Aquilino

  • He saw store shelves bare and a limited nuclear exchange with Russia.

As I am 4 christ

  • She had a dream that she was driving and was told to pull over.
  • She was taken to a holding place.
  • She saw famine
  • People were malnourished.
  • There was no communication.
  • She felt that they were being prepared to be taken to a fema camp.
  • There was riots.
  • No order.
  • She saw a green neon light in the sky.
  • She knew that at the time we were at war.
  • She saw explosions.

James Bailey

  • Economic trouble
  • Dollar plummets
  • Euro and swiss  frank collapses

Bob Barber

  • He saw that the mark of the beast gives the person unredeemable dna.

Terry Bennett

  • 2008 – 2014 economic shaking
  • 2015 – 2021 Economic and governmental  shaking
  • 2022 – 2029 religious  shaking
  • Religions join together. Christianity, judism, islam
  • August begins 2015.
  • Watch Greece, Italy, spain, France
  • A new currency
  • Wars
  • Civil war
  • Invasion
  • Fractional Government
  • Military takes over federal government
  • New Government in Europe.
  • New world reserve currency
  • A new season.
  • A stock market below 500 points.
  • Germany economy will stumble.
  • Greece, Italy and Spain Join Germany and France in the Alliance of Economies.
  • It will be called AOE.

Michael Boldea

  • America is attacked three times.
  • Persecution of Christians is coming.
  • Earthquakes
  • Famine


  • Saw stagged riots.
  • Martial law declared.
  • He saw a plane crash then a stock market crash.

Joe Brandt

  • California earthquake
  • Hoover dam destroyed.

Ty Butler

  • Mass Rioting.
  • Protesters were taken to fema camps.
  • The stock market was slowly falling.
  • Christians were being targeted with sin.


  • She saw a bomb in Chicago at the mall and the navy pier.
  • She saw a attack in the east. It was a false flag attack.
  • The attack comes as a mist in the air.
  • During the attack the people were like at a block party and were wearing coats.
  • Saw that earthquakes begin in the San Deigo area then moves up the coast line.
  • Tsunami in pacific ocean
  • She saw a wall of fire on the Texas border.
  • New Madrid fault
  • Earthquakes in Oklahoma are man made.
  • A significant earthquake will take place in Oklahoma to get people to evacuate.
  • A series of earthquakes will be set off along the new Madrid fault line to install fear.
  • We will have fractures in the usa.

Mary Ann Brown

  • When the statue of liberty is tilted then it is the beginning of sorrows.
  • She saw revival.
  • She saw banks with padlocks on the doors.
  • Large businesses were gone
  • Gold will rise in price. This will set up the new monetary system.
  • Suicide will follow the spirit of death.
  • Earthquakes, volcanic  eruptions.
  • Food lines.
  • Anger, riots, murder
  • The church will stop preaching the cross and its power in the blood.
  • Epidemics
  • Rise in homosexuality
  • Gangs on the rise
  • No communication with the parents.
  • People will be like animals.
  • Cities on fire.

Jason Carter

  • He heard a trumpet.
  • The antichrist system is set up in Europe.
  • People were sharing Jesus.
  • He saw a tower being built.

The Prophets cave

  • He saw martial law in Chicago.
  • People taken to fema camps.


  • She saw martial law at Halloween.

Linda Courtney

  • She was told by god that people either repent or go to hell.
  • When a Palestinian state takes place then God will let go of America.

Brett Creamer

  • He had a vision and saw that his house in Florida was underwater.
  • He was shown a tsunami.
  • He saw banks foreclosing  on homes and Illegals  moving in as the foreclosed owners were leaving.
  • He saw the rapture.

Daniel Davies

We are a country that has declared war against Israel by giving Iran the military capabilities and sites of Israel’s military.
He saw a person come on a big screen and announce that America as we know it is over. The property rights had been abolished. The dollar had collapsed and become worthless.

 Dimitru Duduman

  • Internal conflict  started by the Russians.
  • Russian invasion.
  • God will raise up the Chinese and japan to fight against Russia.
  • The Russians are pushed to paris where they make a treaty.
  • The Russians are made as their leader and then Israel turns to the messiah
  • He saw cities of refuge.


  • Saw people were being rounded up and put into fema camps.


  • She saw countries using nukes to shoot down meterorites.

End of days

  • She saw a financial crash.
  • She saw that there is going to come a time that we will have to stay inside for 7 days.
  • If you have to go out then you do it quickly and shower and wash everything then pray it away.

Linda Evans

  • Jade helm is the preparation for a asteroid impact.
  • Saw a super moon.
  • Saw snow in Puerto rico
  • Saw people turn in guns.


  • A swine flu vaccine will be offered that will eventually kill the person.


  • He saw they captured a christian leader.
  • Disney will own or control all mass media outlets.
  • Disney would sponser beheadings.
  • The pope would be in agreement.
  • Japan would attack a navy ship and there would be 2 survivors.
  • Japan would have a major eruption.
  • North and South Korea would have a incidence.
  • Damascus will be destroyed.
  • If Israel goes to war and Damascus is destroyed , then the rapture will be in September.
  • Staten Island will be flooded.
  • Food shortage in America.
  • Grocery stores will decide what you can buy.
  • Corn products will be contaminated.
  • Corn production will be cut in half.
  • Cream cheese will sell for $6.00 for a 8 oz package.
  • Mark of the beast after 2016.
  • Half of Chicago will be destroyed.

Stanley Frodsham

  • God is looking for a people that is pure and holy.
  • God will allow his people to go through the darkness.
  • God is going to judge his house.
  • Watch for seducing spirits.

God is not dead

  • She saw red rings over New Jersey, Washington D.C. and the northeast Coast.
  • She saw a flood of Asians moving into the east coast taking over businesses.
  • She saw a Russian and Chinese invasion
  • Earthquakes
  • A solar flare during the blood moon.
  • She saw the rapture
  • She heard 22,000 children sept 23rd.
  • Saw people scavenging  for food
  • Lots of abandoned houses
  • Famine
  • Fireballs
  • Canabalism
  • She saw tattoo put on arms
  • New Madrid fault
  • Chicago was nuked
  • ISIS attack in the usa
  • Martial law starts in Chicago
  • Saw first the earthquakes then invasion
  • A sonic boom
  • Angels and Jesus in the clouds
  • Healing from the holy spirit.
  • Gravity was different.


  • She saw a injection gun being used  and injected up a person’s nose.
  • She saw a rfid chip in a person’s hand.
  • Asteroid strike. It was on a Sunday afternoon
  • Tsunami
  • East and west coast distruction
  • New York City underwater
  • A nuclear event near New York City.
  • Time of darkness starts sept 24 2015.
  • God has added time.
  • Volcanic eruption.


  • He saw America turns into the north American union ans the united states gives up its sovergnty.
  • Told not to hunker down.
  • Saw christian persecution.
  • Everyone was turning in possessions.
  • Everyone rode trains.
  • Everyone had a rfid card.

Mena Lee Grebin

  • Martial law – Chicago
  • Decapitation
  • California earthquake
  • Election delayed
  • Economic collapse – Sept –  Dec 2015
  • Jade helm is part of disarmament of America
  • Jade helm is practice for martial law.
  • Told to buy food and water for a year.
  • Warn the churches
  • According to Isaiah 17;10-11
  • Saw Capital of America is coming to a end.
  • Cancelled checks.
  • Mr. Obama got a divorce.

Patricia Green

  • Was shown Tsunami.
  • Was shown that God’s  judgement  comes while Mr. Obama is in office.
  • Three devastations
  • First the sky
  • Then the sea
  • Then the land
  • Was shown that we are going into a new season. (70th jubilee is 9-23-2015).
  • Hoover dam breaks.
  • No power
  • Ash cloud  from either volcanos or nuclear war.
  • Martial law.
  • Nuclear War ( lasts 5 years)
  • Pestalance.
  • Landscape will change.
  • Water will become poisonous.
  • New Madrid fault goes off.
  • Geological plates shift.
  • Applachian mountains are the border of the east coast.
  • Grand canyon will fill up.
  • Hell is expanding.
  • Cities of refuge
  • Mr . Obama will sign a deal with the devil on 9/23/2015.
  • There will be no turning back from God’s judgement.
  • Told to tell others to repent.
  • They will remove “ In God we trust” in the dollar before persecution.

 Henry Gruver

  • Russian invasion

T. D. Hale

1. Bombs everywhere
2. No food or water.
3. Suicide
4. Riots
5. Do not hold back your words.
6. American people taken into slavery.
7. rail cars.
8. Christians are going to have to meet in secret.
9. In the capital Mr Obama signed the final abomination
10. There was a earthquake.

Meaghan Hamilton

  • Saw that Obama was the last president.
  • Stephen Hanson
  • God will set up places of refuge.
  • Warn the people.
  • Famine
  • Economic collapse
  • Mr . Obama will stay in office.
  • New Madrid fault
  • San andrias fault
  • Riots
  • The antichrist will come out of the east.
  • The dollar falls.
  • Tsunami’s
  • Russian invasion.
  • Russia and china pact.

Tommy Hicks

  • He saw the anointing of the holy spirit.
  • The gospel was preached and miricles performed.
  • He saw persecution.
  • He saw the rapture.
  • He saw God’s wrath.
  • He saw death elude people.

Sarah Hoffman

1 .She saw a missile fly from Libya  to Israel  and it was nuclear . The missile was from Iran  but Hide in Libya. Then there was lots of other missiles fired and a lot of bombs that came from the ground that was hid.
2. She saw buildings in nyc come crashing down but it was not from a earthquake. ( 9 11)
3. She saw no commerce  – no economy – no money
4. She saw a epidemic. Mostly in nyc, los Angles, San Francisco, And salt lake city.
5. One disease had white blisters. Another disease was ebola.
6. No electricity
7. Gangs killing for sport and for food, chaos, murdering
8. The epidemic hit in Israel too.
9. A long winter that lasted into the summer.
10. A full famine.
11. Storms, droughts and floods.
12. no government
13. There was little water and most of the water was poisonous from the disease.
14. People acted like animals.
15. Saw little lights all over the usa. ( Christian groups.)
16. Nuclear attack.
17. Russian and Chinese troops.
18. The war was not very long and the Chinese and Russians lose.
19. Earthquakes
20. Started in the west.
21. Volcanos, tsunamis, New Madrid fault happens.
22. A world earthquake
23. A huge tsunami.
24. A great wind.
25. A huge planet near earth.
26. A huge fireball that engulfs the world.

Glenda Jackson

  • Saw earthquakes.
  • If we do not pray then there will be no election.
  • Prophecy of Ronald Reagan being shot.
  • Prophecy of the gulf war and Iraq war.
  • Prophecy of berlin wall falling.
  • Prophecy of Mr Obama being elected and reelected.

John Paul Jackson

  • Euro fall.
  • Dollar fall
  • Hyperinflation
  • New American currency
  • New Global currency
  • North American Union
  • Turkey rise
  • Poland blackmailed
  • The rise of Russia
  • Earthquakes – It will tilt the earth which will cause change in jet stream.
  • Violence – riots
  • The usa invaded
  • Higher category of tornados
  • Shape of usa  will change
  • New Madrid fault goes off.
  • Pandemic
  • Gravity changes
  • Increasing ocean temps.
  • China escalation
  • Commercial paper bubble burst
  • Dirty bomb goes off on coastal city
  • Men carry a baby
  • Large churches file bankruptcy
  • More persecution for real Christian
  • No power
  • Israel hits Iran – Gas climbs
  • Putin is replaced by a worse leader
  • CME’s – solar flares wipe out satalites
  • Martial law
  • Drought in south
  • Cyber attack on the banks
  • Derivative panic

Leslie Johnson

  • She was told that Hayseed Stephens had been informed by God that the largest oil field in the world is located at the southwest end of the dead sea.
  • That war was going to break out in Israel.
  • That because of the attack that oil would be discovered in Israel.
  • That Israel would give the Palestinians a state so that the Israelis can rebuild.
  • The jews would move back to Israel to help fight for Israel because of the oil.
  • That Arafat was in the hospital.
  • She was to let Baltimore know that oil would be found.

Neville Johnson

  • He saw it will be 7 years until the mark will be forced on us,
  •  God told him if the usa helps to divide Israel then God will divorce the usa.
  • All currency was being devalued.
  • Interest rates on real estate went up over 20 percent.
  • Banks were foreclosing on homes.
  • The dollar fell.
  • Gold and silver go up.
  • The economic collapse did not bring the antichrist government system.
  • Japan and Germany were triggers for a economic collapse.
  • A devastating earthquake in Japan.
  • Tokyo stock market closes .
  • Many churches, christian organizations and large corporations  go bankrupt.

Nita Johnson

  • She saw that your bank funds are going to be froze.
  • Your money may not be there after the bank funds are unfrozen.
  • She saw hyperinflation.
  • She was shown that the elite want to reorganize Europe.
  • No Bailouts.
  • We are going into a world system.

Stan Johnson

  • Suitcase nukes
  • Gun confiscation

David Jones

  • He was told to tell all to repent.

Rick Joyner

  • Saw Isis and alciada coming across the southern border.


  • He saw people indoctrinated and persecuted.
  • He saw veterans entrapped and taken to fema camps
  • He saw that people were going to be forced to be vaccinated and the vaccination will eventually kill you.
  • He saw gun confiscation in the usa.
  • He saw no election in 2016.
  • He dreamed of missile attacks on the usa.
  • He had been shown earthquakes and tsunami’s.
  • He saw Russian soldiers in the usa.


  • She saw that we purchase everything with a coupon card.
  • Ne debit or credit cards were used.
  • Food was in short supply.
  • Christians were silenced by force.

John Kilpatrick

  • He saw the new Madrid fault go off.

Ann Graham Lotz

  • Was shown that we are living at the end of human history.
  • Was shown a urgent call to pray.
  • Judgment is coming.


  • He saw the pope signed a peace agreement with Palestine.

Alan Martin
1. He saw a street named Washington street with 12 houses on it.
2. The first house was represented by Eisenhower.
3. He saw a blood moon and a dark sun.
4. The dark sun represented a fallen nation.
5. The blood moon represented judgement on the church.
6. He saw the last president chased after witchcraft and the occult.
7. The last president would be Mr. Obama.

Pastor Mcgeorge

  • He saw there would be a crash in germany  on the 25th.

James McNichel

  • World war 3 begins in the middle east.
  • A demon from hell will come in the flesh and will come from the land of Egypt.

Doug Metzger

  • Dollar collapses.
  • New currency.
  • America is destroyed first financially.
  • A nuclear missile from North Korea.
  • He was walking out of Atlanta. It was burning. No cars were running.
  • Famine.
  • Earthquake.
  • Internet commerce will collapse in one day.

Kevin Mirasi

  • Tsunami
  • California earthquake
  • Russian attack
  • Earthquake in Virginia
  • Martial law
  • Contaminated water in Washington state.
  • Assassination of Israeli president Reuven Rivlin

Holly L. Moody

  • A false religion would come that was mainly directed toward young people.
  • Israel will be attacked and oil will be found.
  • Churches will be fined for not keeping silent.
  • Pastors will be inprisioned.
  • She saw the lord will help his people.


  • Saw that people were eating can food from a certain date. Food after that date was contaminated.


  • She heard that after thanksgiving everything changes.

Dean Odle

  • He saw a nuclear attack.
  • He saw a economic collapse.  We do not recover.
  • East and west coast was destroyed.
  • City destroyed on east coast.
  • Mr. Obama does nothing.
  • War in the middle east.

Daisy Osbourne

  • Destruction
  • People repenting.
  • God’s clock is set.
  • Shape of America is changed.
  • Apostasy vanished.
  • People are surprised by God’s wrath.
  • The real Christians have unshakable faith.

Melisa Peggs

  • Saw only Mr. Obama on the 2016 election ballot.

Erika Penaloza

  • Everyone was moving toward middle America.
  • The coast line was gone.
  • Heard trumpets
  • Saw Jesus coming in the clouds.
  • Angels were very tall.
  • People were beheaded that would not give up their beliefs.
  • She saw nephilim.


  • Israel is attacked from Libya by a nuke that Iran hid there.
  • Starts world war 3.
  • Many nukes flying plus bombs that were hid on the ground.
  • Cities attacked with disease.
  • First disease had white blisters that filled with pus. They lived for weeks then died.
  • Started in New York, Los Angles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City.
  • Second disease was like ebola.
  • The diseases spread.
  • Economy collapsed world wide.
  • Gangs and chaos.
  • No electricity anywhere.
  • Same diseases were in Israel.
  • There was a long winter and famine.
  • Water was contaminated.
  • Nuke attack.
  • China and Russia invade.
  • New Madrid fault goes off.
  • Planet x
  • Polar shift.
  • Wormwood.

Augusto Perez

  • Terrorist attack in Chicago
  • Earthquake in Chicago
  • Tsunami
  • Planet  X
  • Pole shift
  • Droughts
  • Floods
  • Food shortages
  • Martial law.
  •  He saw ufo’s being escorted by military planes
  •  A great delusion will come with the ufo’s.

Ken Peters

  • Communications are down for about two weeks.
  • People are missing.
  • Babies were being abandoned.
  • Antichrist is on the television after communications is restored.
  • World order was then pushed.
  • Massive global earthquake.
  • Massive weather patterns were changed.
  • Martial law was peaceful.
  • Needed papers to cross state lines.
  • Televisions were monitoring people.
  • There was a great awakening for Jesus to save.
  • Persecution then came.
  • Saw was told to deny Jesus and then take the mark on the right hand.
  • People were beheaded if they did not deny Jesus.


  • He saw the throne room of God.

Chuck Pierce

  • China will align with Israel for a period of time.

Original pilgrim

  • Saw that bread was 22.75
  • Grocery shelves were bare.

Jackie Price

  • She saw people being put on trains and being taken to fema camps.

Sheri Quick

  • She found herself in a auditorium and was asked who her God was.
  • She was told only allah was allowed.
  • She knew that she would be killed if she confirmed that Jesus was her Saviour.

Larry Randolph

  • A cure for cancer is found.

Rick Renner

  • Violence

Efrain Rodriguez

  • After Israel is divided he saw a asteroid that is going to hit off Peurto Rico at 2 am eastern time.
  • Tsunami from the asteroid 400 feet high. It will go inland up to a 100 miles.
  • Earthquakes 12.0
  • New Madrid fault goes off.
  • San andrias fault goes off.
  • Shock wave.
  • Three days the earth will stand still. You will have either 3 days of darkness or 3 days of light.
  • Martial law will then be implemented.
  • Droughts and famines for 15 months.
  • Government goes underground.
  • Rfid chip is the mark of the beast.
  • A 7.0 earthquake will happen before the asteroid comes.
  • The US stock market will fall.
  • He saw pestilence from all of the dead bodies.


  • Saw war as china and Russia and china invade the USA.
  • Forces will come up thru mexico.
  • Florida will be nuked.
  • Ten months this will last until a regrouping of the citizens will push back against them.
  • This will happen within the next 3 to 5 years.
  • In Europe a president or king will be killed.
  • Imports went up in triple prices
  • A ship will sink and within 30 days we will be invaded.
  • USS Truman attacked.
  • Saw 2 tsunami’s
  • Saw 2 volcano’s under the Canary Islands.

Marcus Samuel

  • He saw the new Madrid fault go active
  • It went from the great lakes to the gulf of mexico.
  • He saw that as we do to Israel so god will do to the usa.

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

  • He saw earthquakes.
  •  The powers in charge will target children.
  • Abortion will increase.
  • Sexual promiscuity will increase among young group.
  • Military will be used by God to save the nation.
  • The white house will burn with fire.
  • Russia is going to take Ukraine
  • We are to turn to God and repent and fast.

John Shorey

  • Northwest earthquake.

Mike Shreve

  • He saw a great awakening.
  • New York City was hit with a earthquake, tsunami and a nuclear incident.

Maurice Sklar

  • He saw mushroom clouds and fire.
  • Told his people to flee.
  • Israel attacks Iran.
  • Oil prices rise.
  • There is financial panic.
  • Euro collapses then the dollar falls then we receive a new world currency.
  • Another leader rises in Russia.
  • He will be the Gog of Ezekiel 38.
  • Before this Putin will try to take over other nations of the satellite nations.
  • Putin will be overthrown and deposed.
  • The rapture can happen at any time but is not chronological.
  • The whole world collapses economically.
  • The antichrist arises out of the middle east.
  • He will establish some order in the west.
  • Prophets and apostles will preach Jesus saves and miracles occur.
  • Revival happens.
  • War coming to Israel.
  • We are at the feet almost to the toes of the statue in the book of Daniel.
  • Ten regions will be set up in the last years.
  • Obama is not the antichrist.
  • Fallen angels are about to be released.
  • Saw the new Madrid fault go off.
  • Saw tsunamis on the east and west coast.
  • Saw emp bomb and other nukes go off.
  • Saw gangs.
  • People were moved to fema camps.
  • People that would not take the mark were decapitated  by a laser.
  • Germany will refuse to prop up the Euro.

Tim Snodgrass

  • Saw that a new Madrid earthquake will take place after  a 7.3 earthquake happens in the polyanisian Islands.

Rebecca Sterling

  • Saw Mr Obama never leaves office.
  • Meteror shower
  • Riots  because of lack of everything.
  • Financial collapse
  • $4.00 gas
  • Martial law 2016
  • Emp bomb after martial law.
  • Nukes all of usa.
  • Holy Spirit told her America was Jeremiah 50 -51.

Perry Stone

1.Tsunami –  east and west coast.

 Joe Sweet

  • He saw riots.
  • Obama impeached

Louise Starr Tomkiel

  • She saw that we will hear evil spirits everywhere.


  • Mushroom cloud over New York.
  • Tsunami on east  and west coast.
  • Earthquake in California
  • Devestations coming while Mr. Obama is still in office.


  • She saw that food prices are going to skyrocket.
  • She saw that something was air bourne and it was causing mass deaths. The sky was a orange haze.


  • There was a spore that rained down from the sky. It became rooted then would grow and then burst. Like a mushroom.
  • Anyone that breathed the spores became sick. Many died but not all.
  • Those that lived tried to get rid of the gray spores.

Watchman Warning

Jesus showed false leaders. Joel Osteen’s name appeared.
A tsunami in New York.
California goes into the ocean.
Shane Warren

  • Financial collapse
  • Earthquakes – new Madrid  fault
  • Riots
  • Saw a sign that said” I want my entitlements”.
  • Saw that other nations that traded oil for gold.

Cyrene Watts

  • She saw martial law in sept  2016.
  • Lack of food.
  • Could  not buy anything.

David Wilkerson

  • Three  judgment  zones.
  • Earthquakes
  • Drought
  • Economic disaster
  • Rape
  • Murdering
  • Burning
  • Market plunge
  • Inflation
  • Churches go into bankruptcy
  • Starts in germany to japan to usa
  • Corporations go bankrupt
  • Persecution for the true believer.
  • He saw a country in Europe either Italy or Greece will default then Mexico will default in 2 weeks.
  • Banks are closed.
  • He saw 6 months of hell.
  • New York city will default.  It will be the beginning.

David Williams

  • Saw that the government were arresting certain individuals.

Lindsey Williams

  • God told him to watch the credit derivatives.

Ester Willrise

  • She saw that the asteroid will come after Febuary 2016 and before June 2017.

David Womack1

  • Alciada hits the usa then martial law.

Xtreme reality check

  • Everything and everyone lost power.

Michael  Yeager

  • He saw signs in the heavens.

MC Young

  • Saw Bill Clinton in a world leader role.
  • Saw Martial law.
  • Earth quakes start in the west region then move to other regions.

Chuck Youngbrandt

  • He saw a Chicago earthquake ( was felt for a 500 mile radius)
  • Fault line ran towards St. Louis (New Madrid  fault line)
  • A tsunami  from lake Michigan.
  • Great lakes ran over to the Mississippi river.
  • Sever famine.
  • The storms, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, drought starts things.
  • Economic crises
  • Russia will have a 7 year occupation
  • Final Russian battle in nyc. Nyc was just rubble.
  • Russia will be attacked by china and japan. After this Russia will not be a world power.
  • Israel survives the war.
  • Ten states converge in Europe.
  • Rise of the antichrist
  • This is judgement on America and not Armageddon.
  • 8 flags will fly over the country. Russia, mexico, china, japan, Nicaragua, Serbia, cuba, ?
  • Disease starts in California and moves east.
  • Dollar becomes worthless
  • A limited nuclear exchange with Russia on dec 4th.
    Four cities are hit. North of nyc, Lexington Kentucky, Richmond Virginia, Columbia South Carolina. About 2 years before the major nuclear attack.
  • A huge hurricane comes in September.
  • He saw a small sun beside our sun.
  • On September 19th there will be a earthquake of 6.7 to 7.4 in st Louis about 2 years before the major earthquake takes place on the new Madrid fault.
  • The major earthquake will take place on july 5.
  • Iran fires a nuclear bomb and it hits in doleran Saudi Arabia.
  • North Korea invades South Korea
  • China invades Taiwan
  • Russia annexes Alaska
  • Hawaii becomes part of japan
  • Kids are sold for food
  • Christians are hunted for food
  • Tiny star may hit corpus Christi and make a grove all the way to Alberta Canada.

Elvi Zapata

  • He saw a tsunami in New Jersey.
  • He saw the economy falls.
  • Martial law
  • Rfid Chips are the mark.
  • A Israel peace treaty.
  • Chicago earthquake.
  • Israeli new weapons.
  • No more government medicine.
  • Power outages
  • War between Israel and Iran.
  • Pope is the false prophet.
  • Water contaminated after the tsunami.
  • Dollar collapse.
  • North Korea hits the USA with missiles that the USA can not see coming.

Possible sequence of events

  • Natural disaster first- Adrienna 1000
  • Economy falls
  • New world currency
  • Lindsey Williams was told to watch the derivatives  – derivative crash
  • Countries default – David Wilkerson saw that a country in Europe will default  then mexico defaults .
  • Euro falls – john paul jackson
  • Dollar falls –  John paul Jackson
  • Banks are closed. David Wilkerson ,Nita Johnson
  • New US currency – Maurice sklar was shown that the euro and dollar falls first before we get a new currency.
  • Riots –  shane  warren saw a sign “we want our entitlements”.
  • Government cuts benefits. Fema camps may be used here.
  • Martial law is started in certain places because of riots.
  • Gun confiscation –  stan Johnson, Linda Evans
  • Election delayed and never held. – Rebecca sterling, mena lee grebin, Glenda Jackson
    Israel divided
  • Asteroid – efrain Rodriguez
  • Three days of darkness – efrain rodriguez
  • Tsunami’s on both coasts.
  • San andrias fault goes off.
  • New Madrid fault goes off.
  • Emp attack
  • Nukes  for 3 days.
  • Pestalance.
  • Russian invasion. War will last 5 to 7 years.

In the book of Daniel the eagles wings are plucked from the lion. We are the eagles wings and the lion is Great Britian. Dan7;4

Ester Willrise-Shown that the asteroid will come after Febuary 2016 and before June 2017.
That there is being work done that a man could have a baby. You can read about it here; –thegailygrind.com. This fulfills what John paul Jackson  was told.

That the yuan will be added to the sdr rights. Working toward the new world currency. youtube.com

The pope is calling for a one world religion- youtube.com

The infux of the muslums are fulfilling the 7th empire of Daniel. Which will be Islamic. The 10 toes of Daniel is matching up with the 10 regions the club of rome has divided the world into. his2ndcoming.org