A Sample Prayer For Healing And Deliverance For The Sins Of Sodomy

 Healing Prayers For The Sins Of Sodomy

Dr. William Schnoebelen.jpgDear Friends & Partners,

Sadly, many have grave need of the Sins of Sodomy prayer (below).

We pray it is a huge blessing to all those needing deliverance, healing and liberation from the sin of sodomy. PLEASE share it with those needing the miraculous healing power of the Almighty that sets the captives free!

Shalom & Praise Abba YAHUWAH!
Bill & Mary

With One Accord Ministries

Freedom Prayer from Sins of Sodomy

Willingly or Rape – Human or Fallen Angelic Beings

Abba YaHuWaH, I come before your Throne in the name of my Sovereign Yahushua the Messiah and by the authority of Yahushua’s Name, ask you to cut any and all unrighteous soul ties between myself and any person or entity [NAME(S), if appropriate or remembered] created by sexual acts or any other relationship – specifically the sin of sodomy or other sexual perversions, known or unknown, remembered or forgotten. I ask you to use the Sword of the Ruach to cut any unrighteous soul ties that may exist between us right now, once and for all times, through all dimensions!

If appropriate: i.e.. for consensual adult behavior: I confess right now any sinful sexual acts (especially sodomy, homosexuality, or other sexual perversions, etc.) and ask you to specifically forgive me for committing them. [include sins as remembered] I cry out to You Father and ask You to place all these sinful acts under the blood of Yahushua the Messiah (1 John 1:7-9).

Abba, in the name of Yahushua the Messiah, I also ask that You would immediately SHUT any and all demonic portals or gateways opened into my life or this realm by these perverse and abominable acts. I pray that you would stop the influx of demonic forces or energies into me or my family or into this world immediately. I also pray that you would seal off any Typhonian Tunnels existing within me. I further pray that you would shield those portals, tunnels or gateways forever with the power of the Cross and the Blood of the Sovereign Yahushua the Messiah!

Abba, use that same Sword of the Spirit to separate my human spirit from any contact with any other spirit, human, fallen angelic or otherwise, that may have had unrighteous sexual contact with me, specifically sodomy or other sexual perversion. In Yahushua’s name, I ask you to cleanse me of all unrighteous soul ties by the Blood of Yahushua and any possible access through which satan can trouble me or my family.

By the authority of the Name of the Sovereign Yahushua the Messiah I break the power of any and all covenants, contracts, dedications, bonds, signatures or commissions made over me or my children [if any], known or unknown.

Primarilyfor victims of satanic or ritualized abuse of any kind – or “alien abduction” – otherwise skip this: I also ask the Ruach ha Kodesh of YaHuWaH to dismantle all triggers, post-hypnotic suggestions, inserts, implants or mind control and to destroy their power over me (or my children) forever!

Abba, in the name of the Sovereign Yahushua the Messiah, I now command that any evil spirits that may have come into me through these sins of sodomy or sexual perversion to leave me [and my children, if any] at once! I especially come against the Spirit of Legion, the Spirit of Whoredoms, the Perverse Spirit, the Spirit of Bondage and the Spirit of Fear. I also come against the strong men of Lilith and Gamaliel. I bind you all together as one and I weaken you with the Blood of Calvary. I command all of you to GO where Yahushua the Messiah tells you to go by the Voice of His Ruach ha Kodesh.

In Yahushua’s Name and with His Authority, I declare to satan that he is an utterly defeated foe in my life and in the lives of my family and by the power of the Name of my Sovereign Yahushua the Messiah, I shut any doorways of demonic access into my life, and command him to leave me and my children at once. I ask you, Abba Father, to seal those doorways forever by the Blood of the Lamb of YaHuWaH, shed on the cross of Calvary.

“I belong to Yahushua the Messiah, body, soul and spirit; and by His authority I expose all enemies of Yahushua the Messiah operating against me or my family.  I sever you from satan, and any powers above you.  I remove your right to afflict me or my family and proclaim your judgment. I weaken you by the blood of Calvary. In the authority of the Name of Yahushua the Messiah, I bind you all present together and I command you to go where Yahushua the Messiah tells you to go, right now, by the voice of His Ruach NEVER to return.

In Yahushua’s precious name, Amen.”

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