A Storm of Incredible Force is Going to Hit the East Coast of the USA- A Vision Given To Tina Spear


Very early on the morning of August 2 2016, I received a vision.

In this vision, I was just above the ocean looking at a couple of buoys, one white and one orange. Both buoys were being buffeted by a storm of increasing intensity coming in off the ocean. As I was pondering what this could mean, I was moved to look towards land. As I did, I saw light houses jutting up out of the ocean, as opposed to sitting on the shore.There were hundreds of light houses, of varying shapes and sizes. All were coming up out of the water, but none of them had any lights in them.

It was at this point I realized what I was seeing was prophetic in nature, and I asked the Lord to help me remember and give me the interpretation.

I was then taken into the air just on the periphery of the storm as it continued to hit inland. As the storm went inland, it was creating its’ own weather pattern changes, which at higher altitudes caused sleet, hail and snow. As I was taken inland, I asked the Lord where I was.

I then understood it was the USA, which was unusual because I normally only receive words concerning Canada (where I live).

Then the scene suddenly changed. I found myself standing on a street in a large city. It was a sunny, hot summer’s day without a cloud in the sky. I began telling people about the storm. Most of them didn’t seem to hear me, but one lady told me she knew someone I needed to go see. As she was taking me to this other woman’s office, I asked her, “What city are we in?”“Houston,” she replied.
Immediately I heard the phrase, “Houston we have a problem.” It reminded me of the line from NASA.

It was at this point I realized the light houses represented ‘the watchers’ who were supposed to be reporting and warning about the coming storm, but they were not doing their job. Their lights were not shining.

Upon arriving at the office of the woman I was supposed to see, my guide went on her way. While in the waiting room, I could see different people there of various ethnicities. I was then approached by an older black gentleman in his seventies. He handed me a newspaper clipping while emphatically telling me I needed to have it. I was puzzled by this, so I looked at the article, which was slightly out of focus, but I recognized the headline as something familiar and having to do with the government. At that point, several other people approached me and began handing me newspaper clippings, but I didn’t read them at that moment.

When that flurry of activity was over, a gentleman from the east (whether he represented the east or was of Asian descent I’m not sure) began telling me quite emphatically we needed to send ‘ministry teams’ to the eastern United States. Somehow from this interaction, I knew this meant the coming storm was coming from off the east coast of the United States and heading inland.

Suddenly the scene changed, and I found myself outside the city walking on a dirt road, on the other side of a knoll. I noticed the wind began picking up. As I looked in the direction of the wind, I was able to see the black clouds of the storm quickly approaching. I was concerned because I was not able to warn the lady in the office about the storm, which meant no one knew it was coming!

As the winds continued to rise in intensity, the daylight began to fade into a dark night due to the oncoming clouds obscuring all the light. Then I began lifting off the ground. I tried to fly against the winds in a particular direction, and for a while I was able. I passed under a wooden walkway of some kind with tattered brown canvas coverings, which was obviously destroyed by the wind. As I came through the other side, I continued rising up into the air and suddenly realized I no longer had control over which direction I was going because the winds were too strong. I told the Lord I didn’t know what to do, as I wasn’t able to do anything.

I continued rising high into the sky. As I passed over the height of the knoll, I saw the city lights. The whole sky was now engulfed in the blackness of the storm. Lightning was striking everywhere with rain, wind and destruction everywhere in the storm’s path.

As I continued rising into the sky, I realized the danger of being hit by lightning, but there was nothing I could do about it because it was beyond my control. Suddenly, I realized God was in the storm. With that realization, I was suddenly at peace and began to surrender to whatever the Lord would have, including getting struck by lightning. In the process of my surrender, I looked up to see lightning headed straight for me. I was at peace and unafraid. As it struck me straight in my chest, I felt immense joy and an encounter with God, which was transformative. Then everything went to a white out.

I believe a storm of incredible force is going to hit the USA from off the east coast heading inland. Whether this is physical or spiritual, or both, is unclear. It might not even be weather related, but it is quite evident it will hit a major center critical for national space and communications.

This storm will hit without warning and the people will be unprepared because those who were supposed to be watching and warning were not doing their jobs. Those in the news media, who were supposed to be reporting, were also preoccupied with other issues (in particular governmental), thus missing an opportunity to warn the people. I believe the woman I was trying to meet with represented key people who needed to know about the storm.

When I moved from the periphery of the storm to the streets of Houston, I sensed I was quite ahead of the storm at that time, so I had an opportunity to warn the people. However, even though I went to the right person’s office, I was not able to speak with her.

Although this storm was particularly destructive to everything in its’ path, to those in complete surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ, there was nothing to fear because God was in the storm. Like I did in this vision, we can all be at peace and surrender ourselves to whatever the Lord would have. By doing so, we can all experience the same immense joy and encounter with God like I did.

Pastor Tina Spear