A Tsunami And Nuclear Bomb Attack Seen In New York City – 2015 Prophetic Vision Sister Barbara

See this 2015 video by Sister Barbara Here 

I think it was back in 2008 right after I got baptized actually it was the week before.
I started getting perfect dreams and visions and  I thought was was humorous to me because the Lord had to bring the vision down to like a child’s level so I could
understand it and I could tell the difference between a dream and a prophetic dream or a
prophetic vision because the visions always start the same way.

I’m usually in a twilight kind of a sleep stage and I could usually see clouds starting to
form and the clouds become something that’s how I know when I’m getting a vision.  I know in advance when I start seeing the clouds.

I got this vision this morning and I was taking in the spirit.

I wasn’t seeing anything and then I looked down and I was above the Statue of Liberty in the New York City so as I looked down at the steps of liberty and thinking….. oh my I
know right where I was and the next thing I know I was taken to what looked like a window and I could see forming out the window I could see what looked like a city and it was on what appeared to be some sort of an island with huge tall humongous buildings and I got the understanding that it was Manhattan in New York.

I was watching the city and I could see it you know get clearer and clearer I could see all the buildings the next thing I know I was again looking out the window what appeared to
be some sort of a window and I could see of the ocean water I can see the waves and then I could see the big giant wave come by first one then I could see the next big giant wave come by so I see the two waves they see the ocean and I know this is not good.

The next thing I know I’m brought back to the city and I could see the water coming over the top of the buildings pouring down streets of the city and again I know I was in New York whether it was just a tsunami or something of some sort of bombing that created this tsunami but it was right on Manhattan, New York.

As I got this vision I thought about I had an old prophet an old vision.  I uploaded it in December of 2012 and it’s up on my Facebook page.  I think I did share it on Google but it’s titled “look to the east New York City” and in that vision I was on this street.

I could apparently there was some sort of a nuclear bomb attack in that area and what was happening is I live near a fallout shelter .

I had to go down the street the next day because I didn’t know if that still was a fallout shelter.  I could see all the people running towards the building where I was standing.  I went up on the steps.  It (was) is a fallout shelter so I know that there was some sort of a nuclear event going on in the East.  That’s where I was pointed.  I was directed to the east and to New York City.

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