A Weeping Nation Sees Asteroids And Meteors Falls Upon Their Country- A Prophetic Word Given To Marvin Craion About The United States


” This morning January 12th 2017 the Lord brought back before me about the prophecy concerning fireballs that I seen back in December 13th 2015 when the Lord said we shall be known as The Weeping Nation. What is coming our way shall affect every man woman and child. That was heavy on my mind this morning my God on Facebook and Erica Denise had posted that she just had a dream again about Fireballs she had what she had one back in January 2nd as well as today Marty Steinberger also saw Fireballs falling to the Earth here are a few others on YouTube”

He goes on to talk about Dr Patrica Green who also has seen fireballs coming to the earth.

” Many times I received a word from the Lord and it’s after I’ve been in prayer four maybe five ten minutes or 15 minutes but that was not the case today. In fact even before I could leave my house the Lord had already spoke. This is what He said. He said IT IS ALMOST OVER. Come to Him. Run to Him. He said surrender. He said total commitment. He said if you pray He will show Mercy.


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October 31, 2016 ·

 God has confirmed me some things what he say to my couz about America last days etc ( post in the comment below ) … ( take this in prayers for comfirmations )

Russia & China will form a alliance together with other country against America , a plan to destroy USA , , Russia will be the first one to attack and the rest will follow ( invade ) , America wil not be the most powerfull country after this and God say many people will lose their life because of this war but many will protected , he say when this gonna take place and people will see the destruction , many people will get on their knee and ask God for forgiveness ( give their life to him ) and some will hate God more and will say * How a loving God allow this happen etc ? * … but God has a plan and know what he doing , he will allow this , to judge this nation ( for their sins , wickedness etc ) but too , to bring peoples back to him ( to repentance ) , yes there will have a great revival in America but God’s judgement come first..

A big WAR is coming in the america soil ( and many have the same dream/vsion about it ) but God is in Control and will protect those who have faith in him like he protected the 3 hebrews from the furnace and Daniel from the lion so fear not but stay close to him and he will protect you , so please don’t take this lightly ,WW3 is on the way ( look what going on between russia & usa etc ) , Repent, be always on the watch, and pray and fast that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen , be prepared now because it’s coming without we are expected…