“America’s third and last Great Awakening has begun” – Maurice Sklar


The LORD SAYS, “America’s third and last Great Awakening has begun TODAY! It is bringing glory and judgment; persecution and miracles; refuge and devastation; I am separating the righteous from the wicked. NO ONE CAN HIDE ANY LONGER IN THE GRAY OF LIES AND COMPROMISE. THE LORD OF HOSTS HAS RELEASED THE ELIJAH GLORY TO PREPARE THE WAY FOR THE FINAL HARVESTS – the barley, then the wheat, then the grapes of wrath. I am told to write these words now…PEOPLE GET READY! Jesus is coming!

Maurice Sklar

The sky is not what is falling. There is a massive angelic invasion that has begun from heaven into the earth. The Grand Finale is here! It will bring the Holy Judgments of God and the greatest Revival the earth has ever seen.