An Attack on American Soil- A Prophetic Dream Given To Rachel Baxter

Rachel Baxter

An Attack on American Soil, Scroll And Fig Leaf

12.3.14 – Dream

My husband and I parked and were going to go into a home improvement store like a Home Depot.  It was located on the edge of town next to a corn field that had been harvested.  It was cold out but there was no snow on the ground.  It was either early morning before the sun came up all the way, or at the end of the day during winter when it gets dark so early.  I knew that the kids were at school.

All of a sudden, out in the field, we saw an armament rise up out of the ground and saw missiles launch.  At first I thought there was 6 missiles launched but later in the dream I got a look from a broader perspective and saw smoke rising up or coming down in streams that showed 24 different missile launch sites, in groups of six that stretched out in front of us.  

We were shocked that this had just happened.  I remember getting a look at one of the missiles up in the sky and noticed that there were SRBs (solid rocket boosters) attached to them which indicated to me that they were long range, and likely going up into the atmosphere before finding their target.  I do not know if these missiles were launched offensively or defensively, but based on later parts of the dream I think it was in response to an attack.

After seeing this we went inside the store and found that it had been damaged.  There was a gaping hole In a wall and the employees looked shaken.  One employee pointed us to another employee after we went up to him.  My husband may have went up to him to ask him a question.  I somehow knew that this other employee was a man of faith.  I got a sense that he was from our “church” although that may not have been a physical building but a belief system.  It was like our spirits were connected.  He had a warm and peaceful countenance and was reassuring.  At that moment, I realized that our kids may be at jeopardy at school.  I wanted to go and had to kind of drag my husband away.

We got back in the car and then my husband drove towards the field where the armaments were and there was still smoke to be seen.  As he drove into the field I yelled at him to watch out because there was motorcycle driving down the edge of the field.  It was dark because the headlight was very bright against the backdrop.

Dream Interpretation – I believe this is a literal dream, or in the least it has literal elements.  There will come a time when America will be attacked on our own soil, and we will be forced to defend ourselves.  People will be going about their lives as usual when all of a sudden, an attack will ensue.  The Home Depot store is a reference to needing to have our “house in order”.  This will not be the time to be working on the foundation of our lives which out to be Christ, the cornerstone.  The season of the year based on the cold temperatures and lack of sunshine would most likely be either late fall or early spring.

The number 6 speaks of humanity.  The time for Satan to have free-reign over humanity is ending as the 6th millenium ends.  The number 24 speaks of elderly wisdom.  We will need our Father’s wisdom to survive what is coming.

The kind employee at the store is a picture of the way that Christians will desire to be in community during this time, being protected under the shadow of the Almighty.  *Read Psalm 91

I believe us driving into the field where the rockets came from and seeing the motorcycle drive at us is a reference to the spirit of darkness that comes from Satan who will use this time to bring even greater chaos to the world.  We need to be on guard against getting caught up in the events that will shake our country and this world.  Instead we need to shine the light of salvation to others in the darkness so that it flees from us.