Ancient Mysteries Of The Bible

As far as modern science has come, the truth is that there are still many ancient mysteries that continue to completely baffle the greatest minds of our day. Some of these ancient mysteries absolutely defy rational explanation and they stand in stark opposition to the accepted versions of history and science that we have all been taught.  Many of these ancient mysteries relate directly to the Bible.  In fact, many of these ancient mysteries represent yet another kind of evidence for the Christian faith.  For those who study Christian apologetics, these mysteries are often some of the topics that have the most “sizzle”.  Most Christians do not even know about most of the things that you will read about below.

What follows are eight of the most extraordinary ancient mysteries that relate directly to the Bible….

great-pyramidThe Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid of Giza remains one of the greatest architectural achievements in the history of mankind to this day. It is thirty times larger than the Empire State Building, and the Great Pyramid’s features are so massive that they can be seen from the Moon. The base of the Great Pyramid covers 13.6 acres, which is equal to seven midtown Manhattan city blocks. In fact, a highway lane eight feet wide and four inches thick could be built from San Francisco to New York and put inside the Great Pyramid.

It sounds incredible, but it is true.

The truth is that even our modern technology cannot place 20 ton stones with greater accuracy than those in the Great Pyramid.

So how did ancient humans build such an incredibly advanced structure?

Not only is the Great Pyramid a stunning achievement, but there is also an amazing message actually encoded into the Pyramid itself.

What most people do not realize is that the Great Pyramid contains a prophecy…..a prophecy for exactly when Jesus would die on the cross for our sins.

Check out the information for yourself:

For more information on the Great Pyramid, and the extraordinary information it contains and the amazing mathematical knowledge reflected in the design of the structure, check out these sites:

los_lunas_decalogue_stoneThe Los Lunas Decalogue Stone

The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone is a huge flat stone on the side of Hidden Mountain, near Los Lunas, New Mexico, approximately 35 miles south of Albuquerque. This massive stone, which predates Christopher Columbus arriving in North America, has the Ten Commandments inscribed on it in ancient paleo-Hebrew script.

How in the world did THAT happen? Modern scholars are at an absolute loss to explain it. You can read more about this amazing stone here:

red-sea-chariot-wheelChariot Wheels On The Bottom Of The Red Sea

The picture to the left is of a 4-spoked Egyptian chariot wheel that was found on the Red Sea seabed in 1998.

The discovery of Egyptian chariot wheels on the bottom of the Gulf of Aqaba is incredibly strong evidence that the Exodus that the Bible describes really happened.

Below is an article with a lot more pictures of chariot wheels on the bottom of the Red Sea:

For those of you who are too lazy to read the article, just scroll down through the article and look at the pictures.

I wonder what the skeptics are going to say about this?:

“Everyone knows chariots race along the bottom of the Gulf of Aqaba all the time!”

“Christians planted those chariot wheels… is part of their grand master plan to rule the world!”

“Those wheels evolved there naturally! They are a result of mutation and natural selection!”

cambodia-stegasarusThe Cambodian Stegosaurus Engraving

Has amazing evidence that dinosaurs and humans coexisted been found?

Well, the good folks over at have posted a picture of an engraving of what looks like a stegosaurus on an ancient temple in Cambodia.

So how did this engraving get there?

Did the ancient Cambodians know what a stegosaurus looks like?

What other explanation is there?

You can read more about this extraordinary discovery here:

london-artifactThe London Artifact

This picture comes to us from and it shows something that Darwinists cannot explain.

The hammer in the picture is called the London Artifact, and it is an iron hammer surrounded by a solid mass of “cretaceous” rock.

So what in the world is a hammer doing in “cretaceous” rock?

According to evolutionists, that would be simply impossible.

The handle of the hammer in the picture was partially PETRIFIED.

A test was done on the metal in the hammer. The hammer contains 96% iron, 2.6% chlorine, and 0.74% sulfur. There are no bubbles in the metal at all. Yes, the hammer is most definitely made of iron. The quality of the iron equals or exceeds the quality of any iron found in today’s world.

How in the world is THAT possible?

burdick-trackThe Burdick Track

The human footprint in the photo to the left was impressed into allegedly “110 million year old” limestone rock and was discovered in Glen Rose, Texas.

Analysis of the footprint suggests that it is a woman’s bare footprint and would correspond to a size 22EEEE men’s shoe today.

Scientific analysis after cross sectioning the stone with a diamond saw proves that the print was made by pressure, and therefore it is genuine and was not carved.

So the mystery remains.

Just how did the gigantic footprint of a human woman get into “110 million year old” rock?

giant-skullsGiant Skeletons

One of the most bizarre ancient mysteries involved the bizarre or freakishly deformed human skeletons that have popped up all over the earth.

Growing up we were never taught that giants were actually REAL.

A lot of Christians do not even know that the Bible talks about giants.

But it does.

“There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”
-Genesis 6:4

So who were these giants and where did they come from?

The following is a great article which discusses this issue…..

The reality is that bones that have been discovered around the world prove that these giants once lived.

25 pages of pictures and evidence that show giants really did walk among us can be found right here:

You can also find a great deal information about giants at this site (take special care to click “giant pics” on the sidebar):

More stunning pictures and evidence for giants can be found here:

Ebla Clay TabletThe Ebla Tablets

Have you ever heard of the Ebla tablets?

The Ebla Tablets were originally discovered in northern Syria by two professors from the University of Rome, Dr. Paolo Matthiae and Dr. Giovanni Petinato. Since 1974, 17,000 priceless tablets have been found from the time of the ancient Ebla Kingdom.

The Ebla tablets appear to have been written during the two last generations of the city, which would mean they come from some time around 2300 B.C.

But the remarkable thing about the Ebla tablets is not how old they are, but rather the similarities to the Scriptures that they contain.

Many Old Testament names that have not been found in other Near Eastern languages have been reported to occur in similar forms in Eblaite (one of the two languages found on the tablets).

Adam, Eve, Abarama/Abraham, Bilhah, Ishmael, Esau, Mika-el, Saul and David are just some of the Biblical names that have been found on the tablets. Not that the tablets are referring to those specific people – just that it shows that those names were commonly used in ancient times.

In addition, a substantial number of ancient Biblical cities are also mentioned in the tablets.

For example Ashtaroth, Sinai, Jerusalem, Hazor, Lachish, Megiddo, Gaza, Joppa, Ur, and Damascus are apparently mentioned in the tablets.

Giovanni Pettinato also found references to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

There was also one key discovery in the tablets that relates to Genesis 14. Skeptics have claimed that the victory of Abraham over Chedorlaomer and the Mesopotamian kings is made up and that the five “cities of the plain” (Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim and Zoar) are legendary.

But as usual the skeptics are wrong.

The Ebla tablets refer to all five of the cities of the plain and on one tablet the cities are listed in the exact same sequence as we find in Genesis 14.

One of the most stunning discoveries of all, however, was when a “creation hymn” was found among the tablets.

Three versions of this Eblaite “creation hymn” were found. The creation hymn was translated by Pettinato as follows:

Lord of heaven and earth:
the earth was not, you created it,
the light of day was not, you created it,
the morning light you had not [yet] made exist.

Even in the midst of such a pagan culture, an ancient hymn about a “Lord of heaven and earth” who created the earth was able to survive.

Absolutely stunning.

Let us pray that even more incredible discoveries will come out of the Middle East, because with each new discovery the accuracy of the Scriptures is further validated.