Autistic Boy Sees Visions from Heaven! -Tahni Cullen


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Tahni Cullen’s son, Josiah was diagnosed with autism which doctors said he would never speak in his life. Everything started to change when Josiah started spelling, and supernaturally he knew amazing theological concepts that Ph.D.’s don’t know. Her son then started coming out with wisdom phrases that explained some of the most complex things in the bible such as the trinity.

(From the video)

“In the Trinity the Father the manager, the Son is the lover of operations, Holy Spirit is the worker. So it’s the three in one getting things done. He is Papa, he is healer, he is helper. The world was created by only three functions that went like this: Father thought it, Son loved it, Holy Spirit carried out the plan. That is how the Trinity works, Mom. So man must voice, Father what do you think? Jesus, what do you love? Holy Spirit, what should we do about it? That’s our mission.”

Josiah can not only hear and see in the Spirit but he also has visions where he is taken up to heaven and instructed by angels.  View the book at Sid