“Awake The Warriors” Bobby Conner Tells Us To WAKE UP Out Of Apathy And Start Getting Hungry For God


Bobby Conner tells Jim Bakker there is a SPIRITUAL famine in the land. He describes a famine where an entire nation has a lack of interest in the bible, and no fear of the Lord.

Is that what we are seeing today?  Absolutely!

Even the most remarkable miracles and evidences of God seem to get a shrug from non believers, as entertainment and the joys of this world fill their hearts.

When a nation becomes so hardened, that rock hard ground can be very difficult to break up. How do you wake up millions in a nation going way off track?

Judgement from God can come in the harshest degrees, but it is through suffering and hard times that many people fall to their knees in repentance.  Thank the Lord for the judgment that is coming, because years of suffering cannot be even compared to burning to in fire for an eternity where there is no hope to turn to God.

Every one of us have loved ones who are on the path towards hell.  If it was not for the judgement coming, they very well could spend eternity in hell.

On the flip side, we have the church body fast asleep.  Many of us don’t know the word well, we don’t pray, and never fast.  We need to wake up, because there isn’t much time left.  We should have the mentality that its time to get serious about our walk with God.

I would encourage you to watch the series with Bobby Conner on Jim Bakker.

You are going to love how this man knows the scriptures! Be prepared to be inspired!

Bobby Conner’s Official Website- www.bobbyconner.org/

How Bobby memorizes the bible.




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