“China is now married to the land” – A Prophetic Dream Given To Joanie Stahl

China Married To America

Joanie-StahlIn a dream I received a dream on February 6 2016, I saw a very large construction yard with big structures a short distance away from me. They looked like commercial buildings, but they were framed up with metal and wires. I wanted to see it, so I walked over to take a look. As I approached, it was a typical construction setting with planks of wood that the workers walked on, lots of dirt, construction equipment, etc.

I saw something that caught my attention, a number of men standing around a big hole in the ground. They were all shoveling dirt into this big massive hole.  I drew closer to look into the hole. It was part of a foundation that had caved in. No matter how many shovels of dirt they dumped into it, the hole would not fill up. It just fell through and would not fill up.

I looked in and noticed the dirt they used in the foundation was not good because it was nothing but billions of tiny rocks, like sand but only bigger pieces, just pure gravel without any soil. It was ugly, dead, worthless dirt, good for nothing. The men shoveling in the dirt were professionals, but they seemed oblivious to the poor quality because they just kept shoveling more dirt into the hole. Yet, it never filled up.

Even I knew all this big rocky sand could not be compacted together to form any kind of a foundation suitable for any building, great or small.

Just then a huge dump truck backed up and unloaded several tons of red dirt. It was different from the dirt the men were shoveling, and different from any of the dirt around the construction site. It was red, thick, rich soil.

When the dump truck had finished dumping out the red dirt, it backed up and somehow pushed all that dirt into the hole and filled it up completely and perfectly. With all the superior machinery and state of the art equipment available to modern construction, I wondered why the men were using shovels to fill a massive hole, while this big truck came and did it all quickly and professionally.

As soon as that happened, I heard a voice say to me, “China is now married to the land.”

Then I awoke.


The construction site represents the land of the United States of America. The ongoing building of commercial structures on weak foundations represents our economic growth. The massive sink hole that was filled with worthless gravel, rock-like sand, represents our worthless economic foundations. Nothing is supporting our commerce any longer because the rich soil of the American economy is gone and can no longer support trade or any commerce. The foundations that support growth are gone and cannot hold up anything anymore.

The dead, dry, good for nothing soil the men were shoveling in shows there is no life any longer to produce growth in our economy. It is dead.

The men were using shovels rather than state of the art equipment to try to fill the hole because our nation is stuck using methods that worked a long time ago, but are now to no avail. The hole could not be filled up because no amount of labor, means, or methods will work. Nothing will work.

The red dirt represents Red China. The dump truck that backed up and pushed all the red, thick, rich soil into the massive hole, immediately filling it up and compacting it shows how China is now creating a new foundation and represents their great wealth.

For many years, China has been purchasing America’s major commercial and banking real estate as well as hundreds and thousands of residential properties and enormous farm lands en masse. They have purchased our enormous debt and now they are buying our nation out from under us. America owes China a debt that is impossible to ever pay back, so China is purchasing as much of our real estate as possible to get something back from us. Our soil has now become their soil. They have replaced our worthless dead soil with their rich red soil and now the two soils are combined. I was reminded of this verse, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3)

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