Chuck Youngbrandt’s  ( Two Event ) Earthquake Warning For San Francisco

Given May 12th 2016

Chuck Youngbrandt mentions in his current news letter being warned in 1977 of coming judgements coming to this nation, specifically destructive earthquakes coming to California.  He mentions that massive earthquakes are coming to California that will lead to other events such as war.  He says what we should expect to first see a STORM first, to be followed by an earthquake, or earthquakes and even an volcanic eruption.

Here are the patterns that Chuck Youngbrandt saw:

Pattern 1- The specific pattern Jesus revealed back in 1977 was that a major earthquake in Los Angeles would lead to a major earthquake in San Francisco, and when that happened it would lead to a major earthquake in the Midwest, centering in St Louis and severely damaging 1/3 of Chicago in the process.

Pattern 2 – It was also possible that the earthquakes would start in San Francisco and move to Los Angeles next and then to the Midwest.

A confirming word given to Chuck on  May 12, 2016:

I was waiting at the doctors office for a biopsy on my ear.  In this time I elected to pray and then abide in the Lord.  I asked Jesus about the possibility of an earthquake in San Francisco and Jesus said this:

A word to Chuck Y

Scanned in are parts of his newsletter.

Support Chuck Youngbrant as he does hear from the Lord and often what he is given matches up with what so many others are seeing as well.

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An Almost Identical Prophecy

A vision was given to By His Grace Ministry….  Seen in this original video)

She describes it as a very vivid vision.  She saw areas of California breaking away.  She says when she was seeing this happen, she heard people say “get to higher ground”

She mentions she saw the breaking away of land which fell into the ocean, then the explosion in Northern California.

It seemed like earlier in the video she mentions it the other way around.

“It was very vivid what He gave me”

“I saw water coming up, and then land breaking off”

“It was during the day, and it was just major, major destruction” 

“forgive my tone of voice, but what I saw was so…..devastating”

Notice in this video, the area that he is pointing to, which he admits might break off some day is the exact same area that was alluded to in the prophetic vision.

A Vision Of California Breaking Off Into The Sea1. First I saw the explosion, then I saw the 2. breaking away.  It was almost like God wanted to clarify with me, so that is why He wanted to show me this first. (She points to the southern area) This will happen first.  This area here.  I do not know if this is an earthquake, I did not get that message, He was just showing me a visual.  3. Then, after that is where I saw the explosion around here. (Points to the area above Sacramento) “

Then she was brought back down to Texas where she was shown another event.  She makes it very clear that these are two different events.

“At the edge of Texas, all I was seeing is a bunch of fire.  I mean a lot of fire, and this was at night time” 

She describes the fire going all along the border of the United States and the curser goes up to the edge of Alabama.  She then sees two explosions at the bottom part of Louisiana.  She said BEFORE that, she heard THREE big booms.  Then she sees no electricity, no fire or smoke…..

A Vision Of The New Madrid Area

Then she sees electricity going up the New Madrid fault area. She describes it as electricity, with a few small sparks. Her vision ends there.

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Ideas About What The “Explosion” In The Vision Could Be












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Chuck Youngbrandt
Chuck-JOHNEL Youngbrandt received some of the most detailed prophecies of our time. He was called into prophetic intercessory ministry in September 1974, and in February 2018 he passed away. His wife Nancy continues with their ministry today. You can find their website at . Chuck Youngbrandt has seen 40 or more of his prophecies come to pass. Some of his fulfilled prophecies include The Yom Kippur vision of 1973 where Israel defeats Egypt and Syria. The Economic accord between Japan and Red China in 1977. The rise in inflation and bank interest rates from 1978 to 1980. Hurricane David in 1980. A killer earthquake in Algeria (25,000 dead) in 1979. An eruption and explosion of the Mt. St. Helens volcano in 1980 (March 27 to May 18). An Iran earthquake that killed 300 in June 1981. An assassination attempt and plot against President Reagan in 1981. A terrorist plot against White House in 1983, which was prevented. A military disaster in Iran with the attempted hostage rescue in 1980. An asteroid that narrowly missed earth in 1989. A Blocking onset of World War III in 1982 , where Soviet plans for war were revealed in 1979. Hurricane Elena hitting the Gulf Coast on September 2, 1985. A Mexico City earthquake (20,000 killed) on September 19, 1985. Hurricane Juan hitting the Gulf Coast in October 1985. A volcanic disaster in Armento, Colombia, South America. An explosion of Flight 103 over Scotland on December 21, 1988. Earthquakes in Mt. Vernon, Washington on February 1989. Hurricane Hugo on September 22, 1989. The major earthquake in San Francisco on October 17, 1989. An invasion of Panama in December 1989. The Alaskan volcanic eruption in December 1989. The Persian Gulf War in 1990–1991. The election of President Clinton in 1992 which was revealed in March of 1987. The Earthquake at Joshua Tree, California 7.1 Richter on October 16, 1999. The Election of George W. Bush as President (revelation 1989 to 1990). The earthquake in Seattle, Washington (6.8 Richter) on February 28, 2001 (projected in May 2000. An earthquake in Seattle, Washington (5.0 Richter) on June 10, 2001. An earthquake in Spokane, Washington (3.7 Richter) on June 25, 2001. The terrorist attack on the U.S. on September 11, 2001. Projections that President Bush would build anti-ballistic missile defense system (was installed in 2004.) This was revealed in a 1983 vision and in Jesus’ 1989 Word. A flurry of earthquakes in 2004 (3.9 Enumclaw, 3.5 Montana, 4.5 Illinois) and so on.