“Come out of her, My people, that you do not partake of her plagues ” – A Prophetic Word Given To Maurice Sklar

( I do not know if the original text was in capital letters or if this was added by someone other than Maurice Sklar )  Found On Facebook

By Maurice Sklar

March 14, 2019

The LORD spoke to me today.

He says, “ Warn My people, there are shakings of great earthquakes, severe weather, and terrorist attacks coming in places where I have been rejected and blasphemed throughout the earth. I have ordained and established places of refuge; cities of refuge; and regions of refuge. MAKE SURE YOUR LIFE IS SURRENDERED TO ME AND YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE I HAVE PROVIDED FOR MY BRIDE! FOR THE BIRTH PANGS ARE NOW AT A LEVEL YOU ARE NOT SAFE IN ALL PLACES. ‘Well, you say to Me, why don’t you tell me?” I reply, “Why are you living in a lukewarm, compromising state? How can I protect you from the evils that are soon to hit the ungodly in the earth, if you serving idols and cannot hear me even if I am shouting at you?! My Word says, “Come out of her (Babylon), My people, that you do not partake of her plagues.” If your hearts are lusting after the pleasures of sin, you are in danger! Repent, O backsliding church, or you will perish with the wicked! You say to Me, “I am saved. Grace has already made me immune from judgment. You, God, would never let Me perish!” Read your Bible! If you refuse to make Me your LORD, and refuse to obey Me and live outside My perfect will for your life, How can I protect and provide for you in the far land of your prodigal rebellion? As it is written, “Flee from the wrath to come!” If you are not in My Goshens in the earth, you will partake of the same judgments that will suddenly come upon the wicked nations of the earth!”


Amazing Confirmation:

” At this time God showed me He is doing His people back to him but few are listening and responding with true repentance. God showed me He is patient because He doesn’t want any of his children to be lost. He doesn’t take any pleasure in Judgment of a Nation. God is offering to cover his children with the shadow of his wing of protection in the Judgment of our nation but we must repent and we must come out of the Babylon in our lives. God showed me He is offering a refuge to get through the Judgment that is coming to America but few of his people are repenting. He showed me that many of His people have been deceived into believing that God will not judge America just as Eve was deceived by Satan that God would not judge her disobedience ”  Sonja Craighead Dec 2016