Could Clean Drinking Water Become A Precious Commodity? A Frightening Prophecy Given To Leslie Johnson About Poisoned Water In America

(This information was re-published From Stan Johnson’s January 2017 Newsletter)

War in Israel in 2017

March 11, 2015; Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, founder of Jesus Ministries

I saw myself in heaven standing before the Lord Jesus Christ. I saw Moses and Jeremiah standing together with the Lord Jesus. After speaking to him about some matters, the Lord Jesus turned to the prophet Jeremiah and said, “Teach him about the seventy years.”

Then the prophet Jeremiah approached me and said, “Seventy years in the history of Israel is very, very significant. There is going to come a turning point in the history of Israel in the year 2017. That will be the 70th year in the history of Israel since its formation.”

Sundar calculated and concluded the 70th year since the formation of Israel would be 2018, not 2017. So he asked Jeremiah about this. Jeremiah replied, “No, you are wrong. The count should be from the time when the covenant was first signed.”

Sundar discovered on November 29 1947, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution recommending the adoption and implementation of what they called the Partition Plan for Palestine.

70 years later, the two-state plan has still not been implemented, although it has been discussed often. However, on December 23, 2016 when the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution demanding Israel stop all settlement activity in east Jerusalem and other land the UN claims are Palestinian territories. The resolution was a significant first step toward dividing the land, including making east Jerusalem the capital for the new state of Palestine. (Source: Wikipedia)

On November 30 2011, Sundar saw an open vision. A mighty angel with a drawn sword appeared before him and said, “Israel will be betrayed by her closest friend. The nation that will betray Israel, the same fate will happen to her.”

Just as Sundar was wondering which nation was Israel’s closest friend, a map of the United States appeared before the angel. Then the angel pulled back his sword and stuck it into the center of the United States and said, “The nation that will be responsible for dividing the land of Israel will likewise be separated into two.”

On December 25, 2016, Christmas day, the Lord showed Sundar three things that would happen in 2017.

1.     A new disease that will eat the skin will break out in western countries as a form of punishment for touching Israel.

2.     He was shown the sky darkened and many brightly burning meteors fell from the sky like a meteor shower. Trees burned in large numbers.

3.     Mountains will spew lava high into the sky and in large quantity and volcanoes will burn. When the lava falls, it will fall on the water reservoirs and drinking systems, causing the water to become undrinkable.

Poisoned Water

 Prophetic Warning by Prophet Leslie Johnson, Sunday, February 27, 2011

 Soon the environmentalist movement will become very angry, first by of the increase and location of oil drilling.  They will become very outraged.

At first, the presidential office will look like a hero by giving oil companies permission to drill in America, but the celebration will be short lived.  Many here on our land will “want to take their swords out”.  This will cause great division among the people of our Nation.

The Lord says to His children, “Do not get caught up in this fight.”  We will need to trust totally in Him.  Remember, we do not worship the earth.  We worship our God, the Creator of the Universe.  Remember, no matter how right or good the cause of the environmentalists may sound, it is not the truth.

The Lord also says He wants to warn you that there is going to be something put into our water system [Volcanic Ash?] in many cities of this nation.  People will begin to get sick, and some will die.  Many will turn to drinking bottled water and bottled water is going to become a precious commodity. Great amounts of bottled water will be sold.  Some of those that follow the environmentalist’s movement will be stocking up on plastic bottles.  Great anger, warring hearts, and tempers will flare, because of the damage they believe used plastic bottles are causing to “Mother Earth”.  The Lord says to know and understand; these things they say are a lie.

Dumitru Duduman, Bree Keyton and Henry Gruver all saw missiles launched on America and NONE of them saw America split.

Good News: It means the prophecy is CONDITIONAL. It is a warning we CAN PRAY it away!

I made a radio program with more amazing details.

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Catastrophe: Meteor, Tsunami & EarthquakeEfrain Rodriguez

 Prophet Efrain Rodriguez was shown in a vision that a large meteor will hit near Puerto Rico and cause a tsunami 1,000 feet high at Puerto Rico. By the time it hits the east coast of America it will be from 200 to 400 ft high and will go inland with its destruction from 20 to 100 miles.  It hits an earthquake fault which runs up the Mississippi River valley to the Great Lakes and will also split America wide open from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.  This will cause much of the west coast from California to Alaska to fall into the ocean.

Meteor:  The Destruction of America!– Stan Johnson

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  • FOUR people saw: Tsunami hit Eastern coast of the United States
  • SIX people saw: America split into two pieces
  • THREE people saw : Large chunks of California to fall into the ocean!
  • NINE people saw : America split because she split Israel.

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