How Dark Portals Enter Into Your Home – William Schnoebelen

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Dr. William Schnoebelen

From the video:

” Yahushua tells us that that he, the evil one, is the Prince of the power of the air and He also said in another place that He saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Now what these two things tell us,  it involves the air waves or electricity are kind of his territory because of the way the nature of the spiritual realm works. I used to be on the other side I used to understand this from the standpoint of the occult but now we understand that for example the the evil spirits or his minions the minions of the evil one can travel through telephone line, they can travel through cable TV they can travel through the internet into your computers most especially if you have or other members of your family might be might be either watching programs on TV that are not set apart you know whatever it might be you know cult programming extremely violent programming filthy pornographic or semi pornographic programming”

” … people don’t understand that in the same way if you go and are on the internet and you visit, … you know smutty websites or even let’s say you’re even just you have this sort of curiosity about the occult or black magic or things like that and you go and you visit,… ( like well just as the most bizarre example ) the site of the Church of Satan or the temple of set or even some of these WikiLeaks things which have what do you want to call it,  you know like a lot of articles about ancient black magic books and and just about anything you want now you can find on the internet things that in fact were not even available in the general public until literally within the last five or ten years and this is not good.   I would tell you most emphatically as a as a minister and a teacher in a former witch that unless you are yourself a minister and have a set apart reason to be going to these occult sites for the purpose or or visiting for that matter Mormon sites or Jehovah Witness sites or Freemasonry sites ( or you know Scientology sites or you know whatever it might be even Roman Catholic ) don’t go on these sites unless you have a set apart reason for being
there and you have the anointing from the rock as a minister who’s trying to study to defend the faith in other words.  If you’re just a Christian who for whatever reason is curious about this stuff don’t give in to that curiosity.  Believe me you don’t want to go on these sites because things in these sites can leap out at you .”

” We advise people to bless their televisions if they have one and and pray over them and anoint them with oil just as if it was a doorway”

” … you need to anoint the portal of your television set on the right on the left and on top do the same thing with your computer and if you have a smartphone”



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