Did The Fires That Burned In Israel Carry Prophetic Significance? -Steven Ben-Nun (DeNoon)

prophetic-look-at-amosDid The Fires That Burned In Israel Carry Prophetic Significance? -Steve Ben-Nun

A new look at the book of Amos

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Israel Burning: Maybe Isaiah’s Prophetic Warning to Israel

steve-ben-nunDr. Petrovich Discovers Hebrew Alphabet Derived From Egyptian Hieroglyphics

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steve-ben-nunPublished on Nov 17, 2016

We May Have Discovered the Mikvah that Yeshua / Jesus Used. A Mikvah was used in Biblical Israel for ritual cleansing before entering the Temple or a Synagogue for service. In modern times this is where Christian Baptism comes from was the Mikvah. On Mount Zion not far from the David’s Tomb we found this incredible place. In fact this Mikvah is still in use by Orthodox Rabbis that live here on Mount Zion. See that here

steve-ben-nunAmazing Discovery The Messiah hidden in simple stories of the Torah, who He was and who He would be. The simplest writing of Moses are so often over looked but point to us the Messiah Himself.

Jewish Man Sees Messiah Hidden In Torah


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