“Do you really believe that there is no hope and I cannot deliver you?” A Prophetic Word To Maurice Sklar



A Word Concerning America – August 27, 2016

The Word of the LORD came unto me, saying:

“My people have been crying out to Me for relief and deliverance from the oppression of evil government leadership led by the pharaoh in the White House. You cry out to Me to rescue your country and ‘make you strong again’.

Yet, you still won’t repent, humble yourself, and turn from your idols and your wicked ways.

Most in the church are lukewarm in their spiritual life; they are speaking unbelief, hatred, division, and death over their leaders, their government, and their land.

Should I give you what you are speaking into my ears? You have stopped praying for your president and leaders; you are grumbling and complaining in your tents against Me even as the children of Israel did in the wilderness, and most of all, you have entered into hopelessness and despair. You are living in sin, idolatry, and compromise. You have allowed the spirit of fear in the world to trouble your hearts.

Is My hand shortened that I cannot save? Do you really believe that there is no hope and I cannot deliver you? That is not the case!

Oh America, how you have wearied Me with your sin and your unbelief. Your sins have filled up the bowls of My wrath. They are splashing over. Soon, the time will arise when I must judge America and all the nations of the earth. I will not hold it back much longer. The time of grace will soon come to an end. O earth, the Tribulation is nearly upon you!
Remember, I AM THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL! I am HOLY! I never change. Read My Word. Read the Book of Revelation. I mean what I say. It will happen exactly as it is written.

Repent, watch and pray that you may be accounted worthy to escape these things that are coming upon the earth and to stand before Me.

When I return, shall I find faith on the earth?

So, you want to know what I think of the “candidates”? One is a witch. The other is a man of Babylon.

Nevertheless, this man from Babylon has already turned to me, and in his ultimate destiny he will surrender totally to Me. He also knows that this election is far bigger than he can handle. So he is praying to Me daily. I am responding. I am shaking the pride out of him. He, and many like him, will do the same before it is all over. For I am shaking all the nations!

If you will return to me, oh backslidden church, I can still turn things around in America.

Concerning the witch, she has sold her soul long ago to Satan. The enemy has taken her as his mouthpiece and clothed her in darkness and lies. Her one goal is to prepare the way for the Antichrist as fast as she can. She will do anything and say anything to obtain her short hour of power, greed, lust, and control. If you want to know how she is, in her heart, read about Jezebel. The witch has sold herself to do evil in My sight and serve darkness. Or, just look at her history. A bad tree CANNOT bear good fruit. She shall reap what she has sown. Look at her and you have an exact likeness of your treacherous and adulterous heart. Love of money, power and pride more than Me.

America, you are looking at a mirror of yourself when you look at the candidates that you have chosen to be your king. Behold the Kings you have chosen! Do you like what you see?
But, there is another people in your land. My faithful and holy Remnant…

I am preparing My Bride. I am keeping her and watching over her. She has been in the wilderness since 1999 when the Laodicean church threw her out. She is living in victory in the wilderness of the nations. She is waiting, watching and praying for My appearing for her in this Midnight hour. She is living for My Kingdom to come and not this present evil world.

Oh My beloved Bride, keep your eyes on Me. Keep the oil in your lamps. The lamps of the foolish virgins are sputtering out. There oil is nearly spent. Many shall be left behind. Guard your hearts. Guard your minds. Guard your time with Me. Many will fall away in this perilous hour…for Satan has come down raging toward you. For the TIME IS SHORT!
Hold fast that which you have, that no one take your crown…and your bridal veil of consecration.

Oh earth, earth, earth…HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD!”

As given to Dr. Maurice H. Sklar