A Cyrus In The White House – Prophecy For America – Nita Johnson 2012

“The Lord said we are out of control; America has become lawless. He knows that He has to deal with this pride—that Babylonian-American pride. He knows that the only way He can deal with it is to squeeze us through the press. Even if we had the most godly and wise President in office right now, America would still need to go through the press.” –Nita Johnson


God’s Plans For The Nation


By Nita Johnson

Nov 10, 2012

God is about ready to do something extraordinary. Although the Church as a whole did not do its part in responding to the Spirit of the Lord in the election, and although those who were friends of Obama certainly did their part, God has His own plan. The outcome was in part a result of election fraud, just as it was four years ago. (This is the Lord’s perspective, not mine.)

After Obama was elected the first time, the Lord awakened me in the middle of the night and said, “I have never seen so much corruption in an election in America before. Obama won, but corruption played its part.” Some might say, “No, no, no. If there is a king, God has done it.” Yet I can remember a time when He told my people Israel, “You set up kings but, not from Me.” This charge is found in Hosea 8:4.

It helps us understand that we can place people over us that are not God’s will, and we have done it twice now in the last four years.

It was God’s will for Mitt Romney to sit on the presidential throne. (However, Mitt was not, in himself, the answer for America’s ills.) Moreover, there are some negative things that Obama will do that Mitt would not have done Therefore, things would have gone a bit better and easier if we had elected Mitt. This said, we cannot deny that America, as a nation, got what it deserved. The outcome will unfortunately reflect that for which we asked. Nevertheless, it is not what God wanted to give our country. In actuality, the responsibility for all of this does not lie entirely in the hands of the wicked, but in the hands of the Church as well.

Although Obama will sit in the seat of Presidential authority over America, he does not understand that he has to face God and enter into a reckoning over his life’s actions and decisions. This is what awaits him. For the last couple months, I have received many visions and dreams that Obama was going to win. Some of those visions and dreams I have shared with members of my team. I have also received many visions and dreams that Mitt was going to win. I said to the Lord at one point: “I am so confused. Who is going to end up in the White House?”

It was not until Wednesday, after the election around four or five o’clock in the morning, that the Lord unveiled His reasoning. The seemingly mixed messages were to convey that Mitt would win, but Obama would carry it. He said, “Mitt won, but he’s not going to be the President.”

In other words, we are going to have a President who was placed in his seat of authority by man and not by God. Therefore, his presidency is not lawful. Through all this I have learned something new about God and we have been given confirmation that the above accounts are true.

So, here we are; we have this uncomfortable situation. However, the minute I heard that Obama was going to have the next four years, joy flowed over me. Joy! I did not feel sad. I did not feel happy either. Rather, I felt joy. Joy and faith suddenly sprung up. I told the Lord, “I’m trying really, really hard to be sad and discouraged because I know that everyone else is going to feel that way, but it’s just not happening. Why?” He said nothing. I kept asking. On Thursday, I asked, “Why is the faith and joy so steady and strong? I can’t get unhappy with this thing if I had to.” On Thursday night, He spoke to me. He said, “Because I’m going to do something new.” So you do not have to be afraid. God is going to do something new in the realm of the secular world, and He is going to do something new in the realm of His Church!

Did you know that twenty-five million Christians helped to put Obama where He is? Isn’t that a scary thought? That is twenty-five million Evangelical Christians who did not care about continuing abortions, who felt that his handling of the economy was all right, and who believed that he was God’s answer to our dilemmas. Doesn’t that just make you want to stand up, put your hands on your hips, and say, “What are you doing? Don’t you know those are the thoughts of an idiot?”

Now I know what you are thinking, “No! I’d never be that rude.” Yet sometimes I think the Church needs that kind of audacity. It needs to wake up and look at what it does not want to see. We have those who voted for the wrong party, and we have those who did not even come out to vote. They did not vote because we had Obama (a Muslim) on one side, and we had Romney (a Mormon) on the other. I guess they thought they would let the rest of the country vote for the Muslim while they did nothing so that they would not have to vote for a Mormon. Now that does not make a whole lot of sense to me. But through it all, God did not override the decision that people in America made.

Corruption was also involved at the deepest level. George Soros had his hand in our elections, but at great expense. His efforts helped to insure Obama would win by changing the votes. Amazing as it sounds, we received many calls into our office this last week with people saying, “It is the most bizarre thing. When I voted for Mitt, it came up Obama. I voted for Mitt again, and it came up Obama.” Every time I would hear it, I thought, “Soros.”

So here we are at a crossroads. The election has produced what we as Bible-believing Christians did not want it to produce. Whether or not the concern over corruption is going to be pushed and people are going to demand answers I do not know. Probably not.

Yet regardless, God is about to do something new. America is going to go through some very hard times.

Those who attend our Seattle services frequently, go to our Gatherings, or listen online have heard me say this repeatedly since 2011 and even before – America is going to go through a very hard time. With or without Obama, we are going to go through a very difficult season because God Himself has spoken that discipline must occur.

America is breaking through all the healthy boundaries and, I might say, so is the Church. It is becoming very lawless in heart. Do you know what that means? It means that America will not obey authority. When authority tries to deal with our disobedience, we are full of excuses and go a little ballistic. The Lord said we are out of control; America has become lawless. He knows that He has to deal with this pride—that Babylonian-American pride. He knows that the only way He can deal with it is to squeeze us through the press. Even if we had the most godly and wise President in office right now, America would still need to go through the press.

Recently, I had a vision of the flag taken through a pool of water then put through an old washing machine wringer. When the flag came out the other side of the press, it was gloriously beautiful. In like manner, God is going to take us through His press, and we are not going to be afraid because He is our God. He may not be the Lord of America right now, but He is our God. When He is done taking us through the wringer, He will be the Lord of America. Do you think it is worth going through divine discipline to have this in the end?

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Nita-JohnsonDream 1:
“The Obama Freeze”
Dream 2- Obama says, “A crisis is coming.”
Prophetic Dreams Given To Nita Johnson

I am going to share with you two dreams that I had. Both of these dreams were about Obama, America, the intercessors, and the Church. I cannot remember the details of the first dream except for one thing. A man said, “The Obama freeze is coming.” That may not initially mean a lot to us. However, consider what happened in Greece with the people’s finances. Consider what you see on the internet every day with regards to what may happen with our economy. Some will even go so far as to tell you what may happen when the economy crashes. One of the things to consider is that when the economy falls, they are going to do something to prevent  a national rush on the banks; they will freeze the funds. You may have prepared financially for the storm that is coming. However, if you did not take the extra step to hold gold and silver in your hands, what will you do when the crash comes and you cannot access your bank account? What are you going to do? You must prepare for this eventuality. How long the money will be frozen, I do not know. It will not be long. However, there is a fairly good chance that when it is thawed out, it is not going to be there at all, at least in the conventional way. So just making sure that you have money in your account is not the answer. There is coming a situation similar to, though not exactly the same as, what we saw happen recently with Cyprus. You need to prayerfully consider what God wants you to do to prepare for such an eventuality.

I contacted my friend and colleague Fred, and I shared with him about this dream. He wrote back, telling me what the Lord told him it meant. The Lord shared with him that the Obama freeze in my dream represents the freezing of your funds. You need to keep an eye on your bank account and pay close attention. I am going to share with you some additional things. I looked into several different sources while trying to fully understand what the Lord was showing me, so that we are not all living with just Nita’s interpretation of things. In a moment I want to share with you what I learned through others who know what they are doing for the sake of confirming His word to me.

Secondly, “The Obama Freeze,” refers to Obama putting a freeze on some areas of government spending. This will be striking in its dimension. Finally the “The Obama Freeze” will encompass a temporary freeze on wages.

Dream: Obama says, “A crisis is coming.”

After the dream about the “Obama Freeze” ended, I awoke and lay praying for quite some time. Eventually I fell back to sleep, and had another dream. In this second dream, I was attending an Obama Press Meeting. President Obama tried to tell the nation that a terrible crisis was about to come and the nation needed to prepare. He did not tell them exactly what the crisis would be, but he did attempt to allude to it with  somewhat veiled words.

When he was finished speaking, I got up and left the room. I went walking down a corridor when President Obama approached, walking toward me. I went up to him, and said to him, “The prophetic intercessors have been praying for you.” He answered, “Listen. A crisis is coming. In fact, it has already begun. There is nothing I can do about it. I tried. I’m asking you to believe that. I tried, but I could not stop it. This thing was taken out of my hands.” He continued, “Please tell the intercessors not to hate me. Pray for me. I really have tried to stop what is coming, but I couldn’t. They wouldn’t let me. Please don’t hate me. Please tell them to pray for me. He continued: It is the Elite that have taken control. The reason this cannot be stopped is because they want to reorganize Europe, and the only method available to them to accomplish their goals is going to cause suffering throughout the world. It is also going to terribly affect America. It has to. This thing cannot be stopped because it must happen.” When he said that it must happen, suddenly, I knew the Lord Himself was speaking through Obama. This is something that has to happen. It is about a worldwide economic crash.

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Nita-Johnson“God and Donald Trump” By Nita Johnson 3/4//16
“Four years ago the Lord spoke to me and told me that in the next election, He would put a Cyrus in the White House. In fact, He said that the mantel would flow out to many, and they would do the work to galvanize the people to liberate America. I believe He will do this if we will pray. Everywhere I went I shared the vision of the Lord. I have had several dreams and visions about Donald Trump and each time, he seemed to come out of nowhere to take on the establishment! Then it began to happen.I also felt that Ben Carson was supposed to be in office which the Lord confirmed to me in a dream not long ago. As time moved on the Lord continued to speak to me, and something began to take shape that led to this letter.”
“I stood for Ben Carson because I had several visions wherein I saw him taking on the Presidency. But, the Lord told me it is Trump’s place now.”


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