Elite Insider George Green Reveals The Plans Of The NWO From Info He Gathered Sitting In Back Door Meetings

Former investment banker George Green was invited into the meetings of the elite, and reports what they have planned for the majority of the population.

In the interview he mentions these meetings took place when Trudeau was Prime minister of Canada.  (Trudeau was Prime Minister of Canada from April 20, 1968, to June 4, 1979, and again from March 3, 1980, to June 30, 1984) 

You can see how many of these ideas are coming to pass today.

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In the video he talks about how he was asked to build an “enemy prisoner of war camp”.

These camps will be set up to be voluntary, and later turn into an extermination camps.  Hunger will be the main motivation for people to enter into these camps.  He also talks about China and how they have their eye on United States and Canada.  China is buying up large portions of America land today.

Here are some quotes I found most interesting:

“The players that are analyzing everything are expecting massive foreclosures next year, in the beginning of what we call the recession.  It is going to be worse than 2009.  Your house that you are living in, you think you own it, you don’t.  You have a contractural right to transfer the airspace subject that you pay in taxes to the state”

“They are going to make god – like  decisions on who lives and who dies.  Now obviously, in some of the meetings I sat in on, we were planning on using neutron bombs on the major cities, because that contains most of the ……..  I was in the game big time.  In fact, I was making such a mess, that rather than kill me, which they could, invited me in to the inner group, and asked me to be the finance chairmen, and at that point, I would probably would have been secretary of the treasury, or what ever they wanted to do with me.  What I was doing prior to that, you know…..I would volunteer to become a president of a company.  I would go in and liquidate it, and we would go in and get rid of the expendable containers, and that was my job.  ‘ expendable containers, meaning human beings……..’…  That is right”

“We have a cost to labor…  well, what is labor?  Human resource, when you are going to put together some kind of product.  The inside of the game, neutron bombs, today they figure that biologicals ( a therapeutic substance, such as a vaccine or drug, derived from biological sources ) are much cheaper”

“The plan is to get a war started in the middle east, and they are still planning on using a neutron bomb, one of the bombs that they got developed on Israel, and that is to begin world war 3, which is all in the cards, its going to happen”

” To get things going in the middle east, and it’s not going fast enough……………reduce the population down to 500 million, have one world currency under the homeland security, or FEMA if you want to call it.  They are going to declare an emergency, and they are going to shut down everything.  My CIA associates, I don’t call them friends anymore,  CIA – crooks in action, …..they are all professional liars.  They got to be to have their job.  You have to look at what they are doing…. they are so concerned, they are leaving the country too.  Most of them are going to Latin America”

“Spent the last three years in a secret city in Russia.  They have 22 thousand nuclear war heads.  Of course, we are the target.  The soviets have three nuclear subs on the west coast, 3 on the east coast, they are 2 football fields in length, 5 stories tall, and they all have nuclear power, and are aimed at major cities.  The plan is the northern hemisphere they are going to release the nuclear bombs, and the theory was……….the winds from the north pole, come down, will go to the equator, and will have very little spill over, because of the reverse of the winds, because of the southern hemisphere.  So, therefore the nuclear radiation, will be a lot more than the southern hemisphere”

“They think they have won, that’s why they don’t bother me talking about it, they don’t care whether you know or not.  What are you going to do about it?”

George Green’s Website- www.nohoax.com/

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