Instructions To The End Days Believers – Elizabeth Nebenfuhr’s Encounter With Jesus


Brook Johnson Ardoin

I’m sending you the story of what a group member SAW & was told by Jesus when she was under anesthesia in 2006!! It’s AMAZING & I knew in my spirit immediately it was a sound testimony/warning of TRUTH & the lord urged me to share it! 

I know the Lord even gave her the words to USE to describe the glory she saw, though she states she had trouble explaining (as most pple do)! But it was explained so well and ANOINTED. My spirit “lept” inside as I read how she describes many things. You know that “feeling”?!!!

What got to me most was a statement she wrote I’ve never heard anyone describe before about Jesus’ ROBE He wore. It’s been in my thoughts since yesterday morning! She described it best she could by saying (paraphrase) that EVEN His ROBE SEEMED TO BE PRAISING HIM!!!!! Like He is so HOLY, even His very clothing seems to be ALIVE PRAISING THE ONE WEARING IT!!! How amazing. And she also speaks about how PRAYER IS in the spiritual realm when we speak them. I can’t recall how she described that part (I’m going back save it to read again often), but it’s glorious the way she words it!! The most important part is the message Jesus commands her she had to come and TELL PEOPLE though….. It’s definitely one you don’t want to skip out on!!!! Hugs & the Lord bless you my friend!!!!

Elizabeth Nebenfuhr

This is what happened to me on an operating table! Please read and feel free to share, actually please share!

On February 9th 2006 I went in the the hospital for a shoulder surgery do to my arm atrophying after Chemotherapy injections for treatment of breast cancer (I was diagnosed with in 2004)

I have had experienced the presence of Almighty GOD before so I felt Him in the room with me that morning. I remember crying because the I.V. was painful and I started to pray in the spirit and then soon after I was no longer in the operating room. I was now standing in the presence of Jesus Christ our LORD. He was in front of me, His presence was all encompassing, it was everywhere all at once, It is difficult for our minds to comprehend.

Everything I tell you I believe with all my heart happened and is true. All I could do was stand in awe of Him. I felt great power from Him and His amazing love, His love is eternal. Light was everywhere though it was not blinding, it was soothing to the eyes and it went on forever. The light was warm and beautiful.

He was there before me more real then anything I have ever experienced in my life. He was magnified over and over again. As I looked upon Him and my thoughts were only “You are so beautiful LORD” He appeared to me to be huge, like an old growth tree spread out and reaching up as high as the eye can see. His robe was stunning it was like no material in this world it was made of LIGHT, dancing and sparkling like a delicate veil, but I could not see through it as such. It moved like a silken garment blowing in a gentle summer’s breeze. It was breathtaking as it billowed it seemed to be singing praises to the one that was wearing it. I have no perfect words to describe such beauty. I was in awe.

Then I looked up to where His face should be and what I saw was pure white golden light that shone brighter then the Sun. The light was very warm and it was love. I remember thinking about my physical body and where it was , I felt I was whole in spirit . The thing of it is I in the natural had very little hair because of chemotherapy and I had no breast but I felt whole.

My spirit seemed childlike I am not saying that I was thinking as like a child but being awe struck seemed so child like. I did not think about anything or anyone of earth (until He had me to do so) We do not have any earthly concern’s when we are with Him. I did not have to talk we communicated through thought’s (hard to explain) ,I would think and He would answer and He would speak to my spirit . It was such a amazing thing. He had me understand that I would not be staying with Him forever this time. He spoke to me in a way I understood. He had an important message to give to me.

I was in a heavenly place, Where I was was so beautiful and it went on forever and ever it is light,love and beauty.

I knew I could not take my eyes off Him I was completely consumed by His presence and nothing could take me away from gazing upon Him unless He commanded it to be so. It is not like here on earth where our eyes lift off of the object of our attention or our thoughts wander. I was only able to see what He wanted to show me no more and no less. I understood this.

Then He spoke to me, His voice was gentle and calm, He said “I have work for you to do and you must listen.” I shook my head and said “Yes,yes.yes” and He said “I am coming soon!” then He said “Before I come their will be catastrophic events and great destruction.” (Matthew 23, Mark 13:1-37,Luke 21:10:24 ) I saw the world as it will be when the end comes (to much to go into in writing, but I assure you we have begun the birth pangs) He showed me the earth full of abominations… it was so horrific that I know He has spared me from remembering a great portion.

I sensed in my spirit He was preparing me and He wants His children prepared for His return. There were things he showed me that He in His mercy helps me not to hold on too in my spirit for they are too much to bare at times. But I tell you that His judgments are severe. He spoke of the times of the end and He said “There will be hopelessness” and that is when I felt His words He spoke and I saw the faces of hopelessness and despair. It will be so sorrowful that men’s hearts will fail them.Luke 21:26

(We cried) His heart was broken, I felt His heart for all creation. This is when He said “Do not be afraid” And He assured me. He would never leave me. (Or those that trust in Him)
at that moment something happened to me it was a supernatural thing the moment He said “Do not be afraid” I felt His strength and courage being placed within me little by little (hard to explain once again) Perhaps it could not be done all at once? Or I was needing to go through a process of sorts I do not know ,all I know is it seemed in stages that boldness was being imparted to me.

He impressed upon me that I will have spiritual enemies and there will be those who will persecute me for His name sake. (This was a message for all who do His will)

All I could think was ‘I am standing here with the LORD and I would have to tell people we were living in the end of days and that we were going to see much before His coming nobody is going to believe me.

The moment I thought this the LORD said “Elizabeth ,you must tell them all of what I tell you and show you.”

Then I felt my spirit shout within ” They won’t believe me LORD, you see where I am in the natural LORD!” All I could think was I am in the hospital under anesthesia, on the operation table. (A strange thought I know)

Then I said “They are going to think this is some wild dream from the anesthesia.”

Then suddenly I knew for myself that I have had dreams all of my life and I have never thought like this in them, knowing I am somewhere else while my body is sleeping on a operating room table but my spirit is awake. It was not even possible at this point to think it a dream, Jesus was real and I was with Him no one can ever tell me any different, not ever.

All I wanted was to remember this, I did not want to forget is what I kept telling myself. The thing is that people are so deeply asleep they never would remember a dream anyway ,but I was already telling myself ‘ If I remember this then it was not a dream.”

I also sensed that the LORD was doing a healing on my short term memory because of the affects of chemotherapy and instilling within me knowledge of the things to come and the signs before the coming of the day of the LORD.

I then saw a vision of a dog shaking water off after a bath and the LORD said “This is how the medication is going to leaving your system.” He assured me that I would be going home promptly without getting sick or being lethargic. I always get sick after an operation from the anesthesia and it takes some time for me to awaken. This was not my first surgery I had had many by that time.

As I was standing with the LORD I said “They will not believe me!’ He said “It does not matter what man thinks or whether they believe you just tell them what I tell you!”

Then I thought “They are going to mock me.” And He said “They mocked me first!” And then I was made to understand what He went through to bring us the gift of salvation. I instantly knew, I knew who I was to Him and what I had to do for Him (It is no longer I who live but Christ in me) Then I cried out in my spirit “I can do nothing without you LORD!” I was sobbing in the spirit “I want none of it to be me ,take what needs to be removed,LORD show me how to serve you,I do not want to boast of myself!”

Suddenly something happened and again I felt another deep filling (I can not explain) I felt boldness then He said “You shall boast of me!” There was more personal things that had happened but I tell you what I tell you so you will understand I was a baby Christian when all this happened, and I had no idea how to talk to people about Jesus let alone tell them I saw Him.

I now was listening to the LORD in fear and trembling no longer questioning how I was going to do what He is going to be asking of me.

I felt I was at full attention at this point.

All I remember was Him showing me that we must be prepared, our spirits must be prepared for His return and we must help to prepare others. We must get our spiritual houses in order , putting on the full armor because a spiritual battle is heavy on the horizon, the demonic will rise up within people in these days ahead. And we must get ready and begin to move in the gifts that it is not playing church anymore , there is no “my ministry” “my church” “my worship team” ‘My pastor” The LORD is to be our ALL AND ALL or He will begin to crush the idols in our hearts. He wants a holy people ,sanctified and in one accord doing the things that He commanded outside the walls of the Americanized church and denominations.

He is setting people aside to help prepare the way of the LORD. And we are to love one another and to pray that we endure.

As I stood with Him I felt His pure love I never thought I could ever feel anything so beautiful there is nothing that compares.

He is love all love, I was given understanding if what I saw …His face that I saw was a different light then the rest of Him I could not see features just light, His face was spirit ,it was glory! His robe was a light that was spoken into existence ,created and alive, yes this is a wild concept but true to what I know to be truth. I could not take my eyes off of Him,His splendor and majesty. Then He gestured with His right hand moving His massive arm (He was huge as I said) as He moved His arm, He was moving the atmosphere, it looked something like when you move water with your arms when we swim.

Then to the right of me (Jesus was in front of me speaking and showing me things) I saw my friend Caroline ,she was in a different form then everything else I was seeing it was like I was seeing a hologram she appeared bigger as like on a movie screen I was seeing her from her torso up and her head was bowed, her hands were folded in prayer. I knew her whole being did not have to be seen this was about her image.

The LORD said “Do you see her?” I said “Yes that is my friend Caroline” (Caroline was in the waiting room with my husband) He said ” She is praying for you right at this exact moment” He then said “Prayer is so important and many have been praying for you.” I then felt their prayer’s, He showed me that prayer’s are felt in the spirit.

Then He said “Prayer’s are praise to me!”

Then He said with seriousness,authority and compassion “Tell them how much I love them!” I love them! I love them,I love them!” each time He said “I love them” it seemed to grow louder and louder and His being grew stronger within me, I could sense a deep longing for people to know how much He loves them.

I nodded my head and said in the spirit “Yes,yes’yes!”

He said “Those that know me and hear my voice will know truth.Tell everyone the truth!” again I said “Yes,Yes.Yes”

Then I was made to look as far as my eyes could see to the right of me and upward something I can only describe as seeing light part and then the most brilliant blue appearing like the sky it was like nothing I have ever seen before, I saw what looked like clouds in the far distance but I was not sure that was exactly what they were so I began pressing in to see I do not believe I could understand the depth of it as I was neither in my body or out I suppose?

What I saw was like dancing,weaving ,floating, musical vibrations (only way I can describe) as like incense smoke drifting and swirling in the air. Music(worship and praise ) is alive in the heavenly realm and prayer’s are alive as well everything that has been spoken and has breathe praises GOD and has life . It all belongs to Him. I saw something I can not comprehend in the natural, I sensed heavenly beings gathering, I did not get detail’s as angel’s are not to be worshiped and many people worship them instead when they hear of the angel’s they marvel so I knew I was not to know what I saw because it was not about them but about Jesus and I said “That is so beautiful,what is that?” He replied “Those are the prayer’s of my intercessor’s” I saw the prayer’s of the intercessors being taken to the throne room of Almighty GOD. And again I said “That is so beautiful!” Something so Holy was taking place and it was glorious! I will never forget.

He then said ” Tell the body, tell the church, tell all of my children to worship me in spirit and in truth! With such authority He then said “Tell my children to intercede in spirit and in truth!”

He then impressed upon me that the bible is the only word of GOD that there is no other book that can teach you about Him. He said He would give me what I needed to tell the people about all I saw and heard and that I needed to talk to His children and tell them that many of them are learning man’s ways which is wrong teachings through many false teacher’s and prophets.

Words were not spoken but an impression to listen for His voice only, for another has come and is upon the earth now and is deceiving many. Then it was time and I had to go back then I remembered what I had to go back for, my husband my family and all that I needed to share the message of Jesus with. And then with all His love for me I could feel,He said “Tell them I love them and I am coming soon!”( That was in 2006 and I tell you that today I know He is coming QUICKLY) Then I awoke suddenly and began shouting in the operating room “I saw Jesus! I saw Jesus, I saw Jesus!!!” To the astonishment of both doctor’s and nurses I awoke completely sober minded and with no ill affects from the anesthesia or any pain. All I wanted to do was shout from the roof tops. My husband came into the recovery room and all I could say was “I saw Jesus!” then after few minutes I asked my husband to get my friend so that she can write down everything I have heard from the LORD. I was crying so hard from the experience and also because I had to leave my LORD. Within the next 30 minutes they put me in a wheel chair and I was sent home…I wanted to leave mostly because I had an urgent need to speak to my friend to write down everything because I was so afraid I might forget. I did not forget …but what I realized was I was made to want to talk to her so she would know that the LORD saw her praying for me and she is so very special to Him and to tell her what her prayers looked like going up to the throne room of heaven(They were beautiful) . Oh if only everyone could see such beauty.

What is written above is a true account and was written by Elizabeth Nebenfuhr about her own experience.