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Meranda Devan

Several years ago I had the chance to watch Dennis Walker on Sid Roth tell about a time when the Lord told him to pitch a tent in his living room and come to Him in prayer. He obeyed even though it seemed like a funny request.  Can you imagine explaining that one to your spouse?

What he didn’t know was he was going to travel back and forth to heaven for several days.   You can listen to the youtube video with Sid Roth below.

What is remarkable about this testimony was it was during the Feast of Tabernacles, and this festival centers around booths and tents.  He didn’t make the connection, but he obeyed anyhow.  In fact, many believers are starting to keep these festivals, but a lot of Christians know nothing about them.  There are even some who say it is legalistic to keep something commanded in the Old Testament, and little do they know that its the very time God comes to visit us.

What this testimony reminded me is that Elohim does show up on his appointed days, and we should EXPECT great things to happen during these times.

If there is a time to ask the Lord something, its during this time. 

On Feast of Trumpets, (this year) I was reading my bible and happened to turn to a location that showed me a partial answer to a prayer that I have been pondering about for some time.  I was scrolling through youtube and came across a couple videos which talked about the every topic that has been on my heart over the last couple of months.  While I didn’t get an entire answer (yet)…it was special that the Lord was telling me that He heard me.

What I have noticed is during the festivals I tend to get significant dreams.  It has caught my attention, and when I go into the spring or fall festivals, I go in expecting SOMETHING.

I have noticed that if need to hear from the Lord quickly, I simply fast a couple of days.  We can get the Lords attention quickly by fasting and combining those actions with prayer.   Although I also noticed the same thing seems to happen on these festivals.

Supernatural Noises

Last year I remember waking up to a very LOUD supernatural bang.  I cannot even describe the sound now, because I did not make any notes of it sadly.  I didn’t make note of the day either.  The noise I heard woke me up right out of my bed.  I had to wake my husband up when I heard it because it was different sounding.  It was very loud, but at the same time, it didn’t sound like a natural sound.  It had a tangible weight to it, very much different than our normal voices.  When the Lords voice in scripture sounds like rushing waters, I can get an idea of what that sounds like.  Heavy, and seemingly a lot of depth to the sound which don’t happen in the natural.

Last year I also got a dream which involved a bear heading into a room where a number of Christians were sitting in chairs.  It seemed as though they were all facing forward in some sort of room, almost like a service.  When the bear came in, it roamed around, and all eyes were on this bear, out of fear and panic.  Yet, not a word was made from the people.  They were silent watching every move of the bear.  The bear walked in, roamed around, went into a hallway and left.  I had the distinct impression that the bear might have been Russia…and could have been a soldier, and that the people were cloaked in some way or another.  I am learning my way through dreams, and I haven’t had too many that I can say are prophetic or from God, but this dream was during a festival, and as soon as I awoke, I knew the meaning of it.  It encouraged me that in the days ahead, God can blind any believer supernaturally as a way of keeping His people safe.

My friend Rachel Baxter shared with me that during THIS feast of trumpets she heard supernatural trumpets going off.  I got her permission to share our conversation below.  She woke up and took note of the time.  Isn’t that remarkable?

My other friend Jan Desisto’s grandson heard supernatural bells ringing in September.  He responded to her that they were Jesus’s bells when she asked him questions.  Then on the day that the Feast Of Trumpets started (this year) Jan’s car horn went off.  She couldn’t get it to stop, so she had to call out AAA.  It reminded me of an interview that Rick Wiles had with Jim Bakker when he heard horns and alarms going off every where he went on a particular day.  One after another,  alarms from phones to car horns went off.  It was also a supernatural warning, or encounter.

We should take note on the days that these things happen, because I am finding more often than not, that they correspond to other events, that might take place in the future.  It seems odd, but I am finding that documenting things really does help make sense of things later on.

It would be remarkable to have a journal that you can go back to, and discover your thoughts a year ago to the very day.

If I can repeat myself in this post, it is to remind you to go into these feasts with EXPECTATIONS.

The beauty of them is that if you really want to keep them well, just read your word, pray, praise the Lord and seek His face…and He will respond.  They come and go so fast I find, but I want to encourage you, to expect more of His presence…..

Ask for those prayer requests.  Expect those dreams.  Expect His presence.  Expect healings.  Expect revelation to be given to you.  It truly is a remarkable time.


Jan’s car honking On Sunday The Day Feast of Trumpets Started

rachels-supernatural-encounterRachel Baxter’s Supernatural Encounter With Trumpets


Feast of Trumpets is now over this year, however Yom Kippur is next, and Tabernacles is after it.  

Yom Kippur starts on sunset of Tuesday the 11th, goes all day Wednesday and ends on sunset. 

Tabernacles or Sukkot starts on Sunday sunset the 16th, and goes for the entire week, ending on the 23rd at sunset.

I just posted an article with Bill Schnoebelen where he explains Yom Kippur.  Michael Snyder goes over all of the feasts in his latest video at Morningside.

Yom Kippur is a one day festival that is a very serious or sobering festival.  It is on this day that the Lord commands us to fast.  Its the only time we are required to fast. My husband and I fast food, but we do take liquids.  I think it is dangerous to fast liquids, so I would not suggest that.  Do what you think is honoring to the Lord in your own eyes.  It is traditional to wear white.  The prophetic meaning behind this festival is it is the day we come back to earth with Yeshua for the great war of Armageddon.  This is a day to seek the Lord, draw close to Him, and repent of your sins.  Ask the Lord to reveal to you where you need to do better.  Read the word, and pray and He will show you. Have a pen and paper handy and write down what comes to mind.

I remember the first time I talked on the phone with Michael over 11 years ago.  We met online and decided to jump on the phone for the first time.  He was in Virginia and I was in Canada.  We prayed over the phone and in the prayer, I had asked the Lord to reveal my sins, and He sure did.  He did so much that I was startled, grabbed a pen and just started writing away.  Now, can you imagine meeting a girl for the first time on the phone, and trying to determine who she is, and while you pray, she rattles off dozens of areas of her life that need correction…all revealed from the Lord? Oh my! I am thankful that Michael did not hang up right after that phone call and move on…  but the conversation ended well…and in fact…extremely well.  Just to say, the Lord will reveal areas in your life that are not pleasing if you ask him.

How My Husband And I Keep The Feast Of Tabernacles 

Many of these festivals you can make your own. The scriptures tell us that we are not to judge one another how we keep them…..so long as we keep them.

(Colossians 2:16 Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days, Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ)

(Hebrews 8:5They serve at a copy and shadow of the heavenly sanctuary. That is why Moses was warned when he was about to build the tabernacle, “See to it that you make everything according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.”)

Some families take this time off and go camping, while others set up a tent in their back yard.  You can invite people over and have dinner in your tent. Many people love looking at the stars in their tents, and others simply do bible studies in their tents.  What ever you celebrate, do it in your tent.

About 9 years ago, we stumbled upon these feasts, and we really didn’t know what we were doing.  In fact, some times we still feel that way.  They are so foreign, because most of us didn’t grow up with them.  Though take assurance in the fact that you really cannot go wrong with celebrating them, because God will smile for the very fact that you are showing up for them.

When we first started keeping them, we would make beds on the floor in our living room in our small apartment, and we would hang a bed sheet over us.  We would take two dining room chairs, and simply hang a bed sheet which was draped over a chair.  Other years we moved our mattresses out into the living room on to the floor.  We progressed to having our tent outside some years on our deck and again for other years, setting up a tent in the living room.  Where ever our tent was, we made sure we decorated it with branches cut from the outside, and we made sure we slept and prayed in our tent for the week long celebration.  You don’t have to sleep in your tent…although we did.

Children would love this festival because it means doing something different than the normal routine in the house.   For us almost every year it tends to be cold…so we just have it inside.  Many people gather together for group camping celebrations.  They are becoming more common around the country.  There is nothing better than to fellowship with other believers through this time.

In fact, if you look through Leviticus, these holidays are pretty simple and basic.  Most of them have one instruction to keep.  For this holiday we are to set up tents, dwell in them, and we are to decorate them with leaves and branches.  Beyond that, make it special for you and your family.

Feast Of Tabernackles

Our Feast Of Tabernacles Tent last year, we had not put up branches at this point in the photo.

Dennis Walker Sid Rith

 Picture Credit, sidroth.org, photovisi.com

Can We Expect To Have An Encounter With God In Our Tents? 

The theme Of Sukkot Or Feast Of Tabernacles Is “God With Us” 

Many years ago, we caught Dennis Walker on Sid Roth, and I think of his testimony every year during this time of feast of tabernacles.

In this video, starting about at the 10:00 mark you can listen how Dennis heard God instruct him to set up a tent where he could pray and worship him.  Dennis found himself going back and forth to and from HEAVEN.

“The Lord told me that I was supposed to buy this tent, and spend time with him in the tent, and that He would meet with me in the tent, and he said that He was going to restore to me the Feast of Tabernacles”

“I got into this tent, and started applying what it said in Colossians, in chapter 3, which says seek those things which are above which Christ is seated at the right hand of God.  Seek those things in heaven.  Verse 2 says…..set your mind on things above, and not on things on the earth.  So I started setting my mind on the things of heaven, …..you can do that, because the bible tells you what heaven looks like.  So I was setting my mind on heaven, and all of a sudden, I am caught into the scene.  I am brought into this experience, in heavenly places, and Jesus actually came and speak to me and teach me things, and show me things”

” I was there hours and hours every day, my wife was so gracious, she would protect me, and I told her that if anyone knocks at the door, tell them that I have gone to heaven”

“I went to heaven many, many, many times”

“I was caught up to a place where there was a big white wall, there was no doors or windows, and as long as I could see either way, very very high, and it was translucent, like it was catching the light from the throne of God, and reflecting it back.  and I am asking,………..’where is this?’  The message I got was ……’you are in the archives of heaven’……  – Listen to more of this testimony at about 12:00 Dennis was shown that every tear that is shed by the body of Christ is recorded in heaven.  Every tear and every suffering is recorded and will be presented to the fallen angels at the day of their judgment.

I encourage you to set up a tent, whether it be a tent for outside, or simply a bed sheet over some blankets in the living room, and celebrate this festival that Elohim has instructed us to keep.  This is our appointed time when Yeshua comes around to visit His children.

Do you think you will be able to participate this year?


Sukkot in Jerusalem, 1912

Isn’t this a beautiful dwelling?  Filled with candelabras and swags on the walls, tables positioned in the center.

Annie Ferguson.jpg

Another Feast of Tabernacles has come and gone, and as always, it was great, reading and discussing the Word and hanging with people I’ve come to love. A big thank you to all of you; you have become my tribeAnnie Ferguson‘s Feast Of Tabernacles 2015