Former Satanist Finds A New Life Of Peace And Love In Jesus After A Lifetime of Fear

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” When Patricia was five years old,she was initiated into a secret satanic cult through a series of sick and abusive rituals.”

”  I was whisked away by family members to take part in a ceremony, a ritual. In the basement, there was an altar that was made out of wood. And on the floor of the concrete was a pentagram painted with red paint. There was family members and also occult members around in a circle around the altar. They were chanting in some unknown language. I just remember being pinned down, strapped down. And then a ritual performed on me. ”

” Desperate, Patricia went to church with a Christian friend. As the church worshiped, she felt the love of Jesus for the first time. Then she felt something else. Everybody was praising the Lord, and I wanted to do what everybody was doing. I wanted to feel what they were feeling. And I needed freedom, so I raised my hands and a dark presence came up behind me and literally jerked my shoulder. I wasn’t budging, though. And I said, no. I’m not going. No, I’m not leaving. This is where I’m staying. And I continued. And I just kept crying, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. And then it started lifting, lifting, and lifting.”

” I got on my face and I said, I want to feel You moving in my life. I want to see– feel release from these strongholds. I want to feel peace. When I got up off the floor, He was there. He was there with me. And I started reading every scripture about Him– the woman at the well, the woman who touched His garment. I was those women. The woman who was about to be stoned.
I was all those women in one who needed Him. I needed Him to gradually show me that I could trust Him. And that’s what He did.”

” Now I walk daily with joy. And I never forget to thank Him every day for what He’s done in my life. Never forget to thank Him. And I enjoy life so much more. You know, it’s later in my life, but, you know, He’s given me all those years back that the devil stole from me. If He can take someone like me, who was involved in all of that darkness and oppressed by it, and set me free and give me a whole new life, if He can take someone like me, who was into the occult so deep, into that darkness so deep, who was trapped by the enemy, and pull her up out of that hole, that pit of hell, and bring her into the light, He can do that for anyone– anyone.”


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” I did whatever I had to do to survive.  I was alone I was lost the crystal meth and the drinking was very heavy.   I mean it was a daily thing it wasn’t just like let’s go party on a Friday night.   I mean it was every single day drinking drugs staying up for days.  She also began experiencing strange phenomena and some unsettling symptoms. I was hearing voices. I was seeing things I would get up in the night and I would feel like something was speaking to me and was coming after me. I had sores, little open sores around my body. A friend’s parents set up a meeting with their pastor. Liberty reluctantly agreed to see him. I had no belief in God or spiritual beings or anything like that and he basically just said,…..All these are symptoms of a demonic attack on you and the only way to deal with it is rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus Christ. Days later she had a terrifying encounter these dark images begin to just cover the walls and they were like in closing in on me like they were coming after me. I did what the pastor said and I rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and then the fear was gone and everything I was feeling was gone it was literally just gone. The demons everything just disappeared. Liberty says she learned there was power in the name of Jesus but knew little else about him.”

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” I would black out and those demons would manifest and come forth and I would wake up not knowing what had happened.  In positions of the sexual sacrifice when my dad would have sex with me during the satanic holidays I knew that that the warfare would intensify and so I would fast and pray that for my complete deliverance and that I wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night and be in these positions or or being vulnerable while I was sleeping. “
” I was a Christian when I had these demons that were confronted in deliverance several times. Just because I give my life to the Lord that’s the first step. “
” My husband really got to the core of why these things were in my life to begin with.  ( Her husband speaking ) – ” Sandy had a spirit in her life that was a “spirit guide” she called this bear coral and it basically gave her direction the way that a Christian would get direction from the Holy Spirit.  This thing kind of directed her life would tell her be careful with this or would give her assignments to do this and she always viewed this thing because the way she
was raised as being a benevolent spirit that had her best interest at heart.”

” …. that thing was stubborn it did not want to relinquish rights and completely leave.  It wanted to still hang around and influence her life as a Christian.  So obviously there was a confrontation that came up with that but once that strong man was bound and removed other things that were underneath that spirits authority were easily gone.  She came into a rogue realm of freedom. ”

” I did recognize Jesus as as the ultimate source of helping me to fight this
spiritual war as I read through his word I was made aware of the weapons that
were available to me through Christ and through his dying on the cross. Through his suffering that I was able to live for him and that He was there and he he gave me weapons in the spiritual to fight the spiritual demonic forces “

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” …. he also says he was sexually abused as a young man which resulted in a deep distrust of people. It happened more than one time having an experience like that you don’t feel safe in the world ”

” Eventually his interests turned to a near obsession. Crystals were attractive because they’re supposed to be healing energy manifestation. Tarot cards same thing as far as like telling you what you should do or what you need to work on or like what things might be happening in the future ”

” Cameron also tried LSD for the first time in college but after a while this combination of drugs and witchcraft took a darker turn Cameron began being tormented by spirits at night”

” I was really trying to figure out spiritual warfare or psychic attack. I just want people leave me alone. about that same time Cameron read an article ironically in a new-age magazine that made him question his new beliefs. Jesus was in there with his words from Matthew 5:44 in Luke 628 “love your enemies bless those who curse you and pray for those who persecute you” and I
thought okay, Jesus like…can you help me do these things? Through a mutual friend Cameron met pastor Chad Osbourne and his wife Hunter a former Wiccan who had turned to Christ and whose story was featured on the 700 club. She invited me to have dinner with them and that was incredibly impactful because there’s a number of things that they explained. ”

” We shared with him there’s only one way to be free of that thing and that that is to submit to Jesus because of the spiritual seeds that were planted in his childhood. Cameron responded quickly when I prayed and asked God to make himself real to me. I believe that He would and He did. I just like realized that Jesus was Lord that I needed him to take control and I needed him to save me I literally bowed down on my knees and I gave my life to God I gave my life to Jesus.”


A Testimony From Rose Sharon ( Facebook )
TRUE STORY: About 35 years ago, when I was around 9 years old, I had my first experience with demonic possession- and it was so cool.
We had gone to a church ice cream social (not the place you expect to encounter a demon) at one of the church member’s homes. I was in hog heaven, as a young girl, with all the ice cream I could stomach, when suddenly I heard an un-human roar from somewhere in the crowded room. Instantly, every hair on my body seemed to raise as my little spirit intuitively knew something supernatural was going on. I looked to see where the commotion was coming from, and discovered that the awful animalistic noise was coming out of the mouth of a very beautiful young woman.
You see, I would find out later that this 19 year-old girl was the eldest child of a family who attended our church; a frequent runaway who would sell her body to make money and support her drug habit while she was on these long stints away from home.
When I caught sight of her, I saw that her eyes were completely rolled back in her head, so that all that could be seen were the whites of her eyes.
Needless to say, the room was all astir as this gorgeous young woman acted strangely and continued to make these unearthly noises that were of no human origin. All the adults began to hush, “Get the children back…keep the children away”, but I was already hooked! Something inside of me responded to this strange new and abrupt situation like nobody’s business and I just had to see what was going on- my curiosity was off the charts!
My Mom had already came near to me as soon as this all began, ostensively to comfort and reassure me, but I instead begged her to let me see what in the world was happening!
So as the other mothers pushed their kids away, my Mom knelt down near me and prayed. She prayed that the Holy Spirit would put me in a “bubble” of His protection, so that nothing could harm me and then she let me go! What a wise woman! And I am so glad she responded this way because I was about to get the biggest 2 hour education in spiritual warfare of my entire little life!
I pushed my way to the “front row” with much effort. Several of the women tried to stop me, but I confidently declared that I was in God’s bubble of protection and that nothing could touch me!
When I got to where I see everything, I watched as the demon within the young woman tried to attack the pastor. I was concerned that he would get scratched or chocked, but as soon as her hands would go for his face or throat, the pastor simply said things like, “You can not touch me, in Jesus’ Name!” And the girl’s arms would freeze in mid-air! I was amazed! Frustrated, the demon would roar and then go to pull out the young woman’s hair instead. But the pastor would quickly say, “Stop, in the Name of Jesus!” And the demon stopped! I was floored! But I was also learning.
The Lord was teaching me that we have been given power over demonic spirits when we use the Name of Jesus! Incredible! Every time the demon, who you could tell was very powerful and strong, went to do anything to hurt other people or the girl he possessed, he was immediately halted at the Name of Jesus!
This spiritual wrestling match went on for what I estimate to be about 2 hours. At the end, the young woman collapsed in exhaustion after the demon finally departed her body. I was tired too, but invigorated at witnessing this exchange! I never forgot this “bubble of protection” of the Holy Spirit that my Mom prayed around me, nor the total confidence I had in its power. I knew nothing could penetrate God’s bubble.
Many years have passed since that day, but I have often prayed to the Holy Spirit to put me in His bubble at various times in my life. I’ve also prayed that same protection for my own children and family members. This picture and a talk I had with a Facebook friend this evening reminded me of this story, so I wanted to share it with you. Our God is stronger and more powerful, by so far its not even funny, than any demon or devil in Hell. Ask for His protection, even pray for His Holy Spirit’s bubble to surround you in times of uncertainty or potential danger. And never forget that in the Name of Jesus we have the power over unclean spirits and need never fear them; just wield what you have been given. And give your all to the Lord; trust Him, for He is FAITHFUL~

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” A year later Brian was once again behind bars. I was from my forties and I just didn’t want to live anymore. I knew I was responsible, desperate to get clean, Brian joined what turned out to be a faith-based drug and alcohol program. I found out you had to have a Bible in order to do the homework and I’m like oh, man. ( I ) was all filling the blanks from Scripture so, I’m filling in the blanks I saw this verse Psalm 51 seven, and it says purge me with hyssop and I should be clean. Wash me and actually be whiter than snow. It blew me away, because it was word-for-word part of the cleansing rituals in the occult. Like what is this doing here? And that’s when it went from just filling in the blanks to now I’m reading some stuff the Lord said you shall know the truth
and the truth is that you’re free. Jesus said I haven’t weighed the truth in life and because I was reading truth it was already start changing me instead of me filling the blanks now that the gospel was filling in mine.