FREE Detailed Witnessing Document You Can Print Off And Stick In Your Purse

Do you often meet someone at a shop and want to leave them thinking about God, but don’t know how to approach that in conversation?  You talked with the person for a few minutes, loved your conversation, but don’t know how to dive into such a complex conversation about God, so you wind up not saying anything.

Have you been there before?

I discovered that awkward conversations might be better approached with leaving a person with something in their hands about God.  Its better than not saying anything at all.

Several years ago I found I just needed something to hand people.

I had purchased tracts before, but I felt as though I wanted something more personal.

So, in came Canva.

If you haven’t ever heard of canva, it is a free template platform that allows you to make templates.  You can create a graphic, or a brochure, and you are free to come back to it and change it or update it.  Canva saves your graphics and text in place.

This homemade tract is one which I print out on my printer.  It is ONE page document, which I fold in three like a brochure.

Feel free to use mine, or create your own.  You can make it as simple, or complex as you like.  Create it for the baggage you carry often.  Maybe that is a purse, backpack, small wallet, or a jeans pocket.

If you create your own document, list out the best resources, or your favorite scriptures.  MARK up your witnessing document with pen, and photocopy it.  People LOVE hand written notes in the margins, or doodles.

Some people come into your life and you never see them again.  You might be the only witness a person gets.

Here is one tip, as I have learned over the years:

Although the document below is on the evidence of God, – the most powerful witness – is your own testimony.  Many people say that, and you might be thinking – what general advice.

We discount our testimonies, ( I certainly did for years ) – but in fact, people like to listen to something that they can relate to, and that emotional side of the conversation will hold their attention more than facts and statistics.  The reason for this, is facts mean nothing if they know nothing about what you are talking about.

People can relate to emotions, and life events.

Over the years I have read people’s face, and body language, and I can tell when people TUNE you out.   I found this especially to be true when you start quoting facts.  In fact, I would barely enter into the conversation about God when people would be looking to the right or the left.  When people start yawning, it means not necessarily that they are tired, but they cannot take in any more complex facts.  ( I learned that through body language experts).

Although a change came to my witnessing when I started sharing supernatural answers to prayer, or a time when I was desperate, and had no way out except God.  People stay quiet, and they usually wait for you to finish, because its mysterious.

People LOVE Mystery!

Figuring that out, changed my witness about God.

Your best way to hold someone’s attention, is to grab them with the emotional side of something that happened to you, and then wow them later with the facts, (which you can do with something you give to them).  

Share one fact, and say – “oh, here is something I put together ”  When you share a personal testimony, and one fact, it leaves some mystery for what else they are missing.

I wish someone told me this little secret, but I found it to be true just talking with people about God along the way.

FREE Detailed Witnessing Tract – Evidence For God Messianic by Meranda Devan on Scribd