“Get To The Mountains” – Tsunami Prophetic Warnings For The East and West Coasts – Perry Stone

Perry Stone has had a number of prophetic dreams of a tsunami hitting both coast lines. In fact, he has had the same dream from different angles showing a tsunami causing great destruction.

Here are some of the categories with this event foretold:

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Read some of Perry Stones warnings below:

January 2022 Tsunami Prophecy


Perry Stones Warning On Right Wing Watch ( they get the warning too!  )

A tsunami warning – Judgement From God For Abortion.

Transcription from that video:

When there is a birthing pain in a woman, there has to be a breaking of water. And once that water begins to break, that’s when you know the child is coming, and abortion has to go in and break that water and pull that child out. So here’s what I want to say to you and I want to say this. I’m standing here at OCI at this year at a prophetic summit to make a prediction I am not afraid of because one day you will go back to this DVD and some of you will go back to this television program and you will say Perry Stone said it on a Sunday morning, the last night of the prophetic Summit.

I am here to announce to you that unless there is true repentance, less the corporations in America quit supporting pro abortion meals. Unless the American people and their politicians begin to understand that life is sacred from the beginning. We will experience a judgement of water in the United States of America.

Now I’m going to be careful with this because I have been on a dear friend of mines program from Branson, Missouri. We’ve discussed this in detail and some of you may have seen that. But I believe that when we breached the water and the water breaks in order to pull a child out God’s judgment with the same judgment you judge is judged back to you. So the judgment God will use against those who shed innocent blood and legalize it will be a judgment using water.

The water will come through two methods.

It will come through extreme flooding, in which flood waters will destroy cities, towns and land but it will also come and I’m very careful saying this but will also come to tsunamis.

I have seen in the Spirit.

In fact, I went through I went through a time for for three years, every two to three weeks. It was the same dream from a different view.

I was up in the air, I was down on the ground. I was at the ocean, I was on the edge of the ocean. I was up in mountains and I would see tsunamis that were so bad and it was all the United States it wasn’t a foreign country.

That one of them and I don’t even want to name the state but it’s because people will call me and should I move should I do this??

No You better listen to God. You better learn to pray and listen to God

But I saw this and they it was an ocean and they were surfing and we were screaming get out of the water… GET OUT. I saw the wave coming away behind them. Nobody paid attention. They laugh they mocked and all the sudden the wave came in and the next picture just like a movie. People in mud whose hands were sticking out where they had tried to 1000s of people on a beach lying in mud.

Now ladies and gentlemen, I want you to understand it is not God that wants to do this. God is not in the business say well “I don’t like you” so I’m going to get ready. I read Ray’s merciful, are read where he’s kind.

He even won’t even destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if he can find 10 people because Abraham interceded and knew that a lot in the family was there. God wants to be merciful, but at the same time he cannot allow us to break laws that ancient nations broke and we’re judged for breaking. So therefore at some point if we don’t turn to Him, we have to experience the same thing

Perry Stone – Tsunami Prophecy 2021 – Youtube

August 2017 Tsunami Prophecy


Tsunami Prophecy – January 2016

Perry Stone

Perry Stone’s West Coast Tsunami Dream May 2nd 2016

See the post here on facebook

Perry Stone Was Shown That The East Coast And The West Coast Will Both Be Hit By Giant Tsunamis

Re-Published May 20, 2019 The Most Important News

Perry Stone is best known as a Bible prophecy teacher, but what most people don’t know is that the Lord has shown him many things in dreams in visions, and many of those things have already come to pass.

In this video, Stone describes a huge tsunami which he has seen hitting the east coast of the United States.  Here is a partial excerpt from his testimony…

“I was right outside of Charleston South Carolina and in this vision I was in a duplex and there was a woman taking pictures at the bottom, I could see the city, it was a real clean, nice city, clear day and I looked over to the right and I saw a bridge in the bridge had a big interstate sign that said Charleston and I knew I’m near Charleston South Carolina it must be across the bridge, well I didn’t know there were bridges connecting there, I had no idea because I had never preached in Charleston… and all of a sudden I saw a dark cloud forming I said “oh my goodness is trouble coming and this lady is out taking pictures and I’m trying to hit the window saying get to safety, get to safety.”

To hear the rest, check out the video.

In addition, he has also been shown that an extremely large tsunami will slam into the west coast.  A couple of years ago, he posted the following on Facebook…

Early this morning I saw another detailed tsunami dream that was so vivid and detailed that it disturbed me greatly. On the West Coast, a major split occurred in the ocean causing the Pacific’s waves to rise high in all directions. I saw dangerous waves coming in the distance and yelled, “Get to the mountains!”

As we began rushing to a high place I could see the waves hit the coasts and rush violently into the streets of cities. The scene shifted and I found myself in a house on a high mountain. The people were quite wealthy and there were reports on the news of the horrific damage and destruction. I can still see the waves in my minds eye.

This is the second West Coast dream of a tsunami I have seen. I often hesitate even sharing this on Facebook as the response is often so verbally critical and negative, reminding me of the same reaction Jeremiah received when warning the Jews of the Babylonia invasion, and one feels it is best left unsaid. However, the Lord also said that if the watchman sees the coming danger and does not sound an alarm, He will hold the watchman accountable for his silence.

Prayer and preparation are two major resources and I also suggest hearing from the Lord on an individual level to determine His will and direction for each person. In any dream or vision I never hear or see a date, indicating the timing of these events. They could be near or far away. However, I believe numerous individuals are seeing the same. If you have experienced a dream of a tsunami, please post and let’s see if there are parallels with the individual dreams of others. Believer’s are sensing an urgency to pray.

What Perry Stone has been shown is consistent with what the Lord is revealing to men and women of God all over the world.

These things are coming, but most Americans are refusing to listen to the warnings.