God Gives Muslim Man a Vision of a ‘Man in White’ and Heals Him in the Dream

Picture Credit Jesus Light of the World 16

“A man in white healed it,” Nabil said. A few nights earlier, this man in white appeared to him in a dream and led him into a beautiful garden-like paradise. At the entrance to the garden, the man told him that he must read the Bible and that it would lead him to life, according to Frontiers.

“Then I told the man about my injured ankle. He laid his hands on it, and it was healed.”

Nabil watched as the Christ-like figure blessed each of his children. His 1-year old son, born with a genetic condition, came forward. The man laid his hand on the boy and said to Nabil, “I will heal your son, he will be well.”

When Nabil woke up, he touched his ankle and knew it was healed. He went to his son and was amazed to see a difference in his appearance. Within three days, the 1-year old began crawling, standing, and speaking words for the first time.

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