How God Will Provide Specific Instructions To Believers When A Foreign Invasion Takes Place – Katie Troutman

Katie Troutman

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Two years ago, I had a series of three dreams.  At that time, I had heard nothing like this from anyone else. All three dreams had the same word from the Lord to me.

In my first dream, I was with many other Christians who were made to stand in the middle of a pond of water. Men with guns were standing on the bank getting ready to shoot and kill us for being Christians. I was so scared. I thought to myself, “I am getting ready to die.”

Suddenly, I heard the audible voice of the Lord speaking to me, “Katie be very careful to follow My instructions and do everything I tell you to do. Get into the water Katie and you will never even feel the sting of death.”  End of dream.

In my second dream, I was at the home where I grew up as a child and I was standing in my mother’s den. There was a group of people there, as well as my husband. I was looking out a large window into the woods behind my mother’s house.

Suddenly, I saw thousands of Asian looking soldiers in uniforms and carrying guns marching toward our neighborhood. I thought to myself we have to flee or they are going to get us. I told my husband, “Look we have to run now.”

So we left together running through the woods, streets, neighborhoods and then back into the woods again. We came to the edge of the woods and saw a military road block. We saw soldiers making people lay face down on the ground and covering them with tarps. We were so scared I told my husband, “We aren’t going to be able to make it out of this.”

Then the scene changed and we were suddenly in the same position we just watched the others in. We were laying face down on the ground and they put tarps over each of us. The soldiers did this because they were killing people in the most gruesome way and the tarps were to control the blood spatter. They weren’t using bullets. They were using large rocks. I lay there beside my husband and thought, “I’m getting ready to die. I’m really going to die. This is it.”

Suddenly I heard the voice of God say to me, “Katie, be very careful to follow My instructions and do everything I tell you to do. If you do this Katie, I will be able to keep you alive.”

Then the scene changed. I don’t know how we were delivered because I did not see that. We were walking trying to find something to eat when we saw an empty trailer park. We entered into a bus that was turned into a makeshift house and someone gave us a can of food to split. We ate the food and went to sleep for a few hours. Then we got up and knew we had to leave.

It was almost sunrise, but it was still dark outside.  We started walking and got to a shopping center. The power was back on and the lights were flashing.  We were in front of a super center Walmart or Target where they were giving people supplies. The refrigerated coolers that usually held meat were pushed towards the front of the store and had blankets in them.  I got a blanket and a gallon of water and went outside and sat down on the curb. That was the end of the dream.

In my third dream, I was out in public during the daytime. I was walking through the bottom level of a parking deck when I suddenly heard the Lord’s voice speak to me again saying the same exact thing, “Katie, be very careful to follow My instructions. Do everything I tell you to do. If you do this Katie, I will be able to keep you alive.”

As soon as He said that, bombs started dropping to my left and right everywhere around me. Just as quickly, I felt the Lord speaking to me, but this time it was different. Previously He spoke in an audible voice so there was no mistaking it, but this time, which was literally two seconds after the bombs started dropping, I felt his voice speaking in my heart, but I was unsure. I remember feeling the urge in my heart and hearing, “Go right, go, go, go, go right, go Katie.”

It was literally just like that. Then I thought, “Okay, what do I have to lose. I’m just going to go with it.”

So I went right like God was giving a drill to a football player. I ran sideways to the right. Then He said, “STOP!”

So I stopped and a bomb went off right where I had been standing just moments earlier. Then He said, “Go left, go, go, go, go left!”

I did and then I heard, “STOP!”

So I did and yet another bomb went off right where I had been standing just moments earlier. Then He said, “Go forward!”

It was the same type of deal. He guided through the parking deck until I was outside. It was like being guided through a mine field. As soon as I got outside of the parking deck, a white cargo van pulled up and a man ran out and got me into the van and drove me to safety. When I got into the van, there were other people already in there and I told them, “God just saved my life!”

I could tell they didn’t understand, so I said, “No, you don’t get it! He really just saved my life! He talked me through it and told me exactly what to do!”

That was the end of my dream.


After all of that, I began to hear God was giving dreams to many of His children about very similar things. What is encouraging to me in all of these horrific things is if we obey God’s voice and follow all of His instructions, He will deliver us. Even if we die we will be delivered. I try to hold onto the fact that we will NEVER even feel the sting of death.

One day this will ALL pass and we will be with the Lord forever and nothing can separate us from His Love. One thing I’ve learned in my life is this: No matter what we go through, no matter what evil is allowed to be done to us, it can’t break us.

Weeping endures for the night, but joy comes in the morning!  We really can do ALL things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us!

I’ve gone through so many heartaches in my life.  I’ve been beaten and abused in every way and suffered terrible loss. I have also walked on the mountain top in victory with my Lord and experienced much restoration from His hand!  One thing I know for sure is this: God is just and He is good and He should never be blamed for the pain we endure.

I’ve said to the Lord in my darkest hour of things I can not even say. I learned in the broken places to say, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

No matter what you and I go through in the days that lie ahead, please know that we can make it.  We are tough. We are the children of the Most High God. We can make it through anything!  We can do this!  We will make it through day by day and step by step until we take our final step into Glory.


Author: Katie Troutman

The Lord has carried Katie Troutman through many dark times and much heartache, including a life of abuse, which started as a child. At age nineteen she was saved and has leaned on the Lord ever since! She started receiving dreams from the Lord from the very beginning. She has been involved in her local church ministry preaching and teaching. Today she is a wife and mother who has had many years of walking on the mountain top in victory with God.