How to Retain Scripture To Memory

They say that if you want to succeed at something learn from someone who has already mastered it.  Pastor Steven L Anderson of The Faithful Word Baptist Church has almost memorized the entire New Testament.  In fact, he claims that any average person can memorize entire chapters and even books of the bible, even a child.

Here is Anderson’s successful approach:

He keeps chapters of scripture on note cards that are in his pocket where he is able to look at during his entire day.

His specific instructions are to read the first couple words of the first line, and repeat them to yourself over and over again for a length of time.

He says that when he has a chance (5 minutes later or so) he will bring out the note card and read the next phrase.   He says at the end of the day on the drive him, he can recall the various verses he has repeated in his mind and put together the entire chapter.

The next day, he takes the chapter he finished the day before, and he quotes it that day, and every day for the next week.

So that week, he quotes it every day, then after that week, he quotes it once per week, and every week that month, and then monthly forever.

So again, Anderson’s Secret to Memorization

Quote Yesterdays Chapeter Today,

Quote Daily for 1 Week

Quote Weekly for 1 month

Quote Monthly Forever.