I Am Against the Prophets Who Steal Their Words From Each Other – Chris Broussard

Published on Nov 23, 2014


I want to welcome you to God’s prophetic word, the name of our website, which God has given us. I just want to let you know that on this website, you’re not going to hear teachings that we have robbed from other men.

We’re not going to be teaching you ministries that are great, like Purpose Driven Life words, or Kenneth Copeland words are kind of Hagen. We’re not going to teach and follow other men’s teachings.

The reason for that is years ago, when God called me to teach in 1983, the first time I was really called to present a message of any kind of lead to a body of believers was in 1984.

Because I had never preached a lengthy message, and I knew I had to present something, I got a little scared. What I did was, I decided to memorize a message of a popular teacher in the United States by the name of John MacArthur.

I took one of his messages off of supernatural living, concerning Romans. Romans chapter 12, verse nine. …..I went to the to the church that night. I presented the message and there was 30 people there. Not a lot, but a lot for me, because my first time and the message flow really good.

I can see it was affecting those that were there, it really felt good.

When I went home that night, I went into my my bedroom, and opened the Bible. It just so happened to open the Jeremiah chapter 23. And I looked at it and the first verse I read was Jeremiah 23:30. And this is what it says. It says,

“Therefore, Behold, I am against the prophets, declares the Lord, who steal my word from each other”

Let me tell you that were hit my heart like a ton of bricks, and I raised my hands up in my bedroom, and I promise God said, ……God, I promise you, I will never ever preach another man’s message, as long as I live.

That was the best thing that ever happened to me.

What it did was it made me go into the Word of God, to search the word for all the messages that God would ever give me in my life.

Amazingly, part of my calling as a teacher, was on the prophetic side, which a prophet wants to know every detail. He wants to know exact truth.

And when I read the word,

like it all, everybody starts, they read the word for the first time. There’s some things in there that are hard to understand. A lot of things that are hard to understand, especially on first reading.

As a prophetic teacher, I began to really spend a lot of time studying those things that were hard to understand. What that is, is effective meditation, you meditate on the things that are tough, you gotta chew on that is you gotta chew a tough steak, so that you intend to ride it so you can swallow it so that your body can process it.

Well, I learned from the beginning, to meditate on things that are hard to understand.

What God was trying to lead me to, to help me get pure and perfect revelation of His Word. Now, once you get pure and perfect revelation of His word, it makes pure and perfect sense.

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