“I saw a volcanic eruption from deep within”  A Prophetic Message For New Zealand

“I saw a volcanic eruption from deep within” A Prophetic Message For New Zealand


Saturday 27th May 2017

Seeing it from here..the last few months there has been horrendous shaking since the meetings…I could feel.the contractions getting shorter and shorter, more and more intense…I saw a volcanic eruption from deep within… and overflowing like lava, where ever your volcanoes are, I see them bubbling… a prophetic sign for NZ … Those ones have tasted the depths of Shiloh, the deep within.the deep, the ones who have gone deeper in the last season, will be able to see and stand, the next phase of what is coming….like the volcanic eruption within, it will over flow like lava.

There is a group of uncompromising people, rising in NZ you will understand what the last season was about in a greater capacity. A voice will errupt from that place, it will cause vibrations to echo beyond human reasoning and understanding, the ones who are cold now, will come to.the erruptions…I then see angels with coals coming from.the throne of heaven, sending coals to a place, the altar is there, the foundation and depths of it shall not be moved…I see the four horns, going out to the north,south,east, west…stay on the altar…I.see government change…

From there …I see.the thundering and lightening, hold on as you head into November….the lightening and thunders from the volcanic eruption within will also meet heaven…I.then.saw the Angel, with a scroll…flying over NZ, I saw this Angel with the scroll delivering the message of what is going to take place in.NZ, there …then…I saw people from nations looking upward… ” The last season of war, is your new season of victory”.!! I saw them a gathering of men, (not discrediting the women )…

I saw plans and I saw underground tunnels… I saw a military, and I saw … things that were hidden and lost found… I saw the compass and I saw the message, I saw what was… is! I then saw the wheels within the wheels, starting to.turn I saw the eyes of the wheels start to speed around and around… I saw but become like a whirlwind of fire… burning and moving so fast….I then saw the hour glass, the sand, the time…I saw the nation start to come into.the very time clock, 123 456 789 10 11 12

I saw people starting to move and the Angel of time comes…to measure to distinguish and to set in position…

Alexandra Bekiaris